NSSSA Minutes From:                                                                                                                                                          

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting                                                                 



Location: 1958 Ohio West Rd, Antigonish County

Time of Commencement: 6:07pm

Time of Adjournment: 7:07pm                                                                                                                                                                    

Duration: 1 hour



Present Voting Members: Sara Murrin, Aidan Doucet, Emma Jewkes, Aaron Martell, Jack Clapperton, Angus Kennedy, Will Bowie, Avery LeLievre, Logan Fox, Madison Harpell

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson, Zac Foran, Mullen Boulter, Patrick Wallace, Jonas Lawrence

Regrets: Maria MacDonald, Kara MacDougall, Avery MacDonald, Sophie Lawrence, Sam Silver, Monica Lumsden, Margaret Ann Gillis, Peter Woo, Tiffany MacLennan, Selena Laundry, Rebecca MacKeen                                                                                                                             

No Shows: Christina Nickerson, Meagan Kettley




Welcoming Co Chairs:


  • Logan found a woman in Sydney with lots of yarn.
  • Has an outline ready to post in local buy and sells.




  • Reading the Cheer Bible every day.
  • Looking for costumes.


Head School Representatives:


  • Internal: Outline for principal database.
  • Finished presentation and database excluding some minor details.


  • External: Locating reps throughout the region and creating the database for them.


Skill Building Co Chairs:


  • Kara is in Germany.
  • Going over older manuals to prepare for next year.




  • Aaron updated old forms and received old databases.




  • Keeping people safe and no D’s.




  • Been in contact with two speakers: Buhle Dlamini from South Africa, based in Pictou, and similar to Pastor Lennett. Calling with him soon, he’s in Namibia right now.
  • Dave Carroll, local musician. Artist of song “United Breaks Guitars”.
  • Worked on itineraries for Grade 9 and Regional events.
  • In contact with SAERC for Grade 9 event.
  • No dates until weekends are free.
  • Every position was given timelines to follow.




  • Emailed, baked, and beached.


New Business:



  • Conference Names



  • Cabinet decided to table discussion as there was no quorum, there was not much to discuss, and previously they did not come to a clean conclusion.


  • Timelines


  • Cabinet got together with their partners to look at the timelines.
  • They looked at important dates and tasks.
  • Sara emphasized the definition of a deadline.


  • Registration and Events Dates


  • September 17th would be the opening of registration for Grade 9 event, and registration would close September 29th.
  • Grade 9 event happening October (possibly the 15th).
  • Goal to open registration for Regionals on the day of Grade 9 event.
  • Registration will close November 3rd for Regionals.
  • November 25th and 26th are the dates for Regional Conference, refund date on the 18th of that month.



  • Whose House Shirts



  • Discussion broke about the Whose House shirts. Ideas about selling and pre ordering Whose House shirts at conference.


Closing Discussion:


  • RC Clothing


  • Decision between crew-necks and quarter zips.
  • Possible colours are a type of purple, heather green, and navy.
  • Bucket hats are also a possibility.


  • Meeting Venues


  • Emma Jewkes, Logan Fox, Jack Clapperton, Will Bowie, Avery MacDonald.




  • Will motions to Adjourn the meeting.
  • Jack seconds this motion.


The next meeting will be held at TBA on Sunday, August, 27th at TBA.