​Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting 20180902
Location: Mount Saint Vincent University Time of commencement: 19:09

Time of Adjournment: 20:45
Duration: One hour and thirty-six minutes Attendance:

Present Voting Members:​ Katie Bates, Becca MacAulay, Brooke Betyna, Youna McGowan, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, DJ Shuman, Kailey Webber, Emily Webb, Ella Stacey, Julia Gonzales, Mitchell Aguinaga, Bleona Sahiti, Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Emily Robichaud, Renee McLeod

Present Non-Voting Members:​ Fortesa Sahiti, Katherine Pindera, Anna Gaudet, Julia Lawrence, Quinn MacIsaac, Lorne Abramson

Regrets: ​Matthew Boutilier, Anna Campbell

No-Shows: ​N/A

Introduction: ​Quinn started the meeting by introducing himself. He is one of the Metro Regional Cabinet’s co-advisors, alongside Julia Lawrence. Both have been involved with the organisation for a number of years and have a lot of experience with the organisation. He reminded cabinet that this is a learning process and there is nothing wrong with asking for help when needed. The advisors are here to support cabinet as well as give advice.

Positional Updates:

Wendy:​ Renee and Mitchell started planning “Epic”. The theme of “Epic” will be “The Amazing Race”, inspired by the television show. As they continue to plan, they will start working around the theme of this year’s conference. They asked about using the entire campus and potentially having some outdoor activities. As long as the only rooms used are the ones that have been booked out, there should be no problem. But, the logistics of it may need to be looked over.
The idea they brought forward is that the Mount Saint Vincent University campus would represent Canada, and each activity would be based off a difference province or major city. One example they gave was for the activity inspired by Prince Edward Island, the activity could include putting potatoes into categories. They will also include parts of the show. For example, if a team gets a “U-Turn” they can choose another team to receive the U-Turn and this will be something to slow them down, like having to redo an activity. Another example is a “Face Off” where two teams will go head to head and the winner will get to move on while the other team has to stay behind. Finally there will be an “Express Pass”, the teams must submit or do something prior to “Epic”, if they win they get a reward like the ability to skip an activity. Julia L.

suggested that prior to “Epic” the logistics could check the skillbuilding rooms for cleanliness throughout the day. The group with the cleanest room by “Epic” could win the express pass. The story for epic is that the Co-Premiers are lost but, they are still in Canada since they do not have their passports on them. Everytime the skillbuilding groups do an activity they get a letter with a message to help find Becca and Katie. Lorne suggested giving each skillbuilding group a clue that differs from that of another group to avoid multiple teams being at the same activity simultaneously. Renee asked how many skillbuilding groups there typically are at a Metro conference. Becca said it depends on the amount of delegates, she estimates around twenty groups.

Mental Health First Aid:​ ​Anna C. has made a Mental Health First Aid kit. Currently in the kit there are menstrual products, stress balls, coloring books, markers, colored pencils, fidget spinners, tums, bandaids, bubbles and a pinwheel. If anyone has any suggestions for things to add, they can let her know. She has also started a hunt for a Mental Health First Aid team. If anyone is feeling stressed, don’t be afraid to send her a message. She will be in attendance at this year’s conference since it will be held during her reading week.

New Business:

Grade Nine Conference:​ Lorne talked to the two Co-Premiers about the concerns from his perspective regarding whether or not the Metro Regional Cabinet holds a grade nine conference. Lorne told cabinet the history of Grade Nine Conferences and how it was the Metro region that had created the concept of conferences for students in grade nine. Three years ago, due to work to rule there was not a grade nine conference held in the Metro region. Lorne believes that it was a mistake not having a Grade Nine Conference that year and my be a factor in the decreasing number of attendees from Metro at conferences. Lorne made it clear that it is decision of cabinet whether or not they want to hold a grade nine conference. But, he thinks from a historical perspective something needs to change within the organisation. He wishes that Metro would be more gutsy. Metro used to always be the region to take lead within the organisation. He asks cabinet to reconsider having the grade nine conference or be creative and think of some other kind of event that could be successful. He suggests considering what grade nine principals would want to send their students to and rebuild the relationships lost with the Junior High Schools. Earlier this week Becca, Lorne and Katie had a chat about grade nine conference and how it would affect Metro. Becca does not want to say that grade nine students can’t go to Metro. Instead, she suggests that cabinet only promotes the regional conference in High Schools. Then, when it comes time for a grade nine conference promotion will focus on Junior High Schools alone. This would also make it easier on the Head School Representatives since there are a lot of schools in Metro to reach out to. Students in the ninth grade may attend both should they choose. Quinn said that last year there was push back from the Presidential Trio regarding Metro holding a second conference or event. But, although the organisation does have rules, Metro has the capacity to change things and get creative. Quinn feels that there would be value in looking at last year’s conference. He reminded cabinet that there is a lot of changes happening in schools right now. Lorne said that one thing that he has learned is that the alumni of the organisation are very helpful and willing to help. There is pressure on teachers

