NSSSA Minutes from:


Sou’West RC Meeting



Time of Commencement: 1:12 p.m.

Time of Adjournment: 3:00 p.m.

Duration: 1hr 48mins



Attendance & Regrets:


Present Voting Members: Carly Kinsman, Amanda Addington, Hannah Goucher, Abe Chediac, Amber Jelfs, Thomas Owen, Meredith Baine, Maria Cano, Kaitlyn Wentzell, Megan Slaunier, Kate Whynot, Tatum Arcon

Present Non-Voting Members: Ian Kent, Keilidh Sabine, Peter Woo

Regrets: Amy Oickle, Rebecca Cambell, Bailey Mosher, Andrew Davis, Makayla Whalley



Positional Updates:


Skillbuilding Co-Chair:

-Waiting for cabinet to decide themes for the conferences to start making skillbuilding manuals.


Public Relations:

-Waiting for the names and dates of conferences to begin searching for donations.

-Needs list of questions for the introductions in the delegate manuals.

-Started making a letter for the local radio station.

-Once conference date is confirmed, will start thinking about Snapchat Geofilter.


Welcoming Co-Chair:

-Learning how to perfectly make fuzzies, and will start making them for Junior conference soon.



Head School Rep:

-Contacted Mitchell about the database – but it is not yet ready.

-Will use school board websites to assure contact with all schools.

-Working on draft email.


Food Co-Chair:

-Going to start looking around for general prices of food.

-Need to make letterheads/donation letters for the local grocery stores.

-Start planning menu for the first conference



-Conference forms are done, just need small updates to clarify information on paper.

-Database is almost ready for the year.



-Starting a poll on the Facebook group for cabinet Spirit Wear, must be ordered at least 5 weeks before the first conference.

-Will start a line of contact with First Choice in Dartmouth.



-Once theme is decided for the conferences, will begin planning for EPIC.

-Need to decide if talent show is happening to create the forms.


New Business:


-Reviewed the 8 Key Concepts and what each of them mean.

  1. Speaker in Charge
  2. Right to Pass
  3. Leveling Out
  4. Speak for I
  5. No Unfinished Business
  6. Business never personal
  7. No killer statements
  8. Positive Internal Focus

-Made sure everyone has a gmail account, and has changed their email signatures.

-Turn on Notifications (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to make sure you’re always in the know.

-Made Long term and Short term goals for the NSSSA Term, biggest goal was to reach out to more schools and raise our numbers for the regional conference this year!

-Brainstormed, and decided, conference names and themes – SPACE/ASTRONOMY


-Tentative date for Junior Conference: November 12th @ Shelburne School.

-T-shirts for the conference must be ordered by October 7th-8th

-May not have 3 conferences as previously planned, instead just one Regional Conference and one Junior Conference.

-Next Meeting is September 25th 2016.