NSSSA Minutes From:

Sou’West Regional Cabinet


Location:  Digby Arena, 27 Shreve Street

Time of Commencement:  3:15pm

Time of Adjournment:  4:50pm

Duration:  1 hour 35 minutes


Present Voting Members:  Amber Jelfs, Court Mahar, Taylor Wood, Libby Graham, Hailey Farnsworth, Zoe Marshall, Emily Sabean, Brock Emin, Jarrett Ross, Emma Hiltz, Amber White, Alyssa Letemplier

Present Non-Voting Members:  N/A

Regrets:  Tate Vachon, Adam Strickland, Makayla Whalley, Hiro Omatsu

No Shows:  N/A


Co-Premiers:  Hannah D’eon has resigned from the Sou’West Regional Cabinet, Court has taken over the role as the Yarmouth Head School Representative. The presentations for Drumlin Heights, Ecole Secondaire de Par-en-Bas and Barrington have been scheduled for September 25th with the presentations for Maple Grove and Yarmouth Consolidated being September 27th. While visiting at Ecole Secondaire de Par-en- Bas and Barrington Municipal High School contracts must be signed to secure the event/ conference locations. Our Co-Premiers have rethought having a guest speaker at Light Up Leadership ‘17. We will now be having Elizabeth Wight from Digby Regional High School speak. The logo for the Junior Event has been finalized and two designs for the Senior Conference logo have been created. A final decision for the Senior one has yet to be decided.

Welcoming Co-Chairs:  The Regional Cabinet introductions have been completed with the exception of the Alumni. The Co-Chairs have decided against a welcoming video for the Junior Event. Many people have been contacted about donating yarn for the warm fuzzies. Junior Event packing list has been created but needs to be finalized before being sent out.

Public Relations:  Delegate manuals have been started, the only things left to be added are the cheers, covers page and the itinerary. Delegate bags must be found as there are not enough for the amount of participants anticipated. The brochures are now ready to print off and send out to schools as a promotional tool. Donation letters have been handed out in the Digby area with one having responded already. Letters need to be sent to Tate to hand out to businesses in the Bridgewater area.

Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:  The first session has been completed and brainstorming for the second one has begun. Session two will be finalized by September 30th. Jarrett and Libby are also preparing for the skillbuilding retreat on October 22nd.

3-tions:  All positional tasks have been completed. The database is ready for information to be entered once the delegate forms start coming in.

WENDY’S:  A list of games for E.P.I.C has been created. Once the amount of skillbuilding groups has been completed the amount of activities will be finalized. The story line for E.P.I.C has been written. The final thing that must be done is research on lighthouse names for each skillbuilding group.

Head School Reps:  More emails must be sent out to the schools that have not responded about presentations. Two presentations have been done with around 6 more scheduled.

Secretary: Cabinet wear has been chosen, Sou’ West will be getting navy crew neck sweaters. Emails have been sent out to Steve inquiring prices for the sweaters. Hailey Farnsworth motioned to have nick names embroidered on the sleeve. Brock Emin seconded this motion.   With the vote being 10 for and 2 against, nicknames will be on the cabinet sweaters. The colour and design for the Junior Event tees has been decided and a quote for them has also been received. The order must be placed by October 10th.

Food Co-Chair: Our Food Co-Chairs must work on finding snack donations for the Junior Event. All other positional tasks have been completed.

Adjournment:  Jarrett Ross motioned to adjourn this meeting. Brock Emin seconded this motion.

The next Regional Cabinet for Sou’West will be held October 8th in the upstairs office at the Digby Arena.