NSSSA Minutes From:

Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building, Room 105

Time of Commencement: 19:07

Time of Adjournment: 20:05

Duration: Fifty-eight minutes




Present Voting Members: Cody Campbell, Hannah Hewlin, Ciara Harris, Annabelle Linders, Kat Pindera, Robie Gonzales, Fortesa Sahiti, Alex Torrealba, Hannah Johnson, Anna Gaudet, Kailey Webber, Mary Stackaruk, Claire Kleinknecht

Present Non-Voting Members: Jules Lawrence, Quinn MacIsaac

Regrets: Becca MacAulay, Celia Briand

No-Shows: N/A




3-Tions: The 3-Tions are waiting for the Skill Building Retreat date and location to put on the registration form and will be working on the alumni and skill building forms this week. They are currently waiting to send out the delegate registration forms out soon, and all forms will be due on the 20 of October (with the final deadline being the 23 of October).


Skill Building Co-Chairs: The Skill Building Co – Chairs have found four out of the five needed senior skill builders for the Skill Builder Retreat. They are halfway finished the final skill building session and just need to find a read meditation for the Mental Health session.


Public Relations: Approximately a third of the companies in the database have been contacted for donations and have three how-to’s confirmed with one pending confirmation. The Public Relations have begun to think about what will be in the delegate manual and are reminded to use social media (ie. Twitter). An idea presented for posting on Twitter is “Get to know your Cabinet.” The Public Relations needs everyone on cabinet to send in a photo of themselves (or partners together) for the delegate manual and will send out questions for each cabinet member for the “Meet Your Cabinet” section of the delegate manual.


WENDY’s: The WENDYs have studied the cheer bible, received some costumes to wear at conference, and have sent the finalized Talent Show forms to the Co-Premiers.


Head School Reps: The Head School Reps have sent the email to all school reps about the School Rep Retreat, which will be held on September 25 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at Cole Harbour District High School. Cabinet should be at the location for 6:00pm and are expected to stay after for clean up. They have made the itinerary for the retreat and Claire will not be in attendance. Sessions at the retreat include registration, advisors, fundraising, presentations, and promotion. The 3-Tions will be doing check-in/registration at the beginning of the retreat; as Anna is a school rep, Hannah J will be doing registration. The points of contact within junior high schools to find advisors are guidance counsellors.


Welcoming Chair: Approximately one hundred fuzzies have been made and the Welcoming Chair has gotten lots of yarn from the public and friends. Ciara will post a notice on the Chebucto News Website looking for yarn, and is beginning to brainstorm for the Welcoming Video.


Secretary: The Secretary has sent out the minutes from last week’s meeting and posted them on the website. The final order for cabinet spirit wear will be going out on Friday (September 22, 2017). Cabinet alumni are to be contacted regarding their orders for spirit wear and to have paid Jules by Thursday.


Co-Premiers: The Co-Premiers have attended a PC meeting and Cody has attended a meeting with Dalhousie University for the Co-Premiers next year to potentially hold a conference at that location in the future. The Co-Premiers have began a budget, emailed speakers to present at conference, and have sent Alex LeBlanc sketches for the delegate and skill builder t-shirts at conference. The Co-Premiers have also emailed the principal at Millwood High School to be a possible location for the Skill Building retreat.


New Business:


Radio Advertisement: Kat has received information and quotes from Virgin Radio in regards to on-air advertisements. It is $45 for every thirty seconds on-air, and $69 for thirty seconds on-air on C100 Radio. The Public Relations will send emails to the Media Relations, Alex Leblanc about these prices and advertisements.


Welcoming Video: Welcoming video ideas should be thought about and is to be made within the next few weeks. Claire suggested making the video in the style of a vlog. Robie is asked to have a script ready and all cabinet members are asked to come to the next meeting at 6:30pm to film the video.


Final Thoughts:


Cabinet is told to let the Co-Advisors and Co-Premiers know if they hear of someone who would like to come to conference but cannot afford it.


Cabinet members are reminded to stay on task at meetings and keep chatting to a minimum.


Forms will be out this week so promotion of conference should begin as soon as possible.


Kat recommended that the NSSSA Instagram to be turned into a business account and will email Alex LeBlanc.


Motion to Adjourn: Ciara motioned to adjourn the meeting and Hannah J seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


Date of Next Meeting: Sunday, September 24, 2017, at MSVU in the Rosaria Building, Room 105