NSSSA Minutes from:

Metro RC Meeting



Location of Meeting: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building Room 404.

Time of Commencement: 19:14

Time of Adjournment: 20:04

Duration: Fifty minutes.


Present voting members: Nicholas Wells, Taryn Hanrahan, Samantha Delaney, Vibha Rakshita, Fortesa Sahiti, Joy Hannam, Brooke Kattenbusch, Kaleigh McLeod, Tyson Bears, Armaan Dhillon, Becca MacAulay, Jillian Ryan, Saisha Rankaduwa.

Regrets: Ciara Harris, Gabrielle Torrealba, Julia Mcintosh, Celia Briand.

No Shows: Carly Dunn

New Business:

Inclusion conference: The Inclusion conference is approaching and all members of the Metro Cabinet are encouraged to submit their forms as soon as possible.

Leaders: Despite the fact that the members of the Metro Cabinet are not currently planning a conference they are urged to continue demonstrating a positive example as role models in their communities and on social media.

Pep Rally: The Pep Rally will be taking place on May 11th from 6:30pm-9pm. Admission into the Pep Rally will be two dollars or a non-perishable food donation for Feed Nova Scotia. The main expense that must be considered is the spirit wear that is selected to create at the Pep Rally. Leading up to the event the Wendys are responsible for creating a dance to teach at the Pep Rally. Events that may take place at the Pep Rally include Human Hungry Hippos, Huckle Buckle, Water Balloon Toss, Cavalier, Pony, Mummy Wrap, and Molecules. The advisor for the Pep Rally will be Josh Bordage. The Public Relations of Promotion will be responsible for the photo booth at the Pep Rally, this will include vacation themed props such as pool noodles. There will be lays, limbo, and a snow cone machine.

Metro Cabinet Skit: All the partner positions on the Metro Cabinet are going to work in pairs to present a short skit about one aspect of the NSSSA. The skit will be created based upon a selected theme. The purpose of the skit is to introduce the regional cabinet and prepare delegates for attending the provincial conference. The proposed themes for the skit are tourist, safari, and meme. The theme selected is tourist. Ideas thought of by the Public Relations to go with this theme included souvenirs representing delegate bag donations and partaking in new vacation events like participating in new engagement sessions. The members of the Metro Cabinet will wear Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs for the skit. The Co-Premiers would play the role of the Metro Cabinet vacation tour guides.

Saisha Rankaduwa motioned to adjourn the meeting at 20:04 and Samantha Delaney seconded said motion.