Sou’West Regional Cabinet Meeting – August 26, 2018


Location: 27 Shreve St, Digby, NS


Time of Commencement: 15:11


Time of Adjournment: 17:05


Duration: 1 hour 49 minutes




Present Voting members: Zoe Marshall, Libby Graham, Kenzie Robinson-Jordan, Addie Hersey, Payton Tupper, Jacqueline Tan, Owen Wood, Emma Hiltz, Reem Eissa, Natalie Baker, Olivia Cook, Jayde Corkum, Tate Vachon, Bronwyn Inness


Present Non-Voting Members: Amber Jelfs, Amy Oickle, Michelle Talbot


Regrets: Olivia Walker


No Shows: N/A




Co-Premiers: The attendance, email, voting and social media rules were all reviewed. Positions were told of the tasks they needed to complete. Deadlines for these tasks will be sent out by the beginning of next week.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Skillbuilding Co-Chairs need to create the skillbuilding manuals and create skillbuilding applications to gather skillbuilders. The skillbuilding retreat will be held one to two hours before a future cabinet meeting. This retreat room should be booked before skillbuilder applications are sent out.


WENDYs: WENDYs must begin to plan both E.P.I.C and the dance. E.P.I.C prizes must be agreed upon. Public Relations may be able to get some merchandise from businesses as prizes. The dance is a big highlight of the conference so good speakers and lights are necessary. Location was discussed and both DRHS and NGRHS have great dance setups. WENDYs must also look into finding costumes for the talent show. Libby and Amber have a few costumes. WENDYs must also memorize the cheer bible!


3-tions: Permission forms must be created and sent to the Co-Premiers. Amber has templates to use as a guide.


Public Relations: Public Relations must begin creating a donation letter to be approved by the Co-Premiers. The Welcoming Co-Chairs must send cabinet members pictures and questions to Public Relations for the delegate manuals. Public Relations should also look into acquiring Université Sainte-Anne delegate bags. Public Relations must take pictures and make promotional videos.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Welcoming Co-Chairs need to find more yarn to make fuzzies with. There is some leftover yarn from last year but more will be needed. Look for yarn donations from family, craft stores, etc. Other members of cabinet can contribute! Welcoming Co-Chairs must also create the packing list and start brainstorming icebreaker games that will not make delegates feel uncomfortable. Creating a welcoming video for the senior conference was discussed.


Head School Representatives: Head School Representatives must check their email and read through the Head School Rep manual. Head School Reps should also look over the school contacts list.


Secretary: Secretary must send out clothing measurements before ordering in case any member would like to choose a different size. When ordering, clothing screen printing is less expensive than embroidery.


Food Co-Chair: The Food Co-Chair must brainstorm ideas for both conferences and have a grocery list ready by September 20th.


New Business


Conferences: The cabinet discussed whether or not to hold a junior (grades 7 to 9) conference along with the usual senior conference. Natalie motioned for a junior conference. Tate seconded this motion. The motion passed unanimously and Sou’West will be holding both a junior and a senior conference. Ideas were tossed around as to the location of the senior conference, such as Digby Regional High School, Forest Heights and Parkview. DRHS was a popular opinion but there has been issues in the past with being charged a fee and it was decided that members will contact their school to get a better idea of the best option. Bridgewater Junior High School was discussed as a possible location for the junior event.


Conference Themes: Many possible themes were discussed including P.O.W.E.R.M.O.V.E (Providing Opportunities With Every Reality in Mind Open Heartedly and Virtuously to Engage), S.H.E.B.A.N.G (Selfless Heroes Engaging Brave Adolescents Noble Growth), a gaming theme and Matter (junior conference)/Energy (senior conference). This discussion will continue next meeting and the cabinet should come prepared with ideas!


Conference Dates: Provincial cabinet has suggested dates for both junior and senior Sou’West conferences: October 27th for junior and December 1st and 2nd for senior. There will be an overnight event for the Sou’West Regional Cabinet before the senior conference.


Cabinet Wear: This year’s cabinet wear was discussed. A vote for crew necks or jackets was held with 12 people voting for jackets and 3 voting for crew necks. The price for the jackets will be around $60 which the cabinet agreed on. Red jackets with a white logo will be ordered for the senior conference and white long sleeved shirts with a red logo will be ordered for the junior conference.


Highlights: Cabinet members MUST cc (carbon copy) their partner, the Co-Premiers and the advisor when sending important emails.


Adjournment: Kenzie motioned to adjourn this meeting. Tate seconded this motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.


The next regional cabinet meeting for Sou’West will be held September 9th at 15:00 in the Digby Arena.