NSSSA Minutes From:

Provincial Cabinet Meeting



Location: Mount Saint Vincent University

Time of Commencement: 12:23pm

Time of Adjournment: 1:58pm

Duration: 1hour 35mins



Present Voting Members: Eliza Nobes, Rebecca MacKeen, Anna Coleman, Mary Stackaruk, Alex Leblanc, Michael Putnam, Abby Fraser (Calling in), Maggie White, Katie Bates, Court Mahar (Calling in), Sam Sliver (Calling in), Sara Murrin (Calling in), Beth McNeil (Calling in)

Present Non-Voting Members: Lorne Abramson, Amber Jelfs, Amy Oickle,

Regrets: Zachary Foran, Becca McAuley, Ciara Harris, Jorja Smith, Monica Lumsden, Zoe Marshall

No Shows: Libby Graham


President update:

This month Eliza has sat on a number of calls regarding Chignecto, Valley, and Provincial Cabinet. She also had to make the decision that the event taking place at Acadia would have to be cancelled because there was not enough interest from the region. She recently put in the sweater order to Steve so they should be here shortly.


Vice President External update:

Since the last meeting, Rebecca has sat in on many calls with the rest of the trio, Abe, and others to discuss issues pertaining to the Chignetco Region, Provincial Conference, and the Valley Region. She has also held a check-in with the Inclusion PRs who seem to be on the right track for their conference.


Vice President Internal Update:

This month Court joined in on a call that lead to us cancelling the Valley event. She also been working with Sou’West Co-Premiers to try to help them figure out how to get more interest in their conference.


Treasurer update:

This month the treasurers been reconciling and issuing cheque’s for various regions, they also have filed the organizations HST for quarter 4 of the fiscal year. They had two calls with Chignecto and the CC co-chairs about the finances for their conferences.


Conference Committee Co-Chair update:

Mary and Alex have been fixing forms and getting registration ready. They are sending Derek all information to put up on the website. They sent information to Kyler. MJ has been working on contacting “get real”. CC PRs’ have not collected any sort of donations, sponsors or opportunities fair participants.


Inclusion Chair update:

Inclusion forms are now up on the website, and Michael is going to post an announcement on the NSSSA Instagram tonight. Ciara has the skillbuilding/DA retreat booked for April 13th at MSVU from 1-4pm. She is still looking for speakers, at the moment she only has Brandon Boyd booked. They want to create a unique logo specifically for the Inclusion Committee, so that they could buy buttons/stickers in bulk and use them in the following years. Ciara want to know if there are any suggestions on how to go about logo-making.


Metro Co-Premier Update:

Metro’s Prep Rally will be taking place on March 8th at HWHS, people are RSVP through a form which is now on the website. The cost of the event will be $5.


Media Update:

Michael made a post about valley and now is working on promoting inclusion. He also edited video footage for promotion.


Head School Rep Coordinator:

This month Amber has worked on finishing her check ins with HSRs. She was also responsible for the position of HSR for the Valley conference; she contacted each school in the Valley to promote conference. Middleton Regional High School responded poorly, but Kings Edge-Hill responded with large amount of interest from their guidance counsellor.


Gala update:

Sara and Amy have confirmed Tyler Hayden as their speaker. They sent emails and researched the history of the NSSSA upon Tyler’s request. They also selected the menu for Gala and met with Jenifer to confirm the venue. They may have opportunity to host Gala in the Mulroney building.


Strait Co-Premier Update:

The Strait co-premiers organized some material and physical items for next year’s co-premiers and had some discussion of possible fundraisers for sending Strait region kids to provincial conference.


Chignecto Co-Premier Update:

Their Regional Conference was held at the start of this month and went very well. Attendance increased from last year and there were lots of first-time delegates. Their focus moving forward will be on fundraising to help cover our costs from conference.



Provincial Advisor:

Abe discussed the valley and possible contacts: Brianna Hiltz (Central Kings), Samantha Brown (West Kings), Paige Banks (Middleton), Alex Macdondal (Horton), Annie McGoan (Northeast Kings), Abby Mercer (Northeast Kings) and Kerensa Johnson (Avonview). Abe also brought up possible speakers as well: Ann Dodbe, Jennie Osbourne, Mary Smith, Colin Pottie and Ty Walsh.

Abe also discussed the Gambia Association Luncheon on April 6th 2019 at 12pm held at the Dalhousie Student Union Building.


CBV Co-Premier Update:

CBV is planning their junior conference. They moved their date, it will now be on April 7th. They are confirming their venue this week and hope to get forms out as soon as possible. They unfortunately had a resignation this month.


Sou’West Co-Premeir Update:

Sou’West has their regional conference “Ignite” all planed. Skillbuilding manuals are finished, EPIC and WENDY tasks are planned, location has been decided and agreed on, food is planned, and all forms have been up. Sou’West has had some bumps, but they have solved their problems. They have picked their new dates for April 27th and 28th and all cabinets members are working with HSR’s to get the word out!


Next meeting: 12pm March 30th at St.FX


Anna motioned to adjourn the meeting.

Alex Seconds the motion.

Meeting adjourned.