NSSSA Minutes From:

Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building, Room 105

Time of Commencement: 19:08

Time of Adjournment: 20:16

Duration: One hour and eight minutes




Present Voting Members: Cody Campbell, Hannah Hewlin, Celia Briand, Ciara Harris, Annabelle Linders, Robie Gonzales, Fortesa Sahiti, Alex Torrealba, Hannah Johnson, Anna Gaudet, Kailey Webber, Becca MacAulay, Mary Stackaruk, Claire Kleinknecht

Present Non-Voting Members: Quinn MacIsaac, Julia Lawrence, Tammy Selman, Christina Torrealba, Qendresa Sahiti

Regrets: Hannah Johnson, Kat Pindera, Mary Stackaruk

No-Shows: N/A




3-Tions: The 3-tions have started the database for conference and have it ready to enter in. All members of cabinet are requested to fill out a registration form and give to one of the 3-tions to enter their information into the database. Anna has made a school package discussing topics for schools filled with important information to be sent out. Kat and Anna have visited one junior high for a presentation and are planning on attending two more within the coming week. Anna has contacted the Timberlea Prospect Council regarding members potentially attending conference and has posted onto Facebook groups and put up signs promoting conference.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The skill building manual has been completed and the Skill Building Co-Chairs are now taking in skill builder registration forms. An email going out to the senior skill builders will be sent within the week about the skill building retreat. Senior skill builders will be asked to arrive at the retreat approximately thirty minutes early to the retreat. Last year there were forty-nine skill builders for conference, but there is to be a few more for the upcoming conference.


Public Relations: The Public Relations have received another contest prize from the Discovery Centre and have to contact MSVU about a sweater donation as a prize. All businesses from the database have been contacted and Kat and Annabelle will be contacting businesses in Bayers Lake. Robie has been contacting NSCC and is to send the NSSSA informative video to Annabelle. Mount Allison University has sent a cheque to Hannah H. The second draft for the delegate manual is completed and some things are still required for it to be completed, such as the cover in JPEG form and the MSVU advertisement as the back page. The Public Relations have sent out times for engagement sessions and have begun tweeting. Any cabinet members who have not sent in a picture with their partner to either Annabelle, Robie, or Kat, is asked to do so as soon as possible. Fortesa met a girl from Junior Achievement who helps run it, and who used to be a Co-Premier for the NSSSA, that would be interested in doing a how-to and will give the Public Relations her email.


WENDY’s: The WENDY’s have been figuring out games for EPIC and want to do a run-through to make sure that it would not be too short and not too long. Cabinet members are asked to bring in any and all costumes that they own for the WENDY’s to wear at conference.


Head School Reps: All school reps have been emailed about advisors and nearly every school has an advisor. The ratio for Auburn Drive High School is complicated, but they are working it out. The Head School Reps have all of the advisors’ emails for the advisor package and information to be sent out and have asked for a rough estimate of delegates from each school’s advisors. Nearly all high school presentations are complete.


Welcoming Chair: Through the fuzzy-making get together and Ciara’s own fuzzy-making, a little bit over 250 fuzzies have been made. The Welcoming Chair has been drafting both the packing list and the welcoming email. The song that is going to be used for the welcoming video will be “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. The filming of the welcoming video may occur at the next meeting.


Secretary: The minutes from the last meeting were sent out and posted on the website. The cabinet spirit wear orders have come in and will get picked up by either Celia or Hannah J for the next meeting.


Co-Premiers: The Co-Premiers have confirmed Jessie Bowers to speak at conference and have finished the conference itinerary. There has been an attempt at contacting the Legion and there will hopefully be communication with them this week. Ciara suggested showing a Remembrance Day video rather than having a Legionnaire at conference, as they will be busy on Remembrance Day. There will be poem readings, and the Last Post and the Pittance of Time played at conference. The Co-Premiers have gotten last year’s budget and are updating their budget for the upcoming year. The Co-Premiers will be attending the upcoming Provincial Cabinet meeting on October 21 and have reminded all of the cabinet members about the StFX recruitment opportunity (also on October 21).


