NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: St. Francis Xavier University, Schwartz Building, McKenna Room

Time of Commencement: 8:14pm

Time of Adjournment: 9:26pm

Duration: One hour and twelve minutes




Present Voting Members: Sam Silver, Monica Lumsden, Maddie Ehler, Margaret Ann Gillis, Kinnon Wallace, Noor Mohrez,  Angus Kennedy, Matthew MacEachern, Tessa Pelrine, Ria Juurlink, Molly Vokey Jack Clapperton

Present Non-Voting Members: Paddy Wallace, Zac Foran, Logan Fox, Will Bowie, Katelyn Libbus, Rebecca MacKeen

Regrets: Kara MacDougall, Payton MacMillan, Emma Jewkes, Aidan Doucet, Wamfa Kumdoung, Dawn Thompson

No-Shows: N/A



New Business:


Introduction: The cabinet began by going around the room and stating their name, and what they hope to see  and learn throughout their the year on Strait Regional Cabinet.


The cabinet then went around the room again, stating what they would like from their Co-Premiers throughout the year. Some of the answers included, have good communication with cabinet members, lead by example, be approachable, put on a great conference, be a friend, have good management, and also be each position’s partners.


The Co-Premiers told the cabinet to not be afraid to approach then with any questions or concerns as everyone on the cabinet is still on same the same level.


The cabinet will be receiving timelines shortly, from the Co-Premiers, however, they will not be getting sent out yet.

The Co-Premiers told the cabinet that the timeline is a guideline, so they don’t want the cabinet to focus too much on it to overwhelm them, but also to not let the tasks get away from them. The key is to find a good balance.


The Co-Premiers also took the time to congratulate the members of Strait Regional Cabinet on being selected, and also reminded them that they are now representing the NSSSA Strait Region, are role models, and that delegates will now look up to them. All cabinet members must now keep professional image on social media and keep it clean, as the NSSSA cannot be associated with any illegal activities. Members are encouraged to do a swipe through with all of their social media accounts when they go home. Members are also reminded to not wear or bring anything affiliated with the NSSSA to any parties whatsoever.


Emails: The cabinet will be receiving lots of emails throughout the year, so it is important to always Cc Sam, Monica, Dawn and your partner(s) in all emails being sent, excluding replying to minutes from the secretary. Be careful to not accidentally send a half completed email if putting the recipients of the email in before composing the email. There is a feature on gmail which can delay the send of email for a given amount of seconds before actually sending, which gives the option to cancel the sending of the email.


When dealing with businesses, try and keep the hours of contact between 9-5 Monday-Friday. If a cabinet member does end up sending something late Friday night, then they should not expect a response until Monday morning. Always use a professional language and tone in emails and in person, especially when in contact with outside businesses and groups.


The format of emails are very important as well. All emails should begin with a greeting, a new paragraph for the body of the email, and then a closing.


For example:


Hello [name of person/people the email is for],


[Body of the email containing all of the information]


[Closing] (Could be “If you have any questions or concern, please do not hesitate to ask”, or “Yours in leadership” , but do not use “Cheers”, because this can be affiliated with drinking).


If a member on cabinet receives an email from another cabinet member, and cannot look at the email within 24 hours, then it is asked that they send a quick email saying that they have received the email, but cannot look at it at that moment. Typically, if it is possible, it is asked that all cabinet members reply to emails within 24 hours of when it was received.


Monica has created a new email, which is monica.lumsden28@gmail.com, so she asks that cabinet members only use this account to send her emails, instead of her old one.


Meetings: Meetings will be occurring weekly on Sundays. Polls will be created on Facebook with possible meeting times, however most meetings will most likely occur around 5pm. The Co-Premiers advise all of cabinet to get work off on Sunday’s for meetings. Meetings will be occurring weekly beginning after the turnover meeting.


The cabinet must send regrets to Kara, Sam, Monica and Dawn at least 24 hours before the start time of the meeting, including the reason as to why they cannot attend. If this does not happen, they will be marked as a no show. If a cabinet member misses 3 meetings without sending their regrets and reason, or for not having a big enough excuse, then the Co-Premiers will sit down and have a conversation with the person at fault.


Every meeting will begin with all positions giving updates. Each position will take turns telling the cabinet all new things that they have done since the previous meeting. All positions will also be required to send their updates to Kara prior to every meeting.


The secretary will send out the minutes within a couple days after the meeting and will place a keyword that the cabinet must find in the minutes and email back to the secretary, so they are able to know who has read the minutes. This must be completed within 48 hours of the secretary sending out the minutes.


Communication: Communication between the cabinet is key. This includes between partners, with the Co-Premiers, and also with the cabinet as a whole. There is a Facebook group, as well as a Facebook messenger group, which will be used for all informal communication. Emails will be used for formal communication. If someone has an issue, it should be addressed via private message to the Co-Premiers Cactus, and not brought up in the cabinet group chat. There will also be a Group on Snapchat that is for fun and bonding. These group chats will be used to the cabinet in the loop with what is happening in-between meetings.


Make positional Facebook messenger groups with partners and Co-Premiers in it. This will be where partners will have their discussions so they can look back on it, and so that Co-Premiers can see what each position is doing and brainstorming, and can offer their feedback.


Events/Conferences: The events and conferences that the Co-Premiers brought up were hosting a Grade 9 event, as well as Regionals. Grade 9 event is a good introduction event for grade 9s and gives them a taste of the NSSSA. Grade 9 event is also good practice for Regional Cabinet before the Regional Conference. Conference/Event names were briefly discussed between the cabinet. Conference names can be fun and are not required to be an acronym. Some name ideas were “WAVE” for Grade 9 event, and “TSUNAMI” for Regionals. The discussion was tabled for another meeting.


Spiritwear: The Co-Premiers then brought up cabinet spiritwear to begin discussing. Many members had many different opinions on spiritwear options. It was decided that the cabinet would not be ordering quarter zips, as this has been the cabinet-wear choice for the last two years. Some options that were brought up were cardigans, crewnecks, hoodies, windbreakers, or vests. The cabinet also decided that they would not want the article of clothing to say “STRAIT” on the back this year. There has been a poll created on the Facebook group chat for members to vote on what clothing article they would like the cabinet to order. The colour will be chosen after they decide on the article of clothing. Nothing has been decided today, as the cabinet needs ⅔ plus 1 of the cabinet in attendance to pass a motion.


Adjournment: Sam motioned to adjourn the meeting and Margaret Ann seconded said motion. Motion passed, meeting adjourned.