NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location:   163 Bayloch Hwy 337

Time of Commencement:    4:43pm

Time of Adjournment: 5:41pm

Duration: 58 minutes


Present Voting Members:    Monica Lumsden, Sam Silver, Emma Jewkes, Aidan Doucet, Angus Kennedy, Matthew MacEachern, Kara MacDougall, Molly Vokey, Noor Mohrez, Tessa Pelrine, Margaret Ann Gillis

Present Non-Voting Members:  Dawn Thompson, Will Bowie, Sara Murrin, Maria MacDonald, Logan Fox, Avery LeLeivre, Rebecca MacKeen

Regrets: Wamfa Kumdoung, Ria Juurlink, Paddy Wallace, Katelyn Libbus, Zac Foran, Payton MacMillan, Jack Clapperton


Late: Kinnon Wallace, Maddie Ehler


Positional Responsibilities:


  • Become familiar with old forms that were included in the 3-tion turnover package.
  • Start making forms for grade nine event.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Read through old manuals and games so the first skillbuilding session of grade nine event can be started.


Public Relations:

  • Begin coming up with ideas for weekly contests.
  • Start using Strait region’s social media.
  • Create a list of businesses that should be visited for donations.



  • Study cheer bible, gather costumes and start brainstorming on EPIC.


Head School Reps:

  • Start reaching out and contacting possible school reps from each school in the region.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  •  Start making fuzzies and brainstorm ideas for welcoming activity.



  • Work on minutes.
  • Order clothing when contract is cleared and decisions have been made on color choices.



New Business and Reminders:



  • Three strike attendance policy
  • The three strike policy regards the consequences of being a “no-show” at multiple meetings. No-shows include failing to send regrets, late regrets or having invalid absences. Sam and Monica will have a conversation about the importance of attendance with a cabinet member after two no-shows. After three no-shows there will be a discussion of the possibility of being dismissed off of cabinet.
  • It is crucial to attend as many meetings as possible to ensure all members are informed and involved in all of the cabinets’ business and decisions.




  • Regrets
  • Regrets must  be sent in an email to Monica, Sam, Dawn, the secretary (Kara) and your partner(s).
  • Must be sent over 24 hours before the meeting and excuses must be valid.




  • Meetings
  • Meetings will be held every Sunday evening.
  • Since cabinet members are clearly made aware of this, everyone is expected to be available during times of meetings.
  • A meeting will not be held on Thanksgiving, however one will most likely be held on Remembrance day weekend.




  • Emails
  • Cabinet members were made aware of the importance of quick replies to emails. This includes emails within the cabinet/organization and outside of organization. If you do not know the answers to an email, still reply that you have received the email and that you are working on finding the proper response as quickly as possible.
  • Cabinet members should become familiar with emails concepts/terms such as CC and BCC. If someone does not know how to write a proper professional email, they should ask Dawn for help, who will gladly help out.
  • If you are ever sending an email to somebody outside of the NSSSA organization, members must send it to Dawn first. This way she can check for grammatical errors in order keep a professional reputation for our cabinet. When someone does this, they should put the email into a google doc so Dawn can easily edit the email before it is sent.




  • Tentative Regional dates
  • Possibly November 17th-18th
  • These dates may conflict with the scheduling of CBV region’s conference, however the conferences may have to be on the same weekend.




  • Possible Strait Regional Inclusion Conference
  • Monica and Sam are looking at the possibility of holding an Inclusion Conference within the Strait region. This conference would make NSSSA conferences more accessible to students with special needs that may have difficulty traveling to the larger Inclusion conference. The accessibility of this event could also raise interest in the Inclusion conference in Halifax.
  • The idea has not gone through Provincial Cabinet yet, and therefore details have not been figured out yet. Sam and Monica wanted to explain the idea and hear feedback from cabinet before going to PC about it.
  • Looking at holding event in late winter or spring.




  • Clothing
  • Cabinet has chosen crewnecks for the sweater choice of the year.


    • Possible colors include peach, light purple, and teal. Members can vote on the colour through the poll on the facebook group. Hotdog sandwiches.
    • NSSSA’s current contract with the clothing company First Choice is not the most convenient supplier option for regions such as Strait because of issues such as distance. Provincial Cabinet is looking into the details of the contract and will notify the co-pre’s on how to go about this issue before ordering cabinet clothing.
    • Cabinet decided that this year the word “Strait” will not be printed on the back of the sweaters.



  • Grade Nine Event
  • The event will be organized by Strait Regional Cabinet and will most likely take place in mid-October.
  • The event will be held at either SAERC or TEC.




  • Sam motioned to have a vote on the Strait Regional Cabinets’ decision to plan and host a regional grade nine event.
  • The cabinet voted unanimously in favour of the motion.



  • Sam motioned to adjourn the meeting and Margaret Ann seconded said motion. Motion was passed, meeting was adjourned.