NSSSA Minutes From:                                                                                                                                                          

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: Bloomfield Centre, St.F.X. University, Antigonish.                                                                                                                                

Time of Commencement: 3:37pm                                                                                                

Time of Adjournment: 5:24pm                                                                                                                                                                    

Duration: 1 hour, 47minutes.



Present Voting Members: Paddy Wallace, Zac Foran, Avery MacDonald, Cameron Muise, Maria MacDonald, Donald Jewkes, Sam Silver, Alex LeBlanc, Will Bowie, George LeBlanc, Sara Murrin, Kara MacDougall, Logan Fox, Monica Lumsden, Emma MacDougall, Travis Grace, Kegan Palmer, Mackenzie Casey.                                                                             

Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo, Dawn Thompson, Gordon Burns, Meagan Kettley, Tiffany MacLennan.                                                                              

Regrets: Julia Lawrence.

No Shows: Jonas Lawrence.





  • Finished the database.
  • Put together skill building groups and sorted out advisors during the skillbuilding retreat.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Chose the skillbuilders and have pairs ready for the skillbuilding retreat.
  • Sent an email to all skillbuilders.
  • Made a facebook group chat for all skillbuilders, for easier communication.
  • Held a successful skillbuilding retreat today, November 13th.


Public Relations:

  • Have all how tos confirmed 8 in total.
  • Received 11 subway coupons.
  • Began making signs for how tos.


Public Relations Promotions:

  • 101.5 the Hawk advertisement has been sent out.
  • Made social media wall for Regional Conference, displaying our usernames.
  • Have been posting on social media and continuing to post leading up to regional conference.
  • The geofilter has been approved and is ready to go for conference.



  • Collected more costumes.
  • Practiced cheers.
  • Gave skillbuilding groups their activities for EPIC.


Head School Reps:

  • No update.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Decided on the format for the welcoming activity and are finalizing it with Dawn.
  • Completed all fuzzies.
  • Ready to send out the Welcoming email on November 13th.



  • Sent out minutes to Regional cabinet.
  • Contacted Steve from First Choice Sportswear to confirm pickup on Friday, November 18th.
  • Posted minutes to NSSSA website.



  • Signed the contract with St.F.X.
  • Will be receiving meal bracelets. To all RC members registering delegates, skillbuilders, or advisors, make sure they are all wearing their bracelets. If they do not have a bracelet on, they will not be able to get their meals throughout conference. To the 3-tions, if a delegate or skillbuilder says their bracelet fell off or is lost, check to see if they are in the database and are an attendee of this conference, to make the decision of giving them a new bracelet or not. .
  • Had a walkthrough of the rooms we are given for conference, there are more than enough rooms at the Schwartz building for skill building sessions, how-tos, EPIC, etc.
  • Will receive St.F.X. string bags, water bottles, and other items for the delegates and skillbuilders to get at conference.
  • In the process of printing delegate and skillbuilding manuals.
  • Confirmed the DJ for the regional conference dance.
  • Created RC Positional itineraries and shared it with regional cabinet. If anyone is confused about where they should be and what time they need to be there, refer to this itinerary.


Head Chaperones:

  • All chaperones are ready to go.
  • Peter is ready to get the radios and the conference t-shirts on Friday, November 18th.


Head Logistics:

  • Logistics team is all set up for conference.


Head First Aid/Mental Health First Aid:

  • Decided to combine First Aid team with Mental Health First Aid team since many are trained in both.


New Business:

On Friday November 18th, 5:30pm we are permitted to begin setting up for conference.

  • Regional cabinet will begin preparing delegate bags.
  • Skillbuilding co-chairs and 3-tions will make posters to go outside each skillbuilding room. The posters should have the names of each group member and the skillbuilding partners on it.
  • RC will get the fuzzy and t-shirt tables ready upstairs at the Keating Millennium Centre.

Fuzzies and WENDY costumes can be dropped off at the Schwartz Building at this time as well. Fuzzies will be taken over to the Keating Millennium Centre the next morning.

  • We will begin to plan the RC dance for the L.I.F.T. U.P. talent show.

We will try to complete all of this as quickly as possible.


Saturday November 19th.

  • Regional cabinet should arrive at St.F.X. at 7am.
  • In the morning, RC will get tables ready for registration, and make sure skillbuilders are prepared and ready for conference.

During Regional Conference.

  • Regional Cabinet members will be most likely be asked questions by delegates. If you do not know the answer find someone who does, or someone with a headset.
  • The delegates look up to us, so make sure to be a good leader throughout conference.
  • RC will partake in how-tos. Once Public Relations fill the lists of how-tos, RC will attend some sessions. Try to spread yourselves out, meaning go to the how-tos with less attendance, and do not go to a how-to with many other RC members in it. Do not act cliquey. Try to speak to the delegates as much as possible, keeping in mind the 8 key concepts, especially “leveling out”.
  • In the transition between how-tos and EPIC, make sure that the how-to is completely cleaned up before that room is used for an EPIC activity. Help the person hosting the how-to take down any equipment (if they have any), for a quicker transition.
  • No attendance will be taken at how-to sessions. Instead logistics will make sure nobody leaves the building since all how-to sessions are located