NSSSA Minutes From:

Provincial Cabinet Meeting


Location: St.FX Keating Millennium Centre Boardroom

Time of Commencement: 12:47pm

Time of Adjournment: 2:29pm

Duration: one hour and forty-two minutes


Present Voting Members: Eliza Nobes, Rebecca MacKeen, Anna Coleman, Mary Stackaruk, Ciara Harris, Jorja Smith, Beth McNeil, Becca McAuley, Monica Lumsden, Alex Leblanc, Sam Silver, Michael Putnam, Abby Fraser (Zoe Marshall, via call-in)

Present Non-Voting Members: Lorne Abramson, Amber Jelfs, Amy Oickle, Sara Murrin, Zac Foran

Regrets: Maggie White, Katie Bates, Court Mahar

No Shows: Libby Graham




This month, Eliza has been focusing her attention on the Valley region. She has had many calls with various people about the event being held on February 23rd. Next month she will be continuing to focus on the Valley region to make sure everything is set to go before the event.


Vice President External:

This month, Rebecca has been collaborating with Eliza and Court on putting all the plans in place for the Valley conference. She had a call with the President and Vice President Internal to set cabinet positions for the members of Provincial Cabinet for the conference, and will continue to focus on Valley as the conference approaches.



The Chignecto Co-Premiers have been busy planning their Regional Conference BEYOND 2019 to be held February 2nd-3rd at the Debert Hospitality Center.There has been strong interest and they hope to see an increase in numbers. The t-shirts have been ordered and Heather MacDonald has been booked as a guest speaker. They may also be able to offer a scholarship to the conference thanks to a donation from the family business of one of our cabinet members.



The CB-V Premier is in the process of planning a junior event, which their region hasn’t had in several years. The potential date is March 10th. They are looking into using Abby’s high school as their venue, as CB-V has done this in the past.



The Strait Region is continuing being awesome and are giving their cabinet some well-earned rest after their successful regional conference



Sou’West has their regional conference “Ignite” all planed. Skillbuilding manuals are finished, EPIC and WENDY tasks are planned, the location has been decided and agreed on, food is planned, and all forms have been made up. Although the Conference is being moved to a later date due to a lack of registration forms, they are planning on having it after the new year, and have picked their new dates for March 2nd and 3rd. All cabinet members are working with the HSR’s to get the word out.


Inclusion Committee:

Jules has agreed to act as Head First Aid, as James Grant is unavailable at this time. The forms are also nearly completed, and they will send them to the trio to give them a final once-over before they are put on the website. Ciara hasn’t heard back from either of the two speaker options she had contacted, so she will have to keep looking. She still has one committee member that she has to train to do their position, as well as one other who won’t be there on the day of conference, so she is seeking some guidance in those areas. Inclusion Conference will be on the Saturday of Easter weekend as it is the only available weekend for Ciara and the Mount. The issue is if the committee will be able to get into the Mount to set up on the Friday, which would be Good Friday. Abe will be calling to find this out.


Conference Committee:

The CC Co-Chairs have been very busy over the past month. The third speaker has been finalized, which is Drew Dudley. CC has presented ideas for the Ancillary service’s video. The next steps for this project is to confirm with the Ancillary services, and then film. The conference logo and t-shirt colour has been finalized. There is a meeting with St.FX next weekend, January 20th, to discuss registration then put forms out. The committee is also getting better at being on task after their respective regional conferences have ended.



This month Sara and Amy have been working with St.FX to finalize a menu for gala as well as venue details. They confirmed Tyler Hayden as their speaker and are going to be working with him in the upcoming months.


HSR Coordinator:

This week, Amber completed her calls with all HSRs with the exception of Sou’West. These calls discussed Inclusion promotion, whether their cabinets were still meeting, and their “apple and onion” of the year, to get an understanding of what they found worked effectively in their position and what didn’t.



This month the treasurers have been doing their usual by reconciling the accounts and issuing payments for different regions’ conferences. They will be having a meeting this week with their accountant and business advisor to discuss the organization’s finances and will also be preparing to file the HST and the end of this month.


New Business:


  • Natalie Baker has resigned from her role as Secretary as she could not afford to spend the time on the position that was required of her
  • Amy Oickle has agreed to take minutes at future meetings and the trio will take on the role of ordering the remaining cabinet-wear


Valley Conference:


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:

  • Have discussed having themes for sessions, but decided that they were not going to set themes since there are only three sessions
  • Have created a rough timetable, but have not sent it to the trio yet
  • Are hard at work on the Skillbuilding manual
  • There will be no skillbuilding retreat
  • Will put out skillbuilding forms


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Working on welcoming activity and splitting up fuzzy making
    • The goal is to make around 100 fuzzies


Public Relations:

  • Sent an email out about the delegate manual questions
    • Cabinet needs to answer these questions as soon as possible
  • Have began to compile a list of places to contact
  • Sam has 300 UNB string bags that can be used if they are allowed, but the cabinet has decided that they would be put to better use at Inclusion Conference



  • Created the registration forms and are just waiting on the final details
  • Once the forms are finalized, they will be released on the NSSSA website
  • The Valley conference is from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, February 23, 2019



  • Does not know the game plan for reaching out to schools because Amber does not live in Valley
  • She sent emails to principals in the Valley region before when Valley was invited to the Sou’west Regional Conference last year
  • Will edit the email used the previous year to contact principals



  • Working on making timeline
  • Discussing EPIC and thinking of ideas
    • The theme will be Superheros
  • Studying and remembering cheers to perform


Valley Conference Details:

  • PC should have their positional timelines sent to the trio as soon as possible
  • The name of the conference is PERSEVERE
  • There is no charge to this conference
  • PC is to arrive at 9:00am, skillbuilders arrive at 9:30am, and delegates arrive at 10:00am
  • Conference ends at 4:00pm but PC stay must stay until 5:00pm to clean up
  • There is a PC meeting the next day, so PC needs members living in the Halifax area to billet other members of PC
  • Looking to get alumni to be advisors for the conference to make things easier for students to come
    • The decision is to give the option of using an alumni advisor if coming from a different school, but strongly encourage students to get an advisor from the school
  • PC is encouraged to keep this conference on the down-low, so only people who really want to go will go, since there is no cost and the main goal is to encourage students from the Valley Region to attend

Anna motions to adjourn the meeting, Monica seconds this motion, meeting adjourned

Next Meeting:

February 24, 2019 at Mount Saint Vincent University