NSSSA Minutes From:
Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: 32 Colin Boyd Lane
Time of Commencement: 5:09pm
Time of Adjournment: 6:26pm
Duration: 1 hour 17 minutes


Present Voting Members:
Paddy Wallace, Zac Foran, Avery MacDonald, Mackenzie Casey, Travis Grace, Sam Silver, Cameron Muise, Emma MacDougall, Kara MacDougall, Alex LeBlanc, Logan Fox.

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson, Peter Woo, Gabby Melanson, Celia MacDougall, Tiffany MacLennan.

Regrets: Monica Lumsden, Kegan Palmer, Donald Jewkes, George LeBlanc, Megan Kettley, Gordon Burns, Will Bowie, Julia Lawrence.

Late: Sara Murrin, Maria MacDonald, Jonas Lawrence


New Business:


  • Zac motions to hold a grade 9 conference that will run 5-7 hours in the month of October.
  • Travis seconded the motion.
  • Unanimous Vote; motion has been passed.