Head Logistics/Chaperones: There have been forms sent in for the Head Logistics or Head Chaperones to look over while the preferred position had not been specified. Age does not matter in order to be a Chaperone, as long as the alumni are over eighteen years old.


Head First Aid: There have not been any forms sent in yet. Julia has the First Aid Kit to give to Qendresa.


New Business:


Junior Highs: It appears as though most school reps would not be able to get to their feeder schools to do presentations, so cabinet members are asked to go to their own junior high schools to do a presentation using the template Becca sent out via email. Each cabinet member who goes to a junior high school must let either Becca or Kailey know in order to keep track of presentations. Forms for junior high schools may be given to the principal or secretary of said school or be posted up on a bulletin board (if allowed). Junior high forms must go to the school’s principal to get a signature (rather than an advisor signature). All delegates attending conference from junior high schools need an advisor, therefore the advisor may be a teacher from that junior high school or the delegate may be posted underneath an advisor that the NSSSA will give them from another school. The advisor must get the signature of the principal of the junior high, and there will be contact between said advisor, the delegate, the principal, and the NSSSA. Ideally, an advisor from each specific junior high school will attend conference with the grade 9 delegates.


Advisors: Finding advisors may be difficult due to the past year, so if that is the case, it is important to make contact with the Co-Premiers or the Cabinet Advisors. Advisors do stay overnight at conference, and there is disparity between whether advisors enjoy the free time at conference or not. An idea suggested for advisors during conference is to have an activity optional for the advisors during conference.


StFX Recruitment Day: All cabinet and committee members were invited to a prestigious recruitment event at St. Francis Xavier University on October 21, 2017, beginning at 3:00pm. It is recommended that if it is possible, all cabinet members should attend.


School Information Package: Anna made a school information package to send to schools regarding important information that they will need in order to send students to conference. It covers topics such as important dates and information, information for advisors, how to mail registration forms, payments and receipts, and refunds. An email was sent out to all cabinet members with the package attached.


Scholarships: Scholarships will be posted on the website and will either be sent in through email or via GoogleForms. There will be five full scholarships given out under one scholarship called the Jessie Bowers Scholarship. On the form for the Jessie Bower Scholarship, there will be information about Jessie and what she will be talking about during her keynote. There will be three questions and the applicant will pick one to answer to attain the scholarship; the questions will be based on mental health (ex. “What does mental health mean to you?” and “Do you believe that people are being properly educated about mental health?”). The rest of the scholarships given out will be half scholarships and will be comprised of questions and answers for the applicant to answer. On the scholarship form, the applicants will self-identify with various groups on the form and, once received, will be chosen based on their answers and their specific group. Delegates will apply for conference (sending in a cheque) but will get a refund if they are successful in acquiring a scholarship. Scholarship information will be given to the school reps to inform prospective delegates about how they work. There will be communication with the International Students ambassadors within each school regarding sending international students to conference.


Conference Shirts: The same amount of conference t-shirts for delegates and alumni positions should be ordered this year as last year. First Aids will have red t-shirts and the Chaperones and Logistics will have yellow t-shirts.


Snapchat Filter: It was suggested to have a Snapchat filter for conference. Snapchat filters are fairly easy to acquire and inexpensive.


Tie-Dye: Cabinet will tie-dye the Metro What shirts on a Sunday potentially before a meeting at the Sahiti’s house. Tie-dying will take a maximum of two hours, and may take place a week before conference on November 5, 2017.


Miscellaneous: It is important to recognize that MSVU is seated on unceded Mi’kmaq territory before conference begins or at the opening ceremonies, and the Mount will be asked whether they have a specific announcement that they would like to be said.


Motion to Adjourn: Claire motioned to adjourn the meeting at 20:16 and Alex seconded the motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: Sunday, October 22, 2017, at Mount St. Vincent University in the Rosaria Building in room 105.