Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University


Present Voting Members: Katie Bates, Becca MacAulay, Brooke Betyna, Youna McGowan, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, Emily Webb, Ella Stacey, Julia Gonzales, Bleona Sahiti, Matthew Boutilier, Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Emily Robichaud

Present Non-Voting Members:

Regrets: Kailey Webber, DJ Shuman, Mitchell Aguinaga, Renee McLeod

Positional Updates:

Public Relations: Alex will start finding people to run Engagement Sessions. So far he has Fortesa confirmed as well as a maybe from Aubcon. Isabelle started contacting people for delegate donations. She contacted Saint Mary’s University, Dalhousie University, & other places for donations of pens. Isabelle needs write-ups and pictures for the Delegate Manual from each Cabinet Member, and a full page write up from Katie and Becca.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: They have started typing up the Skillbuilding Sessions. Their retreat will be held on November 3, any member of Cabinet who is able to attend is encouraged to come. They are looking into getting snacks for the retreat.

Head School Representatives: The Head School Representatives got in contact with Island View and are going to do a presentation there. Kings View Academy requested a presentation. Isabelle said she would probably be able to go on her off block and do a presentation.

3-Tions: The 3-Tions need every Cabinet Member to give them their forms as soon as possible. They have been continuing to add people to the database. They are gonna start working on the confirmation letter.

Welcoming Co-Chair: Ella and Julia G have been continuing to make more Fuzzies. They have been working on the Welcoming Email as well as starting to edit the Welcoming Video.

Co-Premier: Katie and Becca let everyone know that if they have any questions about their timeline to let them know.

New Business:

Promotional Video: Katie asked for ideas regarding how to go about adding translations to the Promotional Video. Becca said if anyone could translate the video she could put them onto the YouTube video.

Promotion: Everyone on cabinet should be promoting conference on Social Media. Jasmine made promotional photos and sent in the Facebook chat.

Keynote Speaker Suggestions: Becca suggested it would be good to have someone who isn’t the “typical” speaker. Youna said she would like if the speaker doesn’t just “talk” and tries to engage with the audience. Becca suggested it might be good if there wasn’t more than 2 speakers. Quinn mentioned that it could be good to have multiple speakers to keep people engaged. Cameron agreed that it’s good to have people who are not just speakers but performers, for example the Stomp performer from provincials. Katie suggests that everyone seems to want someone who engages the crowd. Ella said that Lennett turkey Anderson is friends with her mom, and he could be good as a speaker. Ella will talk to her mom about talking to him. Mental health related talks are also generally enjoyed and it’s thought that they are good to help break the stigma.

Filming Dates: Katie reminds everyone that some clips for the welcoming video need to be filmed. The next filming session will be next Sunday, October 7 at 12pm.

Engagement Sessions: Alex brought up that delegates should only be able to sign up for one Engagement Session due to scheduling issues last year. He is aiming for around 20 sessions to make sure that the sessions have enough people in each session. Becca mentioned we need to make sure there is a plan prior to conference regarding registration for Engagement Session. Katie mentioned the possibility of emailing the options to the delegates ahead of time so they could pick their top choices. Becca said she will talk to her dad about doing Engagement Session on balloon animals again. Ella mentioned that Dereck Thibault could come and perhaps do an improv session. Cabinet agreed that Delegates will be able to register for two Engagement Sessions and they will continue to discuss how to organize their scheduling.

Patches: Steve can make patches. Katie and Becca need to email Alex LeBlanc and Michael Putnam about the conference logo, and email Steve from First Choice Sportswear about ordering conference patches.

Motion of Adjournment: Becca motioned to adjourn the meeting, Matthew seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: October 14, 2018