NSSSA Minutes From:

South West Regional Cabinet


Location: Digby Arena, 27 Shreve Street

Time of Commencement: 3:10 pm

Time of Adjournment: 4:48 pm

Duration: 1 hour 38 minutes


Present Voting Members: Zoe Marshall, Libby Graham, Taylor Wood,Court Mahar, Amber

Jelfs, Amber White, Emily Sabean, Hailey Farnsworth, Makayla Whalley, Alyssa Letemplier

Present Non-Voting Members: Michelle Talbot

Regrets: Brock Emin, Jarrett Ross, Adam Strickland, Hiro Omatsu, Tate Vachon

No Shows: Emma Hiltz, Hannah D’eon


Co-Premiers:  Our Co-Premiers have been working with Alex Leblanc to finalize the logo for the Junior

Event. It was also discussed and decided that it is not necessary to have a speaker for

Light Up Leadership ‘17.The most important thing to note is that the date for the Junior Event

has been changed. The event has been moved to Sunday, October 29th due to the fact that

there is an NSTU conference being held that Friday and finding chaperones would be too

difficult if the event was on the 28th. The event has been moved to

Welcoming Co-Chairs: Zoe and Adam have gone through sample packing lists and will be finalizing the

 one for Light Up Leadership ‘17 before the next meeting. They have also

discussed the RC introduction questions for the delegate manual and sent the email out to all

Regional Cabinet Members. They will also be creating a facebook ad to collect yarn to make


Public Relations: The donation letters have been started and are almost ready to be sent out, there just

needs to be a few minor adjustments made. The list of businesses has been created

they just need to add the list that Tate and Amy have made of businesses around Bridgewater.

They will be in contact with all businesses this month for donations. Finally they are waiting on

the layout for pamphlets to use as a promotional tool.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs: All old manuals have been received from the previous Skillbuilding Co-Chairs and

the application questions have been approved by the Co-Premiers. The next

tasks for these Co-Chairs is to create a list of lighthouses in Nova Scotia to use for skillbuilding

group names and create the first skill building session by September 26th.

3-tions: All forms have been completed and approved by the Co-Premiers. They are being sent out

September 11th.

Wendys: The Passover package containing the cheer bible and previous E.P.I.C plans has been received,

brainstorming for the Junior Event has begun. A list of any supplies needed for

the event must be made as soon as possible.

Head School Reps: Emails concerning individual school representatives have been sent out and multiple

have responded back. Meetings with these representatives are currently being

planned in order to give them any information they may need when promoting the Junior Event.

Basic layouts for posters, emails and other promotional tools have been started. Emails

regarding presentations at schools are due by Wednesday, September 13th.

Secretary: A poll for Regional Cabinet wear has been created on the Facebook group page. With the

options being narrowed down a quote must be found by September 23 so all members can

bring money to the next meeting and the order will be submitted.

Food Co-Chairs: It has been decided that all delegates will be asked to bring a packed lunch to the Junior

Event however, snacks and treat bags will be provided. The snacks will consist of

apples, oranges, welches and granola bars while the treat bags will be made of Halloween

goodies. The Co-chairs will be sending out donation letters asking for the snacks wanted.

Fundraising: A fundraising list has been sent to the Head School Reps that can be used for raising funds to

help send delegates to provincials. Makayla has also drawn up a list of

many ideas that may work for that aswell.

Adjournment: Makayla Whalley motioned to adjourn this meeting, Emily Sabean seconded this motion.

The next Regional Cabinet meeting for Sou’West will be held September 24th upstairs in the

Digby Arena.