NSSSA Minutes from:

Metro RC Meeting




Location of Meeting: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building Room 404.

Time of Commencement: 19:09

Time of Adjournment: 20:21

Duration: One hour and twelve minutes.


Present voting members: Carly Dunn, Ciara Harris, Julia Mcintosh, Abbie Cull, Tyson Bears, Vibha Rakshita, Fortesa Sahiti, Nicholas Wells, Kaleigh McLeod, Brooke Kattenbusch, Gabrielle Torrealba, Becca MacAulay, Jillian Ryan, Taryn Hanrahan, Sam Delaney.

Present non-voting members: Tammy Selman, Jeremy Scallion, Julia Lawrence.

Regrets: Joy Hannam, Celia Briand, Armaan Dhillon.



Advisor: The Metro Cabinet’s clothing order excluded the tax, thus all those who ordered clothing must pay an additional charge to Julia Lawrence to cover their own item’s tax.


Head Chaperone: Numerous emails have been received that have included application forms from potential Chaperones. The Head Chaperones will send all received application forms to the 3-Tions to be recorded into the database.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Senior Skillbuilders have been contacted regarding training new Skillbuilders at this years Metro regional conference Skillbuilding retreat. Currently the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs have received an insufficient number of responses from the senior Skillbuilders; those who can attend the retreat were reviewed with the members of the Metro Cabinet. The alumni group will be contacted to see if they are available to assist with the Skillbuilding retreat. The itinerary for the Skillbuilding retreat has been completed. The Skillbuilding manual is nearly finished excluding the final sessions debrief which will be completed and ready to print by Tuesday.


Head School Representatives: High School presentations are near completion with only two remaining to take place before the next meeting of the Metro Regional Cabinet.


3-Tions: There has yet to be any forms received from the NSSSA mailbox. The 3-Tions are continuing to frequently check for forms from the NSSSA mail box. Any missing information from the Members of the Metro Cabinet must be added into the database as soon as possible.


Wendys: The Wendy’s had a meeting to finish planning the final details regarding Epic. Epic planning is now completed and the Wendys must purchase the materials needed for it. The only thing left to decide upon is the crime committed for their mystery plot line and Epic will be conference ready. The crime will preferably in some way be related to the theme of Foundations.


Public Relations: The Halifax Central Library has been contacted regarding potentially donating to Foundations 2016 and the Public Relations have yet to here back. The Public Relations are attempting to contact St Francis Xavier University with little response yet. Saint Mary’s University Students Association is donating $500 and two welcome week packages to Foundations 2016 in exchange for their support SMUSA will be given an engagement session to run with the delegates at conference. At this point in time approximately five engagement sessions have been decided upon, and there are 15 more spots that must be filled. The Co-Premiers have some ideas for potential engagement sessions to consider. Value Village will be contacted again after Halloween in regards to costume donations for the Wendys to wear at conference.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:  This year’s conference welcoming email has been drafted and must be sent to the Co-Premiers to be reviewed. Many fuzzies have been made this week but many more are needed. The Welcoming Co-Chairs are in desperate need of yarn donations for fuzzy production to continue. Posters requesting yarn donations will be emailed to the members of the Metro Cabinet to be hung around their schools. The Co-Premiers may have potential yarn contacts to assist the Welcoming Co-Chairs in their search for yarn. The Welcoming Video will be filmed using a green screen on Sunday, October 30th at Auburn Drive High School at 5pm.


Head Logistics: The Facebook post created regarding being a Logistic at Foundations 2016 has received numerous replies.


Public Relations Promo: Pieces of promotion have been continuously sent out too many different companies to have the Metro Regional Conference promoted through publications on the air or within a newspaper. The Public Relations of Promotion has yet to receive any replies from these companies but continues to resubmit promotional pieces. Information about Foundations 2016 has been posted on countless community event walls in the HRM area, all major radio stations, and SNAP’d Halifax. The Delegate Manual is nearly finished, all that is left to be included is a full Metro Cabinet picture, the conference itinerary, the keynote speaker information, the names of the most recently acquired sponsors from the Public Relations and the Dyadic Encounters questions. The group picture of all the Members of the Metro Regional Cabinet must be taken on Sunday October 23rd for the Delegate Manual to print on time, any regrets to this meeting of the Metro Regional Cabinet will be photo shopped into the photo.


