NSSSA Minutes from:

Metro RC Meeting



Location of Meeting: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building, Room 309.

Time of Commencement: 13:47

Time of Adjournment: 14:17

Duration: Thirty minutes.



Present voting members: Ciara Harris, Carly Dunn, Jillian Ryan, Becca MacAulay, Celia Briand, Kaleigh McLeod, Vibha Rakshita, Saisha Rankaduwa, Taryn Hanrahan, Gabrielle Torrealba, Brooke Kattenbusch, Tyson Bears, Armaan Dhillon, Sam Delaney, Nicholas Wells, Abbie Cull, Joy Hannam, Julia Mcintosh, Fortesa Sahiti.

Present non-voting members: Julia Lawrence, Sophie Chambers, Tineke Weld, Qendresa Sahiti,

Jeremy Scallion, Christina Torrealba, Tammy Selman, Jenna Viscount, Micci Davy.


New Business:

Micci Davy:

Apple – There were no major issues. Not very many things went wrong for the mental health first aid and all the things that did come up were quickly dealt with.

Onion – In the future there will need to be more space available for the mental health first aid sleeping space.


Tineke Weld:

Apple – Mental health first aid went well throughout the whole conference.

Onion – Some new delegates in attendance that were a part of a singular skillbuilding group lacked a positive internal focus.


Gabrielle Torrealba:

Apple – In the perspective of the delegates there were no issues at Foundations 2016. The members of the Metro Cabinet worked together well in the execution of the Metro Regional Conference.

Onion – The divided layout of the conference, resulted in moving between many buildings to get from one event to another.


Brooke Kattenbusch:

Apple – The members of the Metro Cabinet had the leadership skills required to take initiative at the conference and get everything done.

Onion – There were a few issues with the itinerary for Foundations 2016. It seemed that there was not enough time allowed for the keynote speakers.


Carly Dunn:

Apple – Overall everything went over well at Foundations 2016. The members of the Metro cabinet had some spare time during skillbuilding sessions to bond with one another.

Onion – With all of the jobs that needed to be completed through out the conference delegated to separate positions, some time felt as if it was spent unproductively.


Becca MacAulay:

Apple – Overall the entire conference ran very smoothly and was very good.

Onion – The layout of conference was stretched across many buildings. There was little interest from advisors to participate in the advisor session.


Saisha Rankaduwa:

Apple – The engagement sessions all went well. Everyone running an engagement session arrived on time for their session.

Onion – In the future having a database of the engagement sessions would be more effective than a paper list.


Jeremy Scallion:

Apple – The logistics team had a great dynamic of people and did their jobs well.

Onion – There were some issues that arose from technology, this included difficulties with the microphones, batteries, and computers.


Abbie Cull:

Apple – Skillbuilders provided lots of positive feedback regarding the skillbuilding sessions.

Onion – There was some confusion with times to be places resulting from people unaware that their itineraries were in their delegate bags.


Sam Delaney:

Apple – The delegates and the skillbuilders thought that everything went great.

Onions – There were some materials missing from a few skillbuilding bags. A few delegates lacked a positive internal focus.


Kaleigh McLeod:

Apple – The new delegates that were excited to be at the conference had a great dynamic and lots of enthusiasm.

Onion – Skillbuilding sessions were cut-off due to time constraints. The skillbuilding sessions felt very rushed.


Celia Briand:

Apple – All the delegates and skillbuilders seemed to have had a really good time at Foundations 2016.

Onion – The closing ceremonies slide show was unable to be played due to technical difficulties.


Taryn Hanrahan:

Apple – The new cheers were very popular with the delegates and lots of fun to learn.

Onion – There was some confusion throughout the wake-up activity as to when the Wendys were suppose to send the delegates to the meal hall for breakfast.


Ciara Harris:

Apple – Any problems that arose were solved very efficiently.

Onion – Felt very tired as a result of lack of time to sleep.
Vibha Rakshita:

Apple – Registration went very well for the delegates and skillbuilders.

Onion – The registration email for Foundations 2016 bounced back from multiple attendees resulting in some extended registration times to explain the sleeping arrangements. Delegates were unaware that they are required to have their advisors with them to leave the conference early, this resulted into some confusion for the 3-Tions and the delegates.


Julia Mcintosh:

Apple – All meal times went very well. The delegates remembered to check in with their advisors and no delegates were at any point considered lost.

Onion – Due to how many jobs were required to be completed in regards to the advisors there was not very much left-over time to spend participating in Foundations 2016.


Joy Hannam:

Apple – The delegates enjoyed the Metro Regional conference.

Onion – Delegates were unaware that they are required to have their advisors with them to leave the conference early, this resulted into some confusion for the 3-Tions and the delegates.


Tyson Bears:

Apple – The members of the Metro Cabinet participation in Epic.

Onion – The talent show seemed to be very hectic as it was happening. There were not very many acts in the talent show in comparison to previous years, and the microphones did not work properly in the beginning.


Fortesa Sahiti:

Apple – Registration went smoothly and occurred in a timely matter. Having the opportunity to run an engagement session was fun.

Onion – When delegates had to leave the conference early there was some complications with advisor’s presence. This resulted in traveling back and fourth through multiple buildings.


Christina Torrealba:

Apple – Having the opportunity to come back to a Metro Regional Conference in an alumni position.

Onion – Not all the delegates maintained a positive internal focus throughout the duration of Foundations 2016. There were a few delegates that went outside of the line of sight.


Qendresa Sahiti:

Apple – Having the opportunity to work with the members of the Metro Cabinet and contribute in the execution of such a successful conference.

Onion – In the future the physical first aid kit being used at the conference should be more prepared for all possible incidents.


Armaan Dhillon:

Apple – The attendees of Foundations 2016 overall seemed to be pleased with their delegate bags.

Onion – There was some confusion with the location of a certain engagement session.


Jillian Ryan:

Apple – The opportunity to experience a regional conference from a new perspective as a Metro Cabinet member.

Onion – Sleep was interrupted due to a loud sound in the McCain Center Metro Cabinet sleeping area.


Julia Lawrence:

Apple – Seeing all members of the Metro Cabinet complete the responsibilities they had taken on for Foundations 2016. Everyone did an amazing job.

Onion – The radios used for communication throughout the conference are out of date and occasionally did not work properly due to how spread out the conference was.


Nicholas Wells:

Apple – Foundations 2016 ran smoothly as a whole and the delegates really seemed to enjoy the experience.

Onion – A few of the skillbuilding groups were missing fuzzies from their table at the welcoming activity, but this problem was easily resolved by distributing more fuzzies.


Brooke Kattenbusch motioned to adjourn the meeting at 14:17 and Gabrielle Torrealba seconded said motion.