NSSSA Minutes from:

Metro RC Meeting



Location of Meeting: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building Room 105.

Time of Commencement: 19:09

Time of Adjournment: 20:55

Duration: One hour and forty-six minutes.


Present voting members: Abbie Cull, Tyson Bears, Taryn Hanrahan, Joy Hannam, Saisha Rankaduwa, Samantha Delaney, Vibha Rakshita, Kaleigh McLeod, Brooke Kattenbusch, Gabrielle Torrealba, Celia Briand, Carly Dunn, Fortesa Sahiti, Becca MacAulay, Ciara Harris, Julia Mcintosh, Taryn Hanrahan, Armaan Dhillon, Nicholas Wells, Jillian Ryan

Present non-voting members: Julia Lawrence, Jeremy Scallion



Public Relations: In the past week, the Public Relations have been talking closely with Dalhousie university about potentially supporting Foundations 2016. NSCC has agreed to donate $500 to Foundations 2016 in exchange for advertising at the conference and the opportunity to run one engagement session. Vonage has donated $200, pens, lanyards and pamphlets for the delegates. Aubcon has donated $200 along with buttons, a sweater and a t-shirt; in exchange for advertising and running an engagement session. Nestle Canada is donating chocolate bars for the delegate bags and are exchanging words of a potential monetary donation for Foundations 2016. The Public Relations have reached out to RBC, the Lions Club, SMU, Acadia, StFX, multiple radio stations and Superstore regarding possible donations and are awaiting a reply. The Nova Scotia nurse’s union has donated 400 pens to be used for conference delegate bags. Prior to the next Metro Cabinet meeting the Public Relations plan to contact Halifax Shopping Center regarding pouches they have made in the past for university students. Bell Lets Talk will also be contacted soon regarding conference donations. The Public Relations have been in contact with Halifax water management and are currently discussing possible donations.


Public Relations Promotion: The Metro Regional conference is consistently being advertised on twitter. As the date of conference approaches a conference countdown may commence on the Metro Instagram page. The Public Relations of Promotion has been considering advertising Foundations 2016 by posting about it on community walls and using radio stations.


Head School Reps: An email has been sent out to all high schools in the metro region regarding the NSSSA and what it is. Most school representatives have confirmed attendance for the retreat taking place on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Contact has maintained consistent between Head School Representatives.


Advisor: An email has been sent out regarding cabinet clothing including pricing. The logo design for conference t-shirts must be decided upon by the end of October 2, 2016. The “Metro What?” cabinet t-shirts will be $15.50 and the Metro Regional Sweaters will be $31.50. To be considered as conference logos, designs must be uploaded to the Metro Regional Cabinet Facebook page. In contact with potential speakers that would bring something new to the regional conference. Looking for a keynote speaker that the delegates will be able to identify with well keeping in mind the aims of the NSSSA as years go by.


Logistics: The Logistics have completed a draft of a design to be used as a possible logo for Foundations 2016.


Welcoming Co-Chair: Working with technology to familiarize programs that can be utilized soon for poster making. Canva will be considered for use in poster designing. The Welcoming Co-Chairs continue to look for yarn donations to be used for fuzzy production. Nursing homes and family members are being asked to donate any yarn that they can. The Welcoming Co-Chairs are also looking for members of the HRM knitting club to approach for yarn donations.


SkillBuilding Co-Chairs: Actives are being fit into the themes of each planned session. The SkillBuilding manual for Foundations 2016 is drafted and coming along promisingly. All session layouts have been planned and games for each of them are being finalized. The descriptions for each game and questions to go along with them have yet to be written.


Wendy’s: The Wendy’s have been communicating with the Wendy team who were responsible for coming up with the idea for the murder mystery themed epic that occurred three years ago. They are in search of tips and points on how to run an epic in this theme.


3-Tions: The registration forms have been revised multiple times and are set to be completed within the week. The early bird deadline for registration has been moved to a later date due to the postponed release of registration forms.


Co-Primers: Keynote speakers are still being contacted as the Co-Primers search for someone who can bring a new element to the conference, with a price quote that the Metro Cabinet has within their budget. The Metro Cabinet is reminded to fill out the google forms on the Metro Regional Cabinet Facebook page for cabinet clothing.