Co-Premiers: At the most recent NSSSA Provincial Cabinet Meeting the current social media plan was reviewed and it was decided upon that one Instagram page will be used between all regions of the NSSSA, there will be a Facebook page for the NSSSA organization with the option to have individual regional Facebook pages and all cabinets will have access to the one official NSSSA Snapchat account. The Members of the Metro Cabinet will be receiving 17 radios from Bell for Foundations 2016. More potential keynote speakers have been contacted. The Co-Premiers had a meeting with Mount St. Vincent University to finalize the conference itinerary, receive the invoice for the conference and parking passes to the Mount for advisors and any cars that must stay overnight. Foundations 2016 will now have access to the Mount’s cafeteria for all meal times. Everyone that has applied for a scholarship has received full or partial scholarships to attend Foundations 2016.


Secretary: All Members of the Metro Cabinet must reply to their weekly minutes’ email within 24 hours of receiving the email.


New Business:

Deadlines: There are now only two meetings of the Metro Cabinet remaining before Foundations 2016 and everything that needs to be done must get done now. All members of the Metro Cabinet are reminded that they must stay up to date with their positional to-do lists on Basecamp. To-Do’s should be checked off as they are completed but never deleted. Printing deadlines are two weeks before the conference. All positions’ To-Do’s were reviewed with the Metro Cabinet. If a student is having trouble meeting the application deadline due to not being able to locate an advisor, they are to inform a Member of the Metro cabinet who will find them an advisor to attend the conference with. Nothing should hold a student back from being able to attend an NSSSA conference.


Engagement sessions: The Members of the Metro Cabinet would like to provide an engagement session for the advisors that would give them something to do, and make their conference experience more enjoyable. Some potential ideas for engagement sessions for advisors could include a Safe Space workshop, Informative Sessions, Zumba, or Yoga.


Itinerary: The Metro Regional Conference itinerary was reviewed with the Members of the Metro Cabinet. On November 12th Skillbuilders will be arriving at 8am to the conference and delegates will be arriving at 9am. The welcoming activity will be happening in the McCain Center library. Epic will be happening after supper which is scheduled to start at 6:15pm, after which will be talent show prep. A list of all locations being used at Mount St. Vincent University during the conference along with their purpose during the conference will be emailed to all the Members of the Metro Cabinet.


Sleeping Arrangements: For Foundations 2016, conference attendees will have three designated locations for sleeping. The Mount has assigned three large classrooms and their gym as designated sleeping areas. Included in the welcoming email will be a statement regarding sleeping arrangements for Foundations 2016 for delegates to consider. Delegates will have the option to choose which area they sleep in at conference based upon the pronoun they identify by.


Name Tags: The Members of the Metro Cabinet have decided against making name tags for all the delegates for the beginning of the conference as it would take away from the purpose of the fuzzing activity. The Members of the Metro Cabinet will have name tags to make themselves more identifiable to the delegates. If the delegates were to make their own name tags it would not be until after the first skillbuilding session. Names along with a person’s preferred pronoun would be clearly written on their name tag.


Promote: Members of the Metro Cabinet are encouraged to ensure that everyone is aware that NSSSA conferences are not just for people that are already leaders or involved in their students’ council. People should be aware that they can come to the conference to become a leader. Let people know how the NSSSA can benefit them. If one has been to a conference before as a delegate, they can apply to be a skillbuilder at Foundations 2016. Always try to give conference application forms to people that really deserve them even if it means that you must be the one to reach out to them about the NSSSA.


Brooke Kattenbusch motioned to adjourn the meeting at 20:21 and Nicholas Wells seconded said motion.