NSSSA Minutes from:

Provincial Cabinet Meeting


Location: Mount St. Vincent University

Time of Commencement: 2:39

Time of Adjournment: 5:22

Duration: 2hr 43 min


Attendance and Regrets:

Present voting members: Aidan MacFarlane, Amy Oickle, Beth O’Connell, Brooke Kattenbusch, Camryn Smith, Chloe Dean-Moore Christina Nickerson, Connor Poirier, Eliza Nobes, Emma Hogenbom, Gabrielle Torrealba, Kassandra Kelbratowski, Katelyn Libbus, Liam Haliburton, Mitchell Archibald, Molly Anderson, Molly Somers, Patrick Wallace, Selena Landry, Tatum Arcon, Zac Foran

Present non-voting members: Dereck Thibault, Lorne Abramson

Regrets: Gordon Burns, Haeley Langlois, Maggie MacNeil, Meagan Kettley, Kayla Jenkin

No Show:




President: Since the previous meeting, Molly has participated on a finance call regarding the coming year and has spoken with regions about conference logistics as well as held continued conversations with Mount St. Vincent. She is currently in the process of working on finalizing everything to do with outstanding memorandum and helped to update the corporate package with Liam. Molly would like to remind everyone to CC her in all emails to ensure she is receiving all necessary information.

A possible alteration to conference logistics is to hold a higher consideration of the gender spectrum. This could come in play by replacing the ‘blue and red’ metaphor when speaking on the three D’s, continuing to avoid cheers that could be offensive (Co-Premiers should discuss this with their Wendys), and the potential of co-ed sleeping arrangement. The latter could be the most difficult to obtain, but also one of the most beneficial. People may be uncomfortable being sorted by physical appearance and assumed gender, the anxiety of which being taken away by having everyone sleep in the same spot. School board and parental consent would act as a barrier to this idea, but there will be research done on the stance of the schools regarding this. A potential answer to keeping both parents and students happy and comfortable could be to provide options for sleeping on the registration form. (ie: a girls room, boys room, and co-ed). This topic can be discussed further at a later date.


VP External: Liam has been using the time since retreat to catch up on what happened at the event. He has also sent out a corporate package and donation letter to all who need it, and has began working on a yearly plan for social media.


VP Internal: Katelyn has organized check-ins with members of Provincial Cabinet and sent out emails reminding everyone to send updates at least three days prior to cabinet meetings. She has also started to create a check-in schedule to make the phone calls easier and more efficient. Co-Premiers and Co-Chairs should keep in mind that check-ins with Katelyn will become more frequent as conference season gets closer. There will be a general conference checklist sent to Co-Premiers within the coming week to aid them in planning and organization. Katelyn received her financial signing rights Saturday morning as well as attended the Conference Committee meeting prior to Provincial Cabinet’s.


Provincial Advisor: There are mailbox keys available for Metro, Inclusion, and Conference Committee 3-Tions. At the end of the year these people are to return their keys to their Co-Premier or Co-Chair, who will then give it to Abe. Any lost keys have a $250 replacement fee.

There are a few pieces of information still missing from the full cabinet and committee database, but people will be contacted individually regarding this.

Abe has a couple of boxes of conference spirit wear at his house that will be passed along and potentially sold throughout the year. These items could be advertised within the regions and brought to different events after having orders and payments previous to them. This is the responsibility of the PC Secretary.


Treasurers: Eliza, Chloe and Jason met with Chris on Monday and learned a lot more regarding quickbooks in order to increase efficiency as well as claim HST on gas money. It is still being recommended that the organization decreases its number of active bank accounts as it will save the NSSSA banking fees and make bookkeeping simpler.

Last year’s profit margins have been received from each cabinet;

CBV: 40% – $3,024.26

Chig: 10% – $218.72

CC: 14% – $12,888.84 (a note should be submitted in the finances to indicate the fact this would be higher minus the free registration for CC and PC members)

Gala: 7% – $204.78

IC: 14% – $921.33

Metro: 31% – $7,474.24

Sou’West: Not Confirmed

Strait: 31% – $3,370.64

Valley: 10% – $162.23

Organization: 7% – $11,079.27

During the meeting, finance guides were given to all Co-Chairs and Co-Premiers including who is in charge of their finances and can help with any questions. The package also includes tips from the treasurers, tips, stickers (for simplified mailing – all deposit slips must be mailed to Chloe and Eliza), and a budget template (plus an example sent by Katelyn).

Profit Margin – The 20% profit margin that each cabinet should be striving for, is not to be calculated or deducted from every dollar, but for each event held by the cabinet (total income). Profit margin is calculated with profit divided by revenue.

Revenue – all the money collected. For example, if you collect $75, divide by 1.15 to attribute to taxes, and the remaining is your revenue. You don’t receive any revenue from delegates on Regional Cabinet, advisors, or chaps, but keep in mind that their food must still be budgeted (more people will be eating than there is paying for conference).