New Business:

School Presentations: School presentations about Foundations 2016 will be happening over the next month. The Head School Representatives will need the members of Metro Cabinet to help in the presentations at each high school within the Metro region. Each presentation will involve one or more members of Metro Cabinet accompanied by each designated school rep. Duncan McMillian High School’s presentation will be done by their School Representative only due to issues with transportation. Auburn Drive High School’s presentation will be put on by Gabrielle Torrealba and Julia Mcintosh. Dartmouth High School’s Presentation will be put on by Nicholas Wells, Julia Mcintosh and Armaan Dhillon. Cole Harbour High School’s presentation will be put on by Vibha Rakshita and Julia Mcintosh. Prince Andrew High School’s presentation will be put on by Gabrielle Torrealba and Julia Mcintosh. Lockview High School’s presentation will be put on by Joy Hannam and Brooke Kattenbusch. Millwood and Sackville High School’s presentations will be put on by Sam Delaney and Carly Dunn. École du Sommet’s presentation will be put on by Sam Delaney. Halifax West High School’s presentation will be put on by Fortesa Sahiti, Carly Dunn and Sam Delaney. Citadel High School’s presentation will be put on by Tyson Bears and Celia Briand. J.L. Ilsley High School’s presentation will be put on by Ciara Harris, Taryn Hanrahan and Jillian Ryan. Sir John A. Macdonald High School’s presentation will be put on by Kaleigh McLeod and Abbie Cull. Halifax Grammar’s presentation will be put on by Ciara Harris, Tyson Bears and Sam Delaney. Secrete Heart’s presentation will be put on by Sam Delaney and Tyson Bears. Mitch Archibald will be contacted regarding the presentation at Musquodoboit High School.


Fundraising: Member’s of the Metro Cabinet will be participating in a bingo fundraiser at a date to be confirmed at a later point in time. Metro Cabinet members are reminded to inform people that fundraising allows scholarships to be offered to students that wish to attend a conference but cannot afford the registration cost.


Head School Rep Retreat: Five How To sessions will be running through out the evening. The How-To sessions cover information on how to: find advisors, fundraise, present, promote and register. The advisor sessions will be run by Julia Lawrence and the fundraising session is going to be run by the Public Relations. The session on how to present will be taught by the Wendys and the Secretary. The SkillBuilding Co-Chairs are assisting in sessions on promotion and registration along with the Public Relations on the promotional session. The 3-Tions will also be helping in running the session on registration. The members of Metro Cabinet are to arrive at Auburn Drive High school at 18:00. Prior to the Head School Rep Retreat everyone teaching a session must familiarize themselves with what it is that they are teaching in each session. A few alumni will be attending the retreat. The end time will be approximately 21:00. Members of the Metro Cabinet are asked to bring any coloring supplies or paper that have available to them.


Registration: Registration is set to be opening within the week. All members of the Metro Cabinet are encouraged to promote conference as much as possible on all forms of social media and within their own schools once registration opens. Members of the Metro Cabinet are encouraged to advertise Foundations 2016 at meetings of their school’s Student Government.


SkillBuilding Retreat: The location of the SkillBuilding Retreat has been moved to École du Sommet on November 5th. Within this new location, the Metro Cabinet will have full access to any classrooms that they may need and the cafeteria. The planning of sessions is almost completed and the menu is in the process of being decided upon.


Advisors: The members of the Metro Cabinet are considering providing activities for advisors to take part in during the conferences to make the experience more enjoyable. These activities could include workshops or training sessions that would benefit the advisors in some way.


Basecamp: Members of the Metro Cabinet are remined to consistently be using basecamp. Tasks that have been completed should be checked off from each individual’s to-do list as they are completed. Metro Cabinet members are reminded to be checking Basecamp if they are unsure of what they are suppose to be doing next as they will be able to find all of their yet to be completed tasks listed out for them.


Miscellaneous: The Welcoming Co-Chairs are looking for yarn donations and have reached out to the members of Metro Cabinet to help them in collecting more donations. The Public Relations are encouraged to try and contact MLAs and the Mayer about supporting Foundations 2016. The Public Relations of Promotion proposed the idea of having Snapped take photos at conference with their sent photographer. The Metro Cabinet decided against using a photographer from outside of the organization due to complications with media release forms for delegates. The Wendy’s are reminded that they will need to create a playlist at some point in time prior to Foundations 2016. The 3-Tions are told to continue to work on Foundations 2016 registration forms and to send the database to Gabrielle Torrealba, Brooke Kattenbusch, Julia Lawrence and Abe. There will be no meeting of the Metro Regional Cabinet on October 9, 2016 due to it being Thanksgiving.


Julia Mcintosh motioned to adjourn the meeting at 20:55 and Celia Briand seconded said motion.