NSSSA Minutes From:

Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building, Room 105

Time of Commencement: 19:12

Time of Adjournment: 20:53

Duration: One hour and forty-one minutes




Present Voting Members: Hannah Hewlin, Celia Briand, Ciara Harris, Annabelle Linders, Kat Pindera, Robie Gonzales, Fortesa Sahiti, Alex Torrealba, Hannah Johnson, Anna Gaudet, Kailey Webber, Becca MacAulay, Mary Stackaruk, Claire Kleinknecht

Present Non-Voting Members: Quinn MacIsaac, Qendresa Sahiti, Christina Torrealba, Tammy Selman, Taline Selman

Regrets: Cody Campbell, Julia Lawrence

No-Shows: N/A




3-Tions: The 3-Tions have been answering a lot of emails, mainly from junior high school principals. The school information package and advisor email have been sent out, and a database has been made with some cabinet members already in it. The 3-Tions just received the mailbox keys to retrieve registration forms and have already begun to make a list of topics to write up in the turnover package at the end of the year. Hannah J realized that there was no section for a parent signature so it was decided to send out a form to delegates in the welcoming email for the parents to sign off on and bring to conference. Skill builders may bring their parent signatures to the skill building retreat. If a delegate comes to conference without a parent signature, their parent would have to be contacted.


Skill Building Co-Chairs: There are only eight pairs of skill builders at current and there need to be at least fifteen pairs of skill builders for conference, so cabinet members are asked to let potential skill builders know of the need for more. The Skill Building Co-Chairs are in need of the 8 Key Concepts and the Co-Premier letter from the delegate manual for the skill building manual. The email to the senior skill builders attending the Skill Building Retreat has been sent out. The Skill Builder Retreat will occur on October 29, 2017, at Millwood High School, and all members of cabinet are expected to attend from 12:30pm until 4:30 pm. The 3-Tions are requested to do registration during the first fifteen minutes of the retreat, and the cabinet meeting will occur after the retreat at Millwood High School.


Public Relations: About five universities are donating sweaters to use as contest prizes at conference. The Public Relations still need the MSVU ad for the back of the delegate manual, the itinerary, and the cabinet picture. The third draft of the delegate manual has been completed, and an ad has been sold to be put in the manual. There is a possibility of having a sign language how-to, but to do so, there would need to be an interpreter during the session.


WENDY’s: The WENDY’s have been preparing for EPIC and have spoken to more people about costumes. During the late-nighter at conference, it was proposed to do an alternate activity as opposed to the Mostest and karaoke. One alternative suggested was playing Just Dance, connecting either a Wii or a Kinect game console to the projector in the auditorium. Another suggestion was a large game of Kahoot where the winner would win a sweater. The late-nighter is set to run after the talent show from 10:45pm – 11:30pm, but will likely finish up at 12:00am with bed runs occurring throughout the night.


Head School Reps: The Head School Reps have emailed the school information package to principals, advisors, and school reps, and have been replying to emails. Most schools appear to be prepared with advisors and Peter Woo and Jeremy Scallion have volunteered to come to conference as advisors for delegates who don’t have one.


Welcoming Chair: 339 fuzzies have been completed and the Welcoming Chair should be updated on the number of delegates coming to conference to know how many fuzzies should be made. The itinerary must be emailed to the Welcoming Chair for the welcoming email and packing list, as well as what will be occurring for Remembrance Day at conference. Ciara’s brother will be attending conference to aid with the tech.


Secretary: The Secretary posted the minutes on the website and is to call Steve as soon as possible to finalize clothing orders.


Co-Premiers: The Co-Premiers have been speaking with the keynote speaker and the scholarships for conference are going to be posted on the website soon. Cody may have been in contact with the Legion this week, a presentation was done at Astral Drive Junior High School, and the itinerary for conference is complete.