Budget – Budget must be updated every time numbers, prices, costs, etc. are changed. Every time a budget is updated, it must be sent to Chloe and Eliza to analyze in order to assist with complications.

Deductions –  Deductions from income can be from taxes, Alumni fees, etc. Expenses are not deducted from conference fees, but are taken directly from a cabinet’s budget per registration. Receipts – When 3-Tions receive money from schools, they are required to issue receipts. Before being given out, these should be copied and given to Chloe and Eliza (preferably in paper not digitally). There is a template to assist 3-Tions with creating these receipts. 3-Tions will only be in charge of issuing receipts and not making deposits of cheques when they receive them is for the Co-Chairs/Premiers to keep as close of an eye as possible on their banking. This way they know exactly where everything is instead of relying on the actions of someone else.

Deposits – All deposits made by Co-Premiers/Co-Chairs must be done at an RBC. Deposit books and stamps were distributed at this time. It is recommended that a list is made of all cheques received as well as their status (deposited, pending, etc.). All cheques expire after six months, but waiting that long is not advised. When physically depositing a cheque, using the aid of a bank teller is strongly encouraged. They will happily assist and make sure everything is done correctly. Make sure the deposit slip includes who the cheque was issued from, the subtotal, and a stamp mark. Everything written on the deposit slip will be transferred to two other copies (three sheets in total) . Two of these will be left at the bank, and the remaining should be copied to send the original to Finance and the copy to be kept for Cabinet records.


After conference, the treasurers will require both a final database and final budget to make ensure all information is accurate and consistent.


Secretary: Minutes from the past two meetings are now posted on the website. Molly has also posted a vote on the PC Facebook page regarding spirit wear, with quarter-zips being the winners. More on this in New Business. A second poll was made regarding head-wear with a tie between visors and baseball caps. Either these two need to be decided between, or we can order both with people receiving which one they prefer.


CC Co-Chairs: Aidan and Kassandra are currently working on potential ways of reincorporating How-Tos into Provincial Conference. How-To’s are known to sometimes be a low point of conference and difficult to organize, so would only be brought back under ensurity that they will be engaging and consistent. Conference Committee held a meeting with nearly full attendance, discussing what aspects of conference are the most enjoyable as well as what could be improved. The cabinet have also decided on crewnecks for cabinet spirit wear and have begun creating timelines. Conference Committee has also started looking into potential speakers and what kind of messages they want to be spoken on at conference. An idea for this year is to keep a connection between the messages of keynote speakers, How-To sessions, and conference as a whole.


IC Co-Chairs: After taking part in the August training retreat, Christina and Micci have been speaking with finance and considering the possibility of looking for venues outside of Mount St. Vincent. The move would be based on the need of a more inclusively accessible location and set up (ie: one floor, wheelchair accessible, etc.) in order for groups to stay together and for activities to be run more efficiently and effectively. Discussion of alternate venues focuses mainly on Metro locations and could potentially be held at a local high school (potentially Citadel or Lockview). Inclusion has found a 3-tion and now officially has a full committee, holding their first meeting Sunday, September 18th.


Gala Co-Chairs: Gordon and Meagan have both agreed that the best way to proceed in finding a venue for Gala is to contact their first choices rather than waiting for businesses to contact them. A meeting has been arranged with NSSSA CBV alumni, Lyle Quinn (acting sales manager for Dalhousie) to discuss hosting Gala at Sheriff Hall and potentially have a tour of the location and a testing of the food. Contacts for speakers are being searched out by Ian Kent.


Chignecto Co-Premiers: Since retreat, the location for Jr. Conference has been finalized for December 3rd at Northumberland Regional High School. École Acadienne de Truro has been contacted for a regional conference date of November 26th and 27th who agree to holding conference there if there are French students in attendance. Dates for future Regional Cabinet meetings have been set by the Co-Premiers (the next of which being Sunday, September 18th) and spirit wear is in the process of being ordered. Chignecto is still looking for a regional advisor, but there is a possibility of Camryn’s mother filling the role. Action Required: Co-Premiers send Abe full contact information for potential advisor.


CBV Co-Premiers: Dates for regional conference have been confirmed for November 26th and 27th at Cape Breton University and registration forms will be released on September 30th. CBV has held a bottle drive for fundraising and hope to get Head School Reps into some local schools some time in the coming week.It is unknown whether or not CBV will be holding a junior conference.


Metro Co-Premiers: Timelines have been created for regional cabinet members and spirit wear has been confirmed. Fundraisers were discussed with the cabinet to potentially raise enough money for scholarships. A meeting will be held with Mount St. Vincent on September 18th to confirm tentative regional conference dates as November 12th and 13th with registration forms to be released October 26th. This meeting will be followed with talking to potential keynote speakers. A Head School Rep retreat is confirmed to be at Auburn high.


Sou’West Co-Premiers: First Regional Cabinet meeting was held September 11th and included discussions of the 8 key concepts, emailing (signatures, active gmail, quick replies, etc.), and personal/team goals both short and long term. Conference names and dates have been confirmed as Nebula for Junior conference and Super Nova for Regional Conference on November 12th (7:30 am to 10:00 pm). A Skillbuilding retreat has been booked for October 30th in Liverpool.

