Sou’West Regional Cabinet Meeting – November 18, 2018


Location: 27 Shreve St, Digby, NS


Time of Commencement: 15:18


Time of Adjournment: 16:17


Duration: 59 minutes




Present Voting members: Reem Eissa, Emma Hiltz, Olivia Walker, Jacqueline Tan, Zoe Marshall, Olivia Cook, Natalie Baker, Owen Wood, Libby Graham, Tate Vachon, Bronwyn Inness, Addie Hersey


Present Non-Voting Members: Michelle Talbot


Regrets: Kenzie Robinson-Jordan, Payton Tupper, Jayde Corkum


No Shows: N/A




Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Skillbuilding sessions have been brainstormed. The skillbuilding retreat is next Sunday (WENDYs will be there to discuss EPIC with the skillbuilders!).


WENDYs: EPIC has been planned, as well as the talent show. A late night game must be planned.


3-tions: All forms have been made and sent out. A database has also been made and shared.


Public Relations: An email has been sent out to a possible keynote speaker.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: Yarn has been collected (there are lots of fuzzies left over from the Junior Event), but more yarn is still needed. The welcoming email has been retyped with the correct school and is ready to be sent. A packing list has been made. Welcoming Co-Chairs are planning games. The questions for the delegate manual will be the same as they were for the Junior Event manual (with one taken out to shorten it!).


Head School Representatives: Schools have been divided up into regions and the Head School Representatives have started contacting schools and handing out forms. A few presentations have been made and have gone really well!


Secretary: Both the cabinet wear order and the conference t-shirt order have been sent out.


Food Co-Chair: The food manual has been made and will be edited appropriately when all the forms are in. The budget is being made. Most of the food will be purchased this Friday.


New Business


Decorations: There will be a flame theme at the Regional Conference. A photobooth will be made to match the theme.


Dance: Student council at Digby Regional High School has speakers for the dance as well as a “DJ” light system.


Regional Conference: A Kahoot needs to be made, so cabinet members should send in any ideas they have! All members should be at DRHS on the Friday before the conference!


Adjournment: Tate Vachon motioned to adjourn this meeting. Jacqueline Tan seconded this motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

The next regional cabinet meeting for Sou’West will be held on November 25th at 15:00 in the Digby Arena.