NSSSA Minutes from:

Metro RC Meeting



Location of Meeting: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building, Room 404.

Time of Commencement: 19:06

Time of Adjournment: 20:38

Duration: One hour and thirty-two minutes.



Present voting members: Gabrielle Torrealba, Brooke Kattenbusch, Ciara Harris, Jillian Ryan, Celia Briand, Kaleigh McLeod, Vibha Rakshita, Saisha Rankaduwa, Taryn Hanrahan, Tyson Bears, Armaan Dhillon, Fortesa Sahiti, Sam Delaney, Nicholas Wells, Abbie Cull, Joy Hannam, Julia Mcintosh, Becca MacAulay, Carly Dunn.



Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: The main issue that came up with the skillbuilding sessions at Foundations 2016 was time. Many skillbuilding groups stated that they did not have enough time to finish everything within their sessions. Many groups also stated that they had too much time, finishing their skillbuilding sessions early. Some possible ideas to resolve the issues surrounding time are to change the structure of the skillbuilding sessions. This would be done by having two big activities and a few small ones or having one central activity for each of the following activities to branch off from. Similar to the concept of back-pocket games within each session, there would be back-pocket activities that could be played, if time allowed for it, but also skipped if necessary. Materials that were placed in the skillbuilding rooms the night before the conference ended up missing. In the future, there will be a room designated as a skillbuilding supply room in the same area as the skillbuilding sessions in case anything were to be missing in the future. There was an issue that became apparent with a skillbuilding group, the problem was presented to the members of the Metro Cabinet by the groups Skillbuilding partners. The issue was dealt with by having the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs sit in on a few sessions with the group and speak with the delegates. The conflict was resolved and ended on a positive note. In the future, we hope to have all the delegates come from different schools, if this is impossible, then the members of the Metro Cabinet hope that they are in different grade levels.


3-Tions: The registration at Foundations 2016 ran smoothly but the area was very crowded. Having the delegates sign up for the engagement sessions in the same area as registration made the area overly crowded. In the future, the 3-Tions wish to find a solution for traveling between buildings for individual delegates check out. One thing that should be improved is the way that registration forms are filled out. A problem arose from being unable to read some of the hand writing on the forms, which could be resolved by having delegates type the answers to their forms and print them to hand into their schools. Online registration cannot happen because of issues with receiving payment. To resolve the issue of those not receiving their welcoming emails in time for the conference, we may send a copy to the advisors for them to ensure that their delegates have all the information necessary for the conference in the future.


Public Relations: A list of all engagement sessions happening at the conference should be included within the welcoming email so that delegates have time to decide which one they will be registering for prior to arriving at the conference. Additionally, the tables should be spaced better and it should be clearly shown that the delegates must go to all the tables. The night before the conference, the engagement session doors were locked. This was an issue because the Public Relations were unable to see the size of the rooms that they were assigning to each engagement session.


Head School Representatives: The meal time check ins with advisors went smoothly. All students were found through out the duration of their meal times at Foundations 2016. In the future, Head School Representatives will have at least two people working with the advisors at the conference. It would be beneficial if skillbuilding groups were made prior to the day before conference to allow time for the Head School Representatives to create the advisors lunch schedules.


Wendys: Foundations 2016 mystery themed Epic went well. An improvement that can be made in the future would be to limit how many guesses each group can have at what their final answer is. Because the talent show commences directly after Epic ended, the schedule was a very overwhelming for the Wendys to work with. All issues that occurred throughout the talent show at Foundations 2016 were tech related. In the future, the Metro Cabinet would benefit from having somebody present at the talent show who can resolve all tech related issues. Prior to the day of conference, the members of the Metro Cabinet should ensure that all computers and log ins are working and ready for the conference. The wake-up activity room at Foundations 2016 was not large enough to accommodate all the attendees partaking in the planned activity. More back pocket ideas should be planned for the wake-up activity if it were to be extended again.


Public Relations Promotion: There was no twitter wall at Foundations 2016 because the screen in the auditorium was not working. The delegates at Foundations 2016 were not engaged with the NSSSA twitter contests through out the conference.


Keynotes: The keynote speakers at Foundations 2016 were excellent but required more time to speak.


Night Time Activity: The karaoke felt very short and could have been extended. Some delegates were disappointed that they stayed for karaoke and then did not get a chance to perform their songs.


Rooms: In the future, Skillbuilding rooms should not be tiered as it makes it very hard to level out in the sessions. The Mental Health First Aid require a second room to accommodate their needs for a conference.


New Business:

Grade Nine Conference: There should be more signs and/or advertisements for the delegates and a “frequently asked questions” board at the conference to help them when they are confused. A representative from Jack.org may make an excellent keynote speaker for the Grade Nine Conference. Members of the Metro Cabinet are encouraged to think of possible names for this years Metro Grade Nine Conference.


Metro Cabinet: There will be no meeting of the Metro Cabinet on December 25th, 2016 or January 1st, 2017. The Metro Cabinet’s holiday party sleepover will be taking place on December 17th, 2016 at Brooke Kattenbusch’s home. This is a potluck and members of the Metro Cabinet are asked to dress up for the dinner. Names were drawn for the secret Santa gift exchange and gifts will be a maximum of $17.25 in value.


Julia Mcintosh motioned to adjourn the meeting at 20:38 and Sam Delaney seconded said motion.