NSSSA Minutes from:

Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: St. Francis Xavier University

Time of commencement: 20:13

Time of Adjournment: 21:14

Duration: 1 hour and 1 minute


Present Voting Members: Katie Bates, Becca MacAulay, Brooke Betyna, Youna McGowan, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrelba, DJ Shuman, Kailey Webber, Emily Webb, Ella Stacey, Julia Gonzales, Mitchell Aguinaga, Renee McLeod, Bleona Sahiti, Matthew Boutilier.

Present Non-Voting Members: Jeremy Scallion
Regrets: Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Emily Robichaud. No-Shows: N/A

Introductions: The cabinet introduced themselves. They said their name, position, grade level, and school. They also mentioned their favourite parts of previous conferences, what they are most excited for, as well as their favourite part of summer.

New Business:

Eight Key Concepts: The cabinet went over the Eight Key Concepts. These are typically used in skillbuilding sessions but they also apply to meetings. The key concepts are; Speak for I, Business Never Personal, No Unfinished Business, Right to Pass, Leveling Out, Positive Internal Focus, Speaker in Charge, and No Killer Statements. It is important that the cabinet is mindful of these concepts to ensure safe, respectful, and open discussions.

Emails: Checking emails is vital to the success of cabinet. Members are encouraged to check their emails three to five times a day or more. Emails should be responded to within 24 hours of receiving said email. The co-premiers recommend that all cabinet members set up a Gmail account.

Positions: Each position discussed their role on cabinet. WENDYS are in charge of memorizing cheers which will be used to hype up the conference attendees. Along with that, they also plan EPIC as well as the late night activity. The Secretary will take minutes at every meeting and, once edited, will send the minutes to cabinet for further revision. She also may potentially be ordering spirit wear. The Head School Representatives promote conference within schools. They communicate with principals and teachers to inform them about the NSSSA. They also will select a school representative from each school as well as host a training retreat. Skillbuilding Co-Chairs create the skillbuilding manual, choose the skillbuilders, and host a training retreat.

The Head Chaperones ensure that all conference attendees are following the rules and are behaving appropriately during the night at conference. The 3-Tions create registration forms, collect the forms, and maintain the database. Public Relations run the social media, talk to businesses for donations, and create the delegate manual. The Welcoming Co-Chairs create the packing list and send the welcoming email. They also plan the welcoming activity. Co- Premiers make sure everything gets done by maintaining communication with cabinet members. They are there to answer any and all questions about cabinet related activities as well as handle the finances.

Social Media: Cabinet members are representatives of the NSSSA. They are encouraged to be careful and be sure to put out a positive image of themselves. A good way to remember is by following the Grandma Rule.

Future Meetings: Meetings are typically Sunday nights at 7:00. The Co-Premiers are unsure of the location. Typically meetings are at Mount Saint Vincent University, but they will let cabinet know once they have a location finalized.

Attendance: If a cabinet member cannot attend a meeting they must email the Co-Premiers and Secretary 24 hours prior to the meeting concerning their absence. In said email, they should also send a positional update. If a cabinet member does not send their regrets, they will be marked as a no-show. If a member receives three no-shows, there may be consequences.

Grade Nine Conference: Katie opened up the discussion of bringing back a grade nine conference. This is something that the Metro region has done in the past. Having a grade nine conference would be better for the grade nines and will raise numbers at other conferences. It was mentioned that most grade nines do not hear about conference and by introducing the grade nines early to the NSSSA will be beneficial in the growth of the organisation. Renee suggested that we should do more presentations in the Junior High Schools. Katie mentioned potentially allowing grade eights to attend by creating a junior conference, but will have to look into whether or not that is possible for the Metro region. Ella recommended that if we host a grade nine conference, we should reserve the remaining Metro fuzzies to use for that conference. Cabinet will continue the discussion at their next meeting.

Voting: When cabinet votes, they must follow these steps. The meeting chair will move the motion then a cabinet member will second said motion. Next the motion goes to vote, but the vote can only happen when there are two thirds of voting members present. Voting members can either vote for or against the motion or they may choose to abstain from voting.

Cabinet Wear: Cabinet discussed ideas for cabinet wear. Some ideas were; fanny packs, bucket hats, jibbitz, sweaters, and quarter zips. An idea for the cabinet shirt was to do tie-dye since it would be a fun cabinet bonding activity. It was mentioned that we could tie-dye the shirts the same colours as the conference shirts.

Conference Names: There are positives and negatives to having a conference name with an acronym. It was mentioned that an acronym might really impress the delegates, while another member mentioned that having an acronym might restrict options for names.

Cabinet Bonding: Cabinet bonding can help with the success of their conference. Some ideas for cabinet bonding activities are; secret Santa, potluck, bowling, swimming, bonfire, haunted house, escape rooms, or an outdoor movie night. No final decision was made, but there was quite a bit of interest in the outdoor movie night.

Allergies: In order to know what snacks to bring to cabinet related activities, cabinet went over allergies and food intolerances. Those included; gluten free, peanuts, and mushrooms.

Group Chat: Group chats are valuable ways to maintain communication. Not everyone has apple products. Therefore, an IMessage group would not work. Other suggestions were; Facebook messenger, Google Allo, Whatsapp, and Kik. Cabinet decided that a group chat on Facebook messenger would work best. Becca will create the group chat, and Katie will send an email reminding everyone to add Becca on Facebook. Julia suggested adding everyone’s contacts since everyone’s numbers are in the database.

Motion of Adjournment: Kailey motioned to adjourn the meeting and Matt seconded the motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.