NSSSA Minutes from:

Metro RC Meeting



Location of Meeting: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building Room 404.

Time of Commencement: 19:24

Time of Adjournment: 20:22

Duration: Fifty-eight minutes.


Present voting members: Carly Dunn, Ciara Harris, Julia Mcintosh, Vibha Rakshita, Fortesa Sahiti, Nicholas Wells, Kaleigh McLeod, Brooke Kattenbusch, Gabrielle Torrealba, Becca MacAulay, Taryn Hanrahan, Sam Delaney, Joy Hannam, Celia Briand, Armaan Dhillon, Saisha Rankaduwa.

Present non-voting members: Jeremy Scallion, Julia Lawrence, Christina Torrealba.

Regrets: Abbie Cull, Jillian Ryan, Tyson Bears.



SkillBuilding Co-Chairs: The names of the senior Skillbuilders that will be at the Skillbuilding retreat were reviewed with the members of the Metro Cabinet. To date six senior Skillbuilders have confirmed their attendance to the retreat. Members of the Metro Cabinet have been selected to assist in instructing at the Skillbuilding Retreat. One engagement session may be possibly on Yoga because of a connection at École du Sommet. A $50 gift card has been obtained to be used for snack purchases for the Skillbuilding Retreat.


Wendys: The Wendy’s have contacted Emma Miller regarding use of her costume bin for the Metro Regional Conference, they are still waiting on confirmation regarding its location. The prizes for this year’s Epic are going to be popsicle stick houses. The playlist for Foundations 2016 is four hours long and will soon be a minimum of five hours long.


Head School Representatives: The Head School Representatives have been maintaining contact with their school representatives and advisors. The advisor package for the lunch at the conference is being created.


3-Tions: Forms have begun being received by the 3-Tions from the NSSSA mailbox. Two more members of the Metro Cabinet still must hand in their forms to the 3-Tions. The 3-Tions will next be checking the mailbox again on Tuesday.


Public Relations Promotion: Promotion online for Foundations 2016 has continued. The members of the Metro Cabinet’s roles for the online countdown for the conference were reviewed with all in attendance. The ultimate for all countdown to conference videos are to be sent to the Public Relations of Promotion is November 6th 2016 at the latest. Some twitter contests are being planned now to run throughout the conference. The Public Relations of Promotion is also considering creating a snapchat filter for Foundations 2016.


Public Relations: To this point in time finding individuals to run engagement sessions has yet to show much success. A potential engagement session that could run would be one on Improv or perhaps one on how to be a part of youth federal council. The Public Relations have received $300 to go towards purchasing water bottles for the delegate bags, which are now finished and ready for the conference. Inside each delegate bag there are pens, lanyards, Aubcon buttons and chocolate bars. The bags will also include brochures and view books.


Head Logistics: A logistic team has been chosen. The Head Logistics had a meeting this week to discus their team for the conference.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: To date 300 fuzzies have now been made. The final draft of the welcoming email and the conference packing list have been completed. The production of the welcoming video has been postponed until further notice. With the new yarn donated the Welcoming Co-Chairs now have enough yarn to produce at least 20 more fuzzies. Multiple responses have been received regarding yarn donations, along with yarn donations that have been received from family members and friends.


Head Chaperones: Tammy Selman and Christina Torrealba have so far received eight chaperone application forms. They will be having a meeting on the upcoming Thursday November 3, 2016 to finalize their team and cut down their application forms to six people.


Advisor: The number of walkies to be used by the members of the Metro Cabinet at Foundations 2016 has been finalized. The order for conference t-shirts has been placed. All extra money for Metro Cabinet clothing should be brought to the Skillbuilding retreat or to the next meeting of the Metro Regional Cabinet. A letter has been sent to alumni of the NSSSA to keep them in the loop as to what the organization is doing. A letter has been made to be sent out to delegates related to sleeping arrangements at this years Metro Regional Conference. It has been decided that rooms will be spectrum based, where a delegate sleeps is dependent upon where said delegate feels that they fall on the gender spectrum. Another room will be an open room for anyone who does not wish to sleep within the other two spectrum based rooms. These letters are being sent out prior to the conference to give the delegates an idea about this before they arrive at the conference so they may think about which room they will feel most comfortable sleeping in.


Co-Premier: Brooke Kattenbusch has received the walkies to be used at the Metro Regional Conference. The positons that will have possession of a walkie at the conference were reviewed with the members of the Metro Cabinet. The keynote speakers for the conference have been confirmed, and are speaking in a layout different from conference keynotes in the past. The first speaker preforms spoken word focusing on social justice. There will be a 10-minute speech following regarding opportunities for youth followed by an NSSSA alumni speaking about the role that he has played in the LGBTQ, concluded by a spoken word. The goal behind having a variety of different speakers is that each delegate will be able to connect in a different way to each keynote. The budget for the conference is set and if everything goes as planned the organization should come out ahead. The Mount would like all delegates to fill out a quick survey that will be located within everyone’s delegate bags.


New Business:

SkillBuilding Retreat: The members of the Metro Cabinet are to arrive at the Skillbuilding Retreat at 9:30 am. All registered Skillbuilders will arrive between 10 am and 10:30 am. The Wendys will be giving time to lead the group in icebreakers and cheers. The itinerary of the Skillbuilders Retreat was reviewed with the members of the Metro Cabinet. All students registered for the Skillbuilding Retreat should bring their own lunch.


Application forms to become a Skillbuilder will not be capable of being picked up from the NSSSA mailbox until the 1st of November. Snacks for the retreat will be covered by a monetary donation received by the Public Relations. A list of all materials required for Skillbuilding sessions will be sent out to the members of the Metro Cabinet prior to the Skillbuilding Retreat.


Remaining Jobs: Before the Regional Conference a Photo booth and props must be made.

More Yarn must be found to continue to create fuzzies. The welcoming video must be filmed along with countdown to conference videos. The advisor packages must be picked up and contact must remain continuous with school representatives. The Packing list and Welcoming emails must be sent to the Co-Premiers by November 1, 2016. The Skillbuilding Retreat itinerary and materials needed from the members of the Metro Cabinet will be sent out as an email on October 30th, 2016 to let them know what is needed to be brought in. The 3-Tions must frequently be checking the mailbox for new registration forms to be entered into the database. Public Relations must figure out all of their engagement sessions by the next meeting of the Metro Regional Cabinet. A list of all engagement sessions and the limited number of spaces for them must be made along with signs for doors of engagement sessions. A Thank you email for engagement sessions’ instructors will be sent out at the end of the conference.


Meeting etiquette: If a member of the Metro Cabinet is unable to attend a meeting they must let the co-premiers and the secretary know. All members of the Metro Cabinet must be on time to meetings, they start at seven so do not walk to the building at 7, be ready for the meeting to begin.


After the SkillBuilding Retreat: The members of the Metro Cabinet will stay after the retreat to discus what went well and what they could improve one.


Taryn Hanrahan motioned to adjourn the meeting at 20:22 and Julia Mcintosh seconded said motion.