Strait Region Grade Nine Event

S.M.I.L.E 2016

Supporting and Motivating Individuals with Leadership Experiences

The Event


Enthusiastic grade nine students from across the Strait region.


A half-day leadership event that builds valuable skills and friendships.




Strait Area Education Recreation Centre, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

Delegate Registration

Forms are due Thursday, September 29th No refunds will be issued after October 7th

1. Complete this form and address a cheque or money order payable to your school for $25.
2. Pass your form and payment into your advisor or school rep by Thursday, September 29th.
3. Your School Advisor will mail the package of forms for all delegates with a school cheque payable to “NSSSA Strait Region”
to Kara MacDougall at 34 Grandview Drive, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, B2G 2T8. This package must be received by October 3rd 2016.

Any questions should be directed to the Regional Co-Premiers:

Patrick Wallace: or (902) 870-1177
Zac Foran: or (902) 870-1867


All schools must send an advisor (designated by the principal) with their students to the event. The advisor must be present at all times. This may be a teacher, parent, or other adult designated by the principal. The ratio is one advisor per every 12 students (1:12) MAXIMUM. Advisors attending the event must sign all delegate forms to indicate they acknowledge which students they are responsible for.

Strait Area Education Recreation Centre