NSSSA Minutes From:

Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building, Room 105

Time of Commencement: 19:01

Time of Adjournment: 20:04

Duration: One hour and three minutes




Present Voting Members: Cody Campbell, Hannah Hewlin, Celia Briand, Ciara Harris, Annabelle Linders, Kat Pindera, Robie Gonzales, Fortesa Sahiti, Alex Torrealba, Hannah Johnson, Anna Gaudet, Kailey Webber, Becca MacAulay, Mary Stackaruk, Claire Kleinknecht

Present Non-Voting Members: N/A

Regrets: Quinn MacIsaac, Julia Lawrence

No-Shows: N/A




3-Tions: Jules and Anna got together and emailed with Abe to make corrections on all of the registration forms for conference as well as made sure that all of the forms were saved in both PDF and Word format. Questions on various forms needed to be changed and Jules sent out the final forms which can be posted on the website as soon as possible. The due date for skill builder forms is on October 15, 2017, so it is imperative that promotion happens through everyone on cabinet. As well, 3-Tions still do not have the mailbox keys from Abe.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: Skill building sessions are nearly completed with edits being made to the visualization meditation and revision being made to an old session. The skill building retreat is to occur on October 29, 2017, in the afternoon. The custodial fee at Millwood High School is more expensive than the available room at the Halifax Central Library. Cole Harbour High is an option to host the retreat while a custodian is not needed as long as cabinet completely cleans up after the retreat and replaces the garbage bags. The Chocolate Lake Recreation Centre is free to host the retreat as well; a school or the rec centre is ideal in regards to spacing. Planning for the skill building retreat is next on the agenda, but the Skill Building Co-Chairs have already gone through what should occur at the retreat.


Public Relations: The Public Relations have been contacting businesses for donations and have gotten a cheque and brochures from Mount Allison University. Becca has many pens for the delegate bags, there may be some extra material from Inclusion Conference last year for delegate bags, and it is recommended to contact Nestle for chocolate bar donations. As for the delegate manual, a word search has been made, the Public Relations require the Co-Premier welcoming letter, and pictures and questions from various cabinet members. Twitter posts will begin soon and cabinet members need to send in photos of partners together for “Meet Your Cabinet” on Twitter. Shanti Hot Yoga will be doing an engagement session at conference and the Public Relations will contact Moksha Yoga to do an engagement session as well.


WENDY’s: The WENDY’s met up and came up with the theme for EPIC at conference, which will be “meme-themed.” Every station or activity will relate to a specific meme. The WENDY’s also went to Value Village looking for costumes but found them to be too expensive so cabinet members are required to bring in at least one costume for the WENDY’s to wear at conference if possible.


Head School Reps: The Head School Reps held the School Rep Retreat on September 25, 2017, at Cole Harbour High and it went well. Some Junior Highs have been contacted, but presentations cannot occur until forms are out. Hannah H or Kailey will contact Graham Creighton Junior High for a presentation. Refer to the School Rep Retreat debrief for more information.


Welcoming Chair: The Welcoming Chair could not make fuzzies as she was away for the week but her mother made around 50 for her so the number of fuzzies made is nearly 200. There will be a cabinet get together to make fuzzies at Ciara’s house on, October 10, 2017, after dinner.


Secretary: The Secretary sent out the minutes, posted the minutes on the NSSSA website, and finalized the cabinet spirit wear order.


Co-Premiers: Both Co-Premiers had been away the past week and are a little bit behind on emails but are quickly catching up. They have heard back from Jessie Bowers to speak at conference and instead of paying her money, there will be some scholarships put in her name for students to attend conference. Cody will contact the Legion soon about coming to conference.


New Business:


School Rep Retreat Debrief: The retreat went well, though attendance was low with many last minute cancellations. The school reps that attended seemed as though they enjoyed it and learned good information. The Head School Reps sent out the information sheets and PowerPoint to those who could not attend; it was noted that the documents and PowerPoint were extremely clear and informative.


Skill Builders: It was inquired as to whether the due date for skill builder forms to be sent in could be pushed back, but due to the process of choosing skill builders and the retreat, the due date will have to stay as is. It is difficult to project numbers and figure out how many skill builders will be needed, but the estimate is around thirty. Out of cabinet, the Head School Reps, Welcoming Chair, and Secretary can all be skill builders at conference.


Conference T-Shirts: Cabinet looked over designs and will contact Alex LeBlanc about some changes to the t-shirt design. It was decided that the conference t-shirts will be royal/dark purple with white lettering.


International Students: International students may possibly be paid for by their schools to attend conference if they speak to their school ambassador.


Sponsorships: The delegate manual must be completed earlier than all donations must be acquired so it was suggested to have a large poster of all sponsors at the entrance of registration at conference. Another option is to have a slide show playing with the sponsors’ logos as students are walking into the opening ceremonies. The Public Relations thank all of the sponsors at the closing ceremonies regardless.


Motion to Adjourn: Claire motioned to adjourn the meeting at 20:04, and Fortesa seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: There is to be no meeting on October 8, 2017 due to Thanksgiving. Positional check-ins will occur that week. Next meeting will occur on October 22, 2017, at MSVU in the Rosaria Building, in room 105.