NSSSA Minutes from:

Metro RC Meeting



Location of Meeting: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Building, Room 105

Time of Commencement: 19:06

Time of Adjournment: 19:51

Duration: 45 minutes


Present voting members: Nicholas Wells, Taryn Hanranm, Abbie Cull, Samantha Delaney, Vibha Rakshita, Fortesa Sahiti, Joy Hannam, Ciara Harris, Brooke Kattenbusch, Gabrielle Torrealba, Kaleigh McLeod, Julia Mcintosh, Tyson Bears, Carly Dunn, Armaan Dhillon, Saisha Rankaduwa, Becca MacAulay, Celia Briand, Jillian Ryan

Present non-voting members: Jeremy Scallion, Julia Lawrence



Regional advisor: The regional advisor has contacted the NSSSA contracted clothing supplier in regards to cabinet spirit wear orders and color availability for this upcoming year.


Head logistics: The Logistics created their meet metro cabinet twitter introductions and sent their photos into the Metro PR of Promotions.


Wendy’s: The Wendy’s have selected a theme for regional conference Epic. The theme will be a murder mystery. The conference talent show form has been created. The Wendy’s ask if any members of metro cabinet have any costumes that would be available for use through out the conference, to message the Wendy’s to let them know what is available.


SkillBuilding Co-Chairs: The beginning of the skillbuilding manual for regional conference is in its first draft stage. This week the SkillBuilding Co-Chairs will be contacting Chocolate Lake Recreation Center to book the venue and they will be creating a menu for this year’s skill building retreat.


3-Tion: This year’s conference registration form is currently created in a PDF format. The 3-tions will convert this document format into Microsoft Word by the next metro cabinet meeting retreat.


Head School Reps: Virtually all school reps within metro have been selected and divided between the three Head School Reps. Auburn Drive High School has been booked as the venue for the metro head school rep retreat that will be happening on October 4th. A google sheets database has been created with the names of all school reps and advisors in the metro region.


Public Relations: A contact list has been created that will be filled in throughout this year with potential businesses to contact. Donation letters are being created based upon ones that have been used in previous years. All Public Relation responsibilities have been delegated among the Public Relations. The potential sponsor list has been growing. Before the next meeting the Public Relations will continue to edit donation letters.


Public Relations Promotion: Bios and pictures for #MeetMetroCabient have been received from nearly all metro cabinet members and are in the process of being tweeted daily.


Co-Premiers: The official conference date is pending awaiting approval venue confirmation. A to-do list has been created for each position on cabinet, these to-do lists will be accessible using the app Basecamp 2. Each member of metro cabinet is expected to download the application Basecamp 2.


New Business:

Name Conference: After much deliberation, we have narrowed down our potential conference name to one of two choices: STRIVE or FOUNDATIONS. FOUNDATIONS won the vote and will be Metro regions 2016 regional conference name. In place of creating an acronym for FOUNDATIONS 2016 the metro cabinet is considering coming up with a conference slogan, this slogan will involve foundations in some way. Pending pricing the cabinet’s “metro what” shirts may include a white blank block on the back to be filled in by each individual cabinet member, followed by “is the foundation to my success”. Our current idea for the grade nine conference name this year is ACHIEVE.


Miscellaneous: The timeline for regional conference registration currently is to open as soon as we have confirmation on the conference venue. Cheers involving gender roles will no longer be chanted at conference, because there is more then just male and female on the gender spectrum.


Spirit wear: The metro cabinet must still select what color their regional conference t-shirts will be for this year. Some proposed colors to think about before the next meeting are grey, white, black, and peach. The metro cabinet has decided to hold off on finalizing the conference shirts color until their design has been decided upon. The members of metro cabinet are to bring their money for cabinet spirit wear to the next meeting.


Brooke Kattenbusch motioned to adjourn the meeting at 19:51 and Samantha Delaney seconded said motion.