Sou’West Regional Cabinet Meeting – September 23, 2018


Location: 27 Shreve St, Digby, NS


Time of Commencement: 14:57


Time of Adjournment: 16:30


Duration: 1 hour and 33 minutes




Present Voting members: Jacqueline Tan, Addie Hersey, Zoe Marshall, Tate Vachon, Bronwyn Inness


Present Non-Voting Members: N/A


Regrets: Libby Graham, Reem Eissa, Owen Wood, Kenzie Robinson-Jordan, Jayde Corkum, Natalie Baker, Payton Tupper, Emma Hiltz, Olivia Walker, Olivia Cook


No Shows: N/A




Co-Premiers: The Junior Event will be held at New Ross Consolidated School.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Questions for the skillbuilding forms were made. The format for each skillbuilding session has been outlined, but the activities have not been included yet. Skillbuilding Co-Chairs have the list of activities. A reminder that the skillbuilding retreat will be held before the meeting on the 14th of October.


WENDYs: The games for EPIC have been planned and props are beginning to be collected.


3-tions: All forms have been made and sent out.


Public Relations: The Facebook page and Twitter have been updated. A list of businesses who will most likely donate has been made, but the focus will be on getting donations for the Senior Conference, not the Junior Event.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: An email was sent out with questions for the cabinet members to

answer for the delegate manual. More yarn is needed.


Head School Representatives: The Head School Reps have emailed schools about the Junior Event and are working on setting up presentations to promote the events in schools.


Secretary: The quote for cabinet wear has been sent out to all cabinet members and it will be ordered by October 3rd. The deadline for payment is October 2nd, so all members must pay by then if they want a long sleeve shirt!


Food Co-Chair: Donation letters have been sent to the Chester Foodland and Independent Grocer. There are three big camping jugs for water, along with a fourth small one. A grocery list has been made and will be looked into this week for the best prices.


New Business


Junior Event: The schedule for the Junior Event was reviewed. Cabinet members must be there for 9:00 and the delegates will start arriving at 11:00. Some ideas for activities were discussed. The scavenger hunt was discussed and planned.


Meetings: It was reminded that cabinet members must give 24 hours notice if they cannot come to a meeting.


Adjournment: Tate Vachon motioned to adjourn this meeting. Addie Hersey seconded this motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.

The next regional cabinet meeting for Sou’West will be held October 14th at 15:00 in the Digby Arena.