Junior Conference venue has been booked at Shelburne Regional High School with an estimated price of $178. Cabinets should keep in mind that Junior Conferences will likely be less expensive than Regional due to less time needing the venue, not needing overnight security, and there likely being less cleanup.


Strait Co-Premiers: Strait has held two Regional Cabinet meetings since retreat, creating a timeline for all cabinet members, selecting a conference logo, and forming itineraries for both grade 9 event and Regional Conference. Patrick and Zac have contacted Principal Janice Gough to form a contract with Town of Port Hawkesbury Recreation, and booked rooms for the region’s grade 9 event. If the contract is signed in the coming week forms for grade 9 will be released the following day and registration will be open from the 22nd of September to the 7th of October. The event will be held on October 15th. A meeting with the venue for Regional Conference will be held Monday as well as a phone call with the conference’s keynote speaker.


Valley Co-Premiers: Valley had their first Regional Cabinet meeting Sunday, September 11th at the Lion’s Hall in Kingston. Everyone but one was in attendance and discussion surrounded the outcome of retreat, general rules, and getting to know one another. The cabinet now has a regional advisor and two First-Aids who will be added to the database and sent out within the week. Dates for both Junior Conference and Regional Conference have been determined as the 5th of November and the 4th/5th of February. Cabinet will begin to contact school in the coming week for presentation opportunities.


Media Relations: Selena has been working with Dereck and Public Relations to figure out the organization’s social media accounts and who is running them. As well, she will be working on an NSSSA newsletter and organizing a subscription option on the website.

Action Required: Selena asks that all Co-Premiers have information submitted to her by September 24th regarding local media opportunities (newspapers, radio stations, etc.).


Webmaster: In the past few weeks, Dereck has sorted out Basecamp and created the project for Provincial Cabinet, having only one person who has not yet accepted the invitation to join. The NSSSA website has been updated to include media links for Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook, as well as Twitter feeds on each cabinet page. Each of these pages will also include conference information, logos, forms, etc. and can also show profile images of Co-Premiers/Chairs and cabinet executive. Keep in mind that it would look best for these pictures to be taken with similar lighting and backgrounds taken horizontally. Any information cabinets want on their page can be sent to Dereck now if it is complete and be put live at a later date when everything is confirmed, just make sure any forms or information is sent at least a week in advance from when it needs to be available to the public, and send it as a pdf. Any forms that need to be updated from what was originally posted will be indicated (possibly with a date) in order to ensure people are aware and haven’t already printed off an outdated application.


Head School Rep Coordinator: Head School Reps who were absent for training retreat have been caught up and had a session with Mitchell. He has received updates and questions from all the Head School Reps and is helping them in any way possible, but also directing them towards their Co-Premiers/Chairs to reinforce the team aspect of cabinets. During retreat the Head School Reps had time to brainstorm definitions and descriptors of the NSSSA and Mitchell plans to use these as a guideline to help create a list of common elements to incorporate into all presentations.

The Nova Scotia School Database is still in progress, and Mitchell will be asking Co-Premiers and Co-Chairs for information on school based conference attendance to aid in the promotional process. It is hopeful that Mitchell will be attending Principal’s meetings as soon as possible. Mitchell should be attending each Principal’s meeting with the appropriate Co-Premiers.


New Business:


Corporate Package: As well as a donation letter, the corporate package was sent out by Katelyn to all who will be needing it. Everything typed in red must be changed to make it region specific, just remember to change the colour when completed. Anyone wishing to make changes to the document should first consult Molly, Katelyn, or Liam to be sure it is an appropriate edit.

The corporate package should be used when contacting larger businesses, and the donation letter should be used when requesting smaller contributions.


Basecamp: There is still one person who has not yet accepted their invitation to join Basecamp and it is recommended that they do so. Some cabinet members have been creating their own timelines and to-do lists, but there are already sections created for each position, and making new ones will only clutter the page. That being said, everyone is encouraged to explore Basecamp and what it can do – anything can be deleted later.

Co-Premiers and Co-Chairs should be using Basecamp and be accountable for everyone on their cabinet by assigning tasks and due dates to them and keeping up on what is being completed.


Conference Related Questions and Answers: Although grade seven students are not technically secondary school students, they will be permitted to attend Junior Conferences for regions that have included them in past years.

Grade nines will be allowed to attend Regional Conference if they attend Junior Conference first in regions where this is applicable.


Spirit Wear: With the majority of cabinets having officially chosen their spirit wear, some Provincial Cabinet members are unhappy with their original votes. Because of the high demand of quarter zips from all the other cabinets, PC has decided to hold a revote between Quarter-Zips, Jackets, and Cardigans. This vote will take place following the meeting.


Motion to adjourn: Gabrielle, Selena seconds

Date for Next Meeting: October 22, Acadia University