Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of commencement: 19:03

Time of Adjournment: 21:29

Duration: Two hours and twenty-six minutes


Present Voting Members: Katie Bates, Becca MacAulay, Brooke Betyna, Youna McGowan, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, DJ Shuman, Kailey Webber, Emily Webb, Ella Stacey, Julia Gonzales, Mitchell Aguinaga, Bleona Sahiti, Matthew Boutilier, Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Emily Robichaud, Renee McLeod

Present Non-Voting Members: Qendresa Sahiti, Anna Gaudet, Fortesa Sahiti, Quinn MacIsaac

Regrets: N/A

Positional Updates:

Secretary: She has been working on minutes.

Public Relations: Alex has twelve engagement sessions confirmed. The confirmed session topics are; Makeup, Living Eco-Friendly, Engineering, Gymnastics, Yoga, Improv, Balloon Animals, Aubcon, Scholarships, Inclusion, Sea Turtles, LGBTQ+, and Drag Queens. The Delegate Manual is ready. DJ got a monetary donation. Isabelle will be getting a cake for the winners of Epic.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: The Skillbuilding Retreat took place on Saturday, November 3. Almost every Skillbuilder was present. The Skillbuilding Manual has been sent to Mount Saint Vincent University for print. There are 32 Skillbuilders confirmed. They need egg cartons for one of the Skillbuilding activities. Julia L. will pick up the seeds and soil to plant in the egg cartons.

Head School Representatives: They are going to create the lunch schedule.

3-Tions: They currently have entered over 200 forms into the database. They are still waiting for cheques to arrive from some schools. They created the room list. Logistics and Chaperones will share a room. Fortesa advised the 3-Tions that the Mental Health First Aid and First Aid should be located in separate rooms, but both should be as central as possible. Quinn suggested that although the Advisors sleep in Vinnie’s Pub, there should be another room for the Advisors to do work and have a social area. The confirmation email should be sent out soon.

Welcoming Co-Chair: They are going to count their Fuzzies tonight. They believe they have enough finished. They have to wait to receive the final database before sending out the welcoming email.  Julia G. asked for the itinerary, so Becca will send it to everyone on Cabinet.

Wendy: The theme for the Talent Show will be the 90s. They requested that bright colours be added to the packing list. They made a few changes to Epic, but it still has the same concept. Every station will now be in Seton. They plan to show the Logistics their plan for Epic. At the Skillbuilding Retreat they taught everyone a few cheers. They will send cabinet a copy of the Cheer Bible. During Epic, Cabinet will be at the finish line ready for teams to finish. They will need a few members of Cabinet to run the Flower Station. Renee suggested that Cabinet does a performance together at the Talent Show. Fortesa asked how the WENDYs plan to change their costumes. She advised them that in the past there have been a lot of participation in the Talent Show, therefore they might not have enough costumes to change throughout the day as well as in between acts. She suggested that they switch costumes throughout the day and have one outfit for the Talent Show. Mitchell has foam mats for the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs. Julia L. advised them to make a set list of cheers. Mitchell made a playlist for conference.

Co-Premier: They met with Mount Saint Vincent University and signed the contract. They sent Jeremy the manuals. Becca met with Lindell Smith over the phone. They made positional itineraries. They have pinies for the Logistics and Chaperones.

Head First Aid: She has her team. Qendresa just needs to know what room she will be in and where every AED is located.

Head Logistics: They have ten Logistics confirmed to be on their team.

Head Chaperones: They have enough for three people per room. There will be coffee and snacks provided for the Chaperones as they have to stay up all night. Julia L. said in the past the rule has been as long as no less than two chaperones are awake it is fine for the others to take naps.

New Business:

What to expect:  Cabinet had some time to meet with their partners to create a list of what needs to be completed by Friday. Julia L. will pick items up if anyone needs anything for conference. Quinn and Julia L. will send the email to the Advisors. The Co-Premiers will be contacting some positions for a group check-in.

Conference T-Shirts: The Metro Regional Cabinet currently has 93 shirts to make delegate bags out of. Quinn will email Alumni telling them to bring old conference t-shirts.

Snapchat Filters: Fortesa advised the Co-Premiers that if by Monday they submitted a request for a Snapchat filter, they might get it for free.  If not, it should cost around $30.

Contests: Isabelle might be receiving Discovery Centre passes as a donation. They could be a prize for a contest on social media.

Communication: Cabinet tested out the Zello app which will be used as the main source of communication between Cabinet members. Julia L. suggested everyone on Cabinet should headphones with a microphone. Cabinet passed their phones around to ensure no one was missing anyone phone numbers.

Conference Eve: Conference Eve will be held this Friday, November 9 starting at 6pm. Cabinet will meet in their regular meeting room. Kailey will be making a post for people to comment what they plan on bringing. Julia L. would like all print requests by Friday at noon. Ella offered her house to any Cabinet members who need a place to stay Friday night after Conference Eve. Mitchell suggested that everyone on cabinet gets their flu shot by Monday, November 5 so it will kick in before conference.

Conference: Everyone on cabinet should be wearing at least one of their Cabinet wear at all times. Fortesa asked whether caffeine will be banned at conference this year. Julia L. suggested not to mention it. With the new smoking laws, the Designated Smoking Area is far from the building so there will have to be a schedule for trips. The list of dietary concerns should be sent to Becca. Cabinet and Logistics will be in Seton to help people arrive to their Engagement Sessions. Yoga and Gymnastics will need a larger space. There will be a Remembrance Day ceremony on Sunday during closing ceremonies. Anna G. will send her Kahoot to Renee.

Motion of Adjournment: Julia motioned to adjourn the meeting, Ella seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: November 9, 2018