NSSSA Minutes From:

South West Regional Cabinet



Location: Digby Arena, 27 Shreve Street

Time of Commencement: 3:01 pm

Time of Adjournment: 4:57 pm

Duration: 1 hour 56 minutes



Present Voting Members: Zoe Marshall, Libby Graham, Brock Emin, Taylor Wood, Tate Vachon, Adam Strickland, Hiro Omatsu, Court Mahar, Amber Jelfs, Amber White, Emily Sabean, Hailey Farnsworth, Jarrett Ross

Present Non-Voting Members: Amy Oickle, Michelle Talbot

Regrets: Makayla Whalley, Alyssa Letemplier, Emma Hiltz, Hannah D’eon

No Shows: N/A



Co-Premiers: The timeline has been made for everything from the Junior Event and Senior Conference to prep for Inclusion and Provincials. The Junior Event date has been set for Saturday, October 28th, 11am to 5pm at Barrington Municipal High School. Senior Conference date has been set for Saturday, December 9th to Sunday, December 10th. The location has yet to be decided but emails have been sent out to possible host schools. These dates have been chosen due to the fact that there would be less obstacles to plan around. The Co-Premiers have also made timelines for all positions in order to have the Junior Event turn out a success.


Welcoming Co-Chairs: The Welcoming Co-Chairs have been given until October 21 to complete all of the fuzzies and have the welcoming activities decided. Zoe and Adam have also been given the choice to create videos, one that will accompany the packing list and one that will introduce the Regional Cabinet. Contacts have been discussed that may help with the creation of both videos if it is decided to do them.


Public Relations: Donation letters must be written and approved by the Co-Premiers by September 5th. Amber and Emma have been asked to work closely with the Food Co-Chairs to see what will be donated and what will need to be purchased. Amber brought up creating a snapchat filter for both Junior Event and Senior Conference, contacts that may be valuable for this were then discussed.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: Many deadlines were given to the Skillbuilding Co-Chairs. The timeline they were given is as followed. September 1st – all questions that are to be on the skill building application must be sent to the Co-Premiers and 3-tions. All skillbuilders must be selected by October 10th and confirmed by the Co-Premiers with the acceptance emails being sent out on the 11th. The Skill building Retreat will be held on October 22nd from 1pm to 3pm in the upstairs offices at the Digby Arena. Skill building session number one must be complete by September 26th, session number two being completed on September 30th and finally session number three being completed by October 3rd. The entire manual is to be completed by October 10th and sent to the Co-Premiers for editing.


3-tions: Permission forms must be created, confirmed by Co-Premiers and sent out for delegates by September 5th.


Wendys: First task that was given to our Sou’West Wendys was to memorize the cheer bible. They were then asked to come up with their plans for E.P.I.C and be ready to share them on October 22nd at the Skill Building Retreat. The 22nd should be the last day they need to finalize any costumes, props and materials needed for the Junior Event on the 28th.


Head School Reps: This year Sou’West Regional Cabinet has elected to have 3 Head School Representatives. In our area there are 28 schools containing grades 7-9 and 19 schools holding grades 9-12. Between the three HSR, the schools have been divided among them. Their first deadline is September 4th which is when a draft email about presentations to the schools must be finished. Their second deadline is September 10th which is when their presentation for the schools should be made.      


Secretary: Ideas for spirit wear must be looked into and brought back to the cabinet. Sweaters being the main want for the cabinet members.


Food Co-Chairs: The idea to have delegates bring a packed lunch to the Junior Event was talked about briefly, if this were to be the case the registration cost could potentially be lowered for all delegates. Letters will also be taken to businesses asking for food donations, these will come from the Public Relations Co-Chairs.


New Business:

Theme: While discussing the theme for both Junior Event and Senior Conference, the main concern was keeping a professional name that will be okay to present to potential donors. The ideas that were tossed around included, “Light Up Leadership” (Junior Event), “Sea the Change” (Senior Conference), W.A.V.E –  Welcoming Adolescents Via Empowerment and also F.O.L.L.O.W – Finding Our Leaders, Leading Optimistic Wanderers. After discussions about all of the topics Hailey made the motion to make our Junior Event Light Up Leadership and our Senior Conference to be Sea the Change. Emily seconded this motion. With the vote being unanimous, the Junior Event will be called Light Up Leadership with the Senior Conference being called Sea the Change.


Keynote Speakers: Some names of potential keynote speakers were discussed but no firm decisions were made. The Co-Premiers will contact some of the options and get back to the rest of cabinet.


Fundraising: Where both Sou’West events are happening early in the school year, fundraising for Provincial Conference was considered after Christmas. The idea was that Regional Cabinet would hold a fundraiser such as bagging groceries and use the money to assist in sending delegates to provincials. The Co-Premiers will work on contacting Sobeys to see what dates would be available.


Adjournment: Court Mahar motioned to adjourn this meeting, Amy Oickle seconded the motion.


The next Regional Cabinet meeting for Sou’West will be held September 10th at 3pm in the Digby Arena.