NSSSA Minutes from:


Sou’West RC Meeting



Time of Commencement: 7:18 p.m.

Time of Adjournment: 8:19 p.m.

Duration: 1hr 1mins


Attendance & Regrets:


Present Voting Members: Amy Oickle, Hannah Goucher, Abe Chidiac, Rebecca Cambell, Tatum Arcon, Makayla Whalley, Carly Kinsman, Andrew Davis


Present Non-Voting Members: Molly Anderson, Peter Woo


Regrets: Megan Slaunier, Kaitlyn Wentzell, Thomas Owen, Kate Whynot, Maria Cano, Meredith Baine, Amber Jelfs, Amanda Addington




Positional Updates:


Skillbuilding Co-Chair:

-Not much because of work to rule.

-Possible dates for Skillbuilding Retreat April 1,2 or April 22.

-Check in with each other more often.

Public Relations:

-Unable to find sponsors right now, but has worked on delegate manual.

Welcoming Co-Chair:

-No fuzzies this conference, will need to brainstorm a new game.

-Really does not want a repeat of last conference.


-Regional conference forms are done, need date/location – Reminder that advisors are extremely important.


-Draft of Epic done.

Food Co-Chair:

-Need to start planning in consideration with the possible dates/lengths of conference.


-Will start back up with the planning of cabinet spirit wear, first a general email, then a poll.

Head School Rep:

-Unfortunately, not in attendance.


New Business:



-Potential conference dates, we still want to make this work.

  • March is too soon, dates in April can work; before Provincial Conference.

-According to by-laws we are responsible for holding a regional conference.

  • April 7,8,9 – Provincial Conference is soon, before registration closes. Large Digby school fundraiser – would lose numbers.
  • April 28,29,30 – some concerns about this date (IB/AP Exams) – potential to lose students from exams?

-Digby School can still host conference on the of the two latter dates. SQMS is a possible backup location.

-Really don’t want to lose any students or hold them back from going to provincials or regional conference.

-We have to promote both provincial & regional conference because they will be so close together.

-Email with vote in the morning, decision to be made within 24 hours.

-Other options:

  • 9 to 5 conference, to help cut down on workload, while still presenting the classic NSSSA experience.