Head Logistics/Chaperones: Both the Head Logistics and Head Chaperons have been in contact with Cody and if there are to be around 300 delegates, there needs to be 15 logistics and 15 chaperones each. It is slightly confusing as to who is applying for the position of logistics and who is applying for the position of chaperone. In order to be a chaperone or logistics, the applicant must be able to stay overnight at conference and over eighteen years old. The Head Logistics and Head Chaperones’ phone numbers are on the application, along with their emails, in order to have both points of contact available for people to contact if they have questions.


Head First Aid: The Head First Aid has not received any forms yet, but will network and ask senior skill builders. First Aids at conference do not have to be NSSSA alumni but do have to have received first aid training.


New Business:


Caffeine: While enforcing the 3D’s at conference, cabinet members are encouraged to “practice what you preach,” but also learn about and open up the discussion on what they are practicing. A large topic that was discussed was coffee and other drinks with caffeine in them. While there are pros to moderate doses of coffee, such as protection against some diseases, improvement of pain medication, and it is sometimes prescribed for tiredness, there are also cons, such as the fact that coffee is a diuretic and may lead to dehydration, and more coffee can lead to a dependence and tolerance increase, which can then result in withdrawal symptoms. While coffee is available at conference, it is encouraged for everyone to consume it on their own discretion while thinking of the science-based aspects of the effects of caffeine on the body. Some people may experience withdrawal symptoms if they do not drink enough of it, and those that do should not be criminalized for needing to drink it. However, alcohol and energy drinks are not allowed at conference whatsoever, while soda and tea are available but to be consumed by each person’s own discretion.


Smoking: At provincial conference last year, there would be delegates who would ask the chaperones to go on “smoke breaks” because they felt like they could trust them. Due to the possible withdrawals, it was better to have the smoking occur in a controlled environment rather than having a delegate disappear to do it on their own. Chaperones, logistics, and advisors would deal with these situations as they come. It is a difficult situation to deal with because no one should be stigmatized for an addiction, but an opening should not occur where people could enable others to begin smoking. A suggestion was to outline withdrawal symptoms, while not explicitly stating smoking or anything of the like, within the first aid speech at the beginning of conference in order for delegates to know who to contact if feeling the symptoms. Vapes carry nicotine as well and vaping must be addressed at the beginning of conference. At the provincial level, how to handle the “grey area” situations should be consistent and Quinn will bring the subject up with the ones higher up in the organization.


Cabinet Culture: Cabinet members are reminded that meetings are safe spaces and that everyone should feel like they can come forward and speak about what they feel. No one should ever feel as though they are being attacked or snapped at while receiving potential criticism on an idea, and cabinet members should not shy away from bringing up controversial ideas. Because so many people on cabinet seem to be talkative and outgoing, it was proposed that meetings would work better if there were a break about 10 or 15 minutes long mid-meeting to eat snacks and catch up with one another before getting back to work. In this way, there is a way to try to find the balance between having fun and bonding together and getting work completed. Weekly snacks will be brought in by position or whoever volunteers to for that meeting. If any cabinet member is feeling overwhelmed or stressed, they should not be afraid to talk to Hannah H or Cody about anything. Cabinet members should also not be worried about asking for help within their position as there is a multitude of people who can provide insight to the possible issue, such as any alumni, the Co-Premiers, the Co-Advisors, or returning cabinet members. Quinn mentioned that cabinet members are to never hesitate to pull Jules or Quinn into a situation where the cabinet member is not being treated respectfully by an outside contact.




The welcoming video does not have a storyboard created yet, but may not need one as the welcoming video could be shot montage-style similar to last year.


Nick Roberts confirmed that he would perform The Last Post at conference for Remembrance Day.


If someone knows a WENDY who remembers all of the tunes to all of the cheers from the cheer bible, they are requested to get said former WENDY in contact with Fortesa.


Motion to Adjourn: Fortesa motioned to adjourn the meeting at 20:53 and Kailey seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Next Meeting: The next meeting will occur after the Skill Builder Retreat at Millwood High School, beginning around 4:30pm.