Metro Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of commencement: 19:05

Time of Adjournment: 20:10

Duration: One hour and five minutes


Present Voting Members: Katie Bates, Becca MacAulay, Brooke Betyna, Youna McGowan, Jasmine Metzler, Alex Torrealba, DJ Shuman, Kailey Webber, Emily Webb, Ella Stacey, Julia Gonzales, Mitchell Aguinaga, Cameron Fiander, Isabelle Parmiter, Emily Robichaud, Renee McLeod

Present Non-Voting Members: Anna Gaudet, Julia Lawrence, Quinn MacIsaac

Regrets: Matthew Boutilier, Bleona Sahiti

Positional Updates:

Secretary: Kailey has been editing, and sending out the minutes after meetings. Then she posts them on the website. The Co-Premiers mentioned that Lorne Abramson, the Provincial Advisor, had asked to be carbon copied to the email in which the minutes are sent.

Public Relations: They made a Public Relations group chat. They received the sponsorship database as well as the engagement session database from last year. This past week they divided up their positional tasks. Alex will be focused on engagement sessions, Isabelle will be in charge of the delegate manual, and DJ will focus on monetary sponsorships. DJ suggested using social media more often to promote the Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association (NSSSA) and its members. The idea he brought forward is to have a weekly spotlight on a member of the organization or conference attendee doing something positive in their community.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Emily W and Emily R finalized the skillbuilding application form. Emily W emailed her principal at Lockview High School regarding their school being a potential location for the skillbuilding retreat.  The also finished the first two skillbuilding sessions.

Head School Representatives: The Head School Representatives made a group chat. They made a database of all of the high schools in the Metro region. Then, they divided the schools up between them. This week they will start looking for students to hold the position of School Representative. They need at least one from each school. Julia L suggested that they also contact private schools, like Bridgeway Academy.

3-Tions: All of the 3-Tions picked up their keys for the mailbox. They also started the skillbuilding registration form.

Welcoming Co-Chair: Julia G collected all the yarn she needs and has started making fuzzies. Ella has made seventy fuzzies so far and she still has more yarn.

Wendy: Renee and Mitchell started planning the individual activities for Epic.

Co-Premier: Becca and Katie are going to start working on the budget. They reminded cabinet to keep looking at their timelines to ensure that they stay on top of their tasks.

New Business:

Grade Nine Conference: At the last meeting there was a lengthy discussion regarding whether or not the Metro Regional Cabinet will hold a Grade Nine Conference. Cabinet had a week to consider both the positive and negative aspects of hosting a second event. Becca suggested her idea of focusing all of the promotion for the Metro Regional Conference within High Schools. Then for a Grade Nine Conference, all of the promotion would be focused within Junior High Schools with students in grade nine. Julia L advised cabinet that should they host a Grade Nine Conference, it may be beneficial to connect with the Strait Regional Cabinet as they have had Grade Nine Conferences more recently than Metro. Cameron asked about the implications of not promoting the Metro Regional Conference in Junior High Schools. He is worried about grade nines who go to Junior High Schools will feel left out when they hear all about conference from the grade nine students from High Schools who attended conference. It was suggested that cabinet should email the principals at Junior High Schools with grade nines to inform them about conference while still not promoting it directly in the school. Mitchell thinks that the grade nine students in High School would have something that grade nine students in Junior High Schools don’t, which could  make them jealous or feel excluded. Alex feels that a second conference may be less hype since cabinet might be burnt out by then. He also mentioned that he does not want students in the ninth grade to feel like an afterthought. Mitchell is concerned with numbers since having students in grade nine attend Breakthrough 2017 raised numbers. DJ said that his Grade Nine Conference did not feel like an afterthought and to him it felt like the Metro Cabinet made a specific conference for students in grade nine because they care. Julia L believes that having a second conference will be a great way for all cabinet members to improve in their positions. She thinks that if the Metro Regional Cabinet hosts a Grade Nine Conference, cabinet should look back at the barriers discussed today and look for ways break them down. Becca suggest that cabinet goes with Ella’s idea for Grade Nine Conference to be an introduction to life in High School. This would be something completely different which may avoid cabinet feeling burnt out. A conference like this will also help kids have more confidence going into High School. There will have to be a discussion on how to promote each conference because grade nine students in Junior High Schools might feel left out and uninvited. Alex suggested submitting an announcement. There was another suggestion of sending out a promotional video to schools which may be more engaging for students. Renee agrees with the theme being High School tips since students are not taught anything about High School going in. For example, it may be really helpful to have sessions on topics like; “How to do Homework” and “How to Find Leadership Opportunities”. An idea to promote in schools without going directly within is to promote the website, . There, they can find information on the organization, conferences, and contacts. The advisors are creating a new advisor package that they plan to send out to all the principals within the Metro region. Julia L suggested that they can send out information about both conference which would allow the principal to make their own decision for which conference to send their grade nine students to.

Katie motioned that the Metro Regional Cabinet holds a Grade Nine Conference. DJ seconded said motion.

In Favor: 7

Abstained: 2

Against: 6

Motion did not pass. The Metro Regional Cabinet will not hold a Grade Nine Conference this school year.

Cabinet Wear: Julia L  talked to Steve from First Choice Sportswear. Unfortunately, Steve does not sell Hawaiian shirts. Julia L suggests getting cabinet wear ordered by the end of the week. Last year cabinet got baby pink crewnecks which costed $24.75+tax. The Metro What t-shirts costed $15. Isabelle suggested that the sweaters be yellow. Ella asked for an update on bucket hats. Steve could not do a floral print on the bucket hats, but cabinet could get white or the classic navy. It is a possibility for the hats to say “Metro” on the back. Mitchell and DJ disliked the colour yellow for the hoodie. Julia L asked if we wanted a quote and the majority of cabinet responded with yes. Becca suggested getting a pocketed shirt. The idea is to embroider or iron on flowers near the pocket. Cabinet could get “Metro What” or the NSSSA logo put on the pocket. Julia L said that she will look into it. As soon as Julia L gets the quote she will post the prices on the Facebook page. She plans to put the order in by Friday, September 14. Julia L will need everyone to send her their size, and what they want written on the clothing items. Mitchell mentioned that he is meeting with Steve at his school so he will ask if steve can bring a sample of a yellow sweater.

Website Info: Derrick Thibault holds the position of Webmaster on the Provincial Cabinet. On the website there is a section for Metro and within that is every member of cabinet’s names. He asks cabinet to make sure all of their names are spelled correctly. If it is not, they should text Becca or Katie. They also want to put a cabinet photo on the website. Alex suggested waiting until cabinet gets their cabinet sweaters, as that is when they took the picture last year. Isabelle asked if cabinet could take individual pictures when they take the big picture. These individual pictures are for the delegate manual.

Video: Ella has started looking for props that associate with specific moments in the show, The Office U.S. There was a Facebook poll made to determine the best day to film the welcoming video. The top dates were the September 23 and October 7. Kailey pointed out that October 7 is Thanksgiving Sunday. Mitchell suggested filming the morning of October 7 so people can still be home for dinner with their families. Quinn suggested having the main date be September 23 and anyone who could not make it that day could film on October 7. The plan is that filming would run from 3-4pm on September 23 and filming on October 7 will be held around noon.

Motion of Adjournment: Katie motioned to adjourn the meeting, Mitchell seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

Date of the Next Meeting: September 16, 2018