to not volunteer for extra-curriculars. It is important to ensure that schools know that should the school be unable to provide an advisor, the organisation can find suitable one. Lorne suggested that a community leadership program could be an option instead of a grade nine conference. It is important to consider that hosting two events is a heavier commitment as it is double the workload. Katie suggested waiting a week and return to this discussion at the next meeting. Lorne asked how many High Schools have grade nine students, Ella found that there are five High Schools with and ten without. Quinn returned to an idea from last year, colour wars. This would be an event where all of the delegates would be split into groups with colours and will compete in challenges. Motion will be held next week.

Conference Names:​ Some names suggested were Level Up, Growth, Bulldoze, Potential, Fearless, Blossom, Beyond, Flourish, Clarity and Power. Mitchell suggested using a local designer to make the conference logo. Becca wrote the top options for conference names on a whiteboard. The options were; Blossom, Flourish, Bloom, Level Up, Persist and Clarity. Cabinet did a hand vote for the name. Everyone could vote for two options, top three went to the following round.

Round 1: ​Persist (1), Flourish (5), Blossom (10), Clarity (1), Bloom (9), Level up (1) Round 2:​ This round was between Blossom and Bloom. Majority voted for Blossom. Round 3: ​Flourish (8), Blossom (9)

Emily W. mentioned that due to stereotypical masculine gender roles, the name Blossom 2018 may deter males from wanting to attend. Julia L. said that although it could be an obstacle, it is important to promote the conference as well as the opportunity more so than the name.

Becca motioned for the conference to be named Blossom 2018. Youna seconded said motion. With fourteen votes in favour and one vote in opposition, motion passed. This year’s Metro Regional Conference will be called Blossom 2018.

Questions Regarding Timelines: ​DJ asked why there are various colours in the Public Relations’ Timelines. Becca said that there are a lot of tasks that the Public Relations need to complete and some of those tasks fall on the same date. The Co-Premiers felt that it would seem less overwhelming if the tasks were divided up and colour coded.

Cabinet Wear: ​Strait is putting in an order of bucket hat so if that is something that cabinet is interested in they could order with them. Julia suggested getting cardigans. Lorne advised cabinet to be careful when ordering clothing. Since none of the funds for cabinet wear go through the NSSSA account, there has been issues with people losing money by ordering the merchandise prior to everyone’s payment. He advised that whoever orders cabinet wear takes money before placing the order and they should not accept cheques. Julia L said that she does not mind ordering the cabinet wear and has done it in the past. The Co-Premiers brought up the topic of sweaters. Alex said that quarter-zips and crewnecks have been done a lot in the past. Hoodies could be a fun new idea. DJ suggested a floral design but Becca is not sure if Steve can provide patterns. Cabinet could get the shirts in white and decorate them with flowers. Another

suggestion was getting Hawaiian shirts. Lorne suggested the Hawaiian shirts possibly being the conference delegate shirts. This would be something never done before. Julia L. will look into hoodies, bucket hats, regular t-shirts, t-shirts with a floral pattern, and Hawaiian shirts.

Carpool:​ DJ needs someone to drive him to meetings or else he will not be able to remain a member of cabinet. He lives in the Eastern Shore but can get a drive to Dartmouth or Cole Harbour area. The Co-Premiers are looking for any cabinet members who live in Dartmouth that are willing to help him out.

Cabinet Video: ​The idea for the welcoming video is inspired by “The Office”. The Welcoming Co-Chairs have started brainstorming which positions will portray each character as well as the scenes that will be recreated. Becca asked when the filming days will be. Ella said she will create a poll on the Facebook group about dates.

Mailbox Keys: ​Matthew picked up the keys for the NSSSA mailbox. The other 3-Tions should do this as soon as possible.

Next Meeting: ​At the next meeting, each position will be asked to give a positional update. Therefore, everyone should look at their timeline and come to the next meeting prepared.

Motion of Adjournment: ​Mitchell motioned to adjourn the meeting, Renee seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: ​Sunday September 9, 2018.