NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: 20 Erin Lane, Antigonish

Time of Commencement: 6:07pm

Time of Adjournment: 7:51pm

Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes



Present Voting Members: Margaret-Ann Gillis, Monica Lumsden, Avery MacDonald, Jack Clapperton, Aaron Martell, Sam Silver, Madison Harpell, Avery LeLeivre, Sara Murrin, Logan Fox, Emma Jewkes, Aidan Doucet, Kara MacDougall, Rebecca MacKeen, Maria MacDonald.

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson, Selena Landry, Alex LeBlanc.

Regrets: Will Bowie, Jonas Lawrence, Peter Woo, Sophie Lawrence, Angus Kennedy.

No Shows: Meagan Kettley, Christina Nickerson.





  • Scheduled meeting with St.FX to discuss contract.
  • Made a budget (rough draft) for Regional Conference and Grade 9 Event.
  • Contacted both potential keynote speakers and discussed budget with them.
  • Still on hold with SAERC.
  • Had check-ins with Amy, Zac and Mullen.
  • Avery attended PC Retreat.
  • Sara went to Newfoundland.



  • Added some more information to the school database like NDA as well as sent the school database to Avery Lelièvre and started a layout for the skillbuilders.
  • Working more on becoming comfortable with the databases and with Microsoft.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Been busy looking for and receiving yarn donations.
  • Aidan drafted up an email to send to 5 to a Dollar looking for yarn donations.
  • Thinking of a Welcoming Activity for Grade 9 Event, and have a few in mind to consult the rest of RC about.
  • Have decided on Fuzzies for Regionals, of course.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:

  • Have continued to work on the Grade 9 Skillbuilding Manual.
  • Almost done the first draft of the manual, just a few more things to add to sessions three.
  • Met up and discussed how they would break up the Grade 9 Manual.
  • Session 1: icebreakers, Session 2: teamwork, Session 3: communication. Similar to last year’s manual.
  • Decided to complete the first session together that night. Then decided Will would work on Session 2 and Kara would work on Session 3.
  • Session 2 was finished a few days ago, and Kara fixed up the manual formatting to make it look good. It is now over half complete and decided that once their first draft is done, they’ll meet up and discuss any changes they want to make, and talk about Regionals.


Public Relations:

  • Sent out the email for the RC questions and got most of the Cabinet’s answers back, but are still missing some.
  • Started a rough draft of a new and more personal donation letter.
  • Completed a list of all the sponsors they want to reach out to and are now waiting for the conference name.
  • Contacted Zac about the presidential letter and will receive it once it is completed.



  • Edited the minutes from the previous meeting and sent them out to RC.
  • Was in contact with Dereck Thibault (the webmaster) to get the appropriate information that was needed to post the minutes on the NSSSA website.


Head School Reps:

  • Internal: Emailed all the School Reps that were listed in the spreadsheet.
  • Received answers saying yes to the School Rep position from the following schools; Canso, Guysborough, Richmond, the Regional, and Pomquet. The following people have not given answers; SAERC (Logan Fox), Cape Breton Highlands Academy (Avery LeLievre & Ethan Fraser). Madison is not worried about this, as they are both RC members besides Ethan.
  • Avery spoke to her friend that attends Inverness Academy and she gladly accepted the School Rep position.
  • Madison will be contacting Avery’s friend this week along with all the other School Reps with information, including a potential Training Retreat date.



  • Studying the Cheer Bible.


Head First Aid:

  • Recertifying First Aid and Health Care Provider First Aid on September 9th, as well as purchasing a First Aid Kit for conference.


Head Logistics:


Head Chaperones:


New Business:


  • Flag idea for Grade 9 Event



  • Discussion about RC Spirit Wear


  • RC decided on Meadow ¼ zips



  • Potential Conference Names:


  • GROOVY (Growing Real Opportunities in Our Various Youth)
  • PLEDGE (Providing Leadership Everyday with Determination Growth and Excellence)
  • PEACE (Powerful Experiences and Communicative Exercises)


Discussion about positional check-ins with RC.

Discussion about keynote speakers.



  • Whose House Shirts


  • Whose House shirts will be sold after Regional Conference. Profits may or may not go toward sponsorships for Provincial Conference.
  • Alex made up an order form.


Alex gives Media Relations presentation.


Closing Discussion:


  • RC make sure to CC the Co Premiers and Dawn in all emails and stay updated with the timelines.
  • Make sure Sara Avery and Dawn are kept in the loop with everything.



Monica motions that the Strait Regional Conference name will be PLEDGE.

Jack has seconded the motion.


14 for

1 against

Motion has been passed.


Discussion has been opened for name of Grade 9 Event.


Jack motions that the Strait Region Grade 9 Event will be named PEACE.

Aaron has seconded the motion.


14 For

1 Against

Motion has been passed.


Logan motions to end the meeting.


The next meeting will be held at 6pm on Sunday, September 3rd at Avery MacDonald’s house.