NSSSA Minutes from:

Metro RC Meeting



Location of Meeting: St. Francis Xavier University

Time of Commencement: 8:41

Time of Adjournment: 9:32

Duration: Fifty-one minutes.


Present voting members: Abbie Cull, Armaan Dhillon, Becca MacAulay, Brooke Kattenbusch, Carly Dunn, Celia Briand, Ciara Harris, Fortesa Sahiti, Gabrielle Torrealba, Jillian Ryan, Joy Hannam, Julia Mcintosh, Kaleigh McLeod, Saisha Rankaduwa, Samantha Delaney, Tyson Bears, Vibha Rakshita.

Present non-voting members: Jeremy Scallion

Regrets: Julia Lawrence, Qendresa Sahiti, Taryn Hanrahan.



SkillBuilding Co-Chairs: The basic layout of this year’s skillbuilding manual has been designed; a few pages for each section have already been produced as drafts.


Introductions took place among the members of cabinet to commence the meeting; each member stated their name, current school, position on the metro cabinet and another piece of information about themselves.


New Business:

Contact: Gmail is to be used by metro cabinet as a means of communication throughout the year. Documents will be shared using Google drive among the Metro Cabinet members. Each member of cabinet is recommended to add their cabinet positions into their gmail signatures. Phone calls and emails are needed for 3-tions and Public relations to properly execute their required tasks of their positions. Keep in mind that phone calls are always an ideal and straight forward means of communication and a verbal agreement where one must be aware and keep track of what they are saying. Members of cabinet should be aware that emails are a favorable means of communication due to the ability one has to keep records of the contact they have made with others.


Meeting attendance: Attendance to metro regional cabinet meetings is mandatory for all members of metro cabinet. If a member is unable to attend a meeting they must let the secretary and their co-premiers know at least twenty-four hours prior to the meeting that they are unable to attend. If marked as a no show to more than three meetings in a row said member’s commitment to the cabinet will be revaluated.


Social Media: Accounts of NSSSA cabinet and committee members are expected to maintain a professional standard of what they choose to share online. This may include filtering through old posts and being aware of what is posted in the past, present and future.


Work with a partner: Many of the positions on the metro cabinet entail work with a partner to accomplish a common goal. For this to be successful said partners must practice frequent communication with each other. There should be a certain level of friendship between partners on the metro cabinet. If, however your partner is showing a lack of commitment to the position they hold on cabinet and their duties as a partner, inform the co-premiers directly of this issue. The co-premiers are always there at the aid of all cabinet members when any conflicts may arise.


Conference Names: The metro cabinet has begun the process of picking out possible conference names for this upcoming year. The members of cabinet are hoping to continue potentially using an acronym for the conference name; as this is a tradition as well as an icebreaker topic of discussion for the delegates allowing them to talk about what the conference name really means. Some suggested acronyms discussed at this meeting were A.C.T. (Approaching Challenges Together) and O.U.T. (Offer Understanding Teamwork), L.I.T. (Leadership in Teamwork) and U.P. (Utilising Potential) and A.C.U.T.E. (Approaching Challenges Until the End). Potential names for our regional and grade nine conferences are to be discussed to a further extent at the next meeting of the metro cabinet.


Grade Nine Conference: The only reason for having the grade nine conference before the regional conference would be if the regional conference allowed grade nine attendees. The metro cabinet has suggested that there would not be enough time allowed for in the year to have the grade nine conference first and still register all the grade nines for the upcoming regional conference. Members of the metro cabinet have brought up that the new grade nines may be lacking in developed leadership skills that would allow them to fully gain everything that they could from a regional conference, unless they first experienced leadership training in the grade nine conference layout. The movement of the grade nine conference to an earlier period in the year may also result in a decrease in the number of grade nine attendees at the NSSSA provincial conference due to a larger time gap in between conferences that their grade level is capable of attending.


Younger students involved with the NSSSA: The metro cabinet has come to conclude that we are opposed to opening NSSSA conferences to attendees below a grade nine level. The younger students would not be able to fully appreciate and gain from what the conference should offer them, the same as it would when they reach a higher grade level.


Regional Conference: The current proposed date of the metro regional conference is November 12th, 2016 at Mount St. Vincent University. The students attending the university will be away for the long weekend allowing lots of space for the conference to take place. The downside to this proposed date is that it may result in lower numbers of delegate attendees due to families going away for the long weekend.


Metro cabinet: Metro regional cabinet meetings will be Sunday nights at 19:00 potentially at Mount St Vincent University beginning on September 11th, 2016.


Brooke Kattenbusch motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:32 and Tyson Bears seconded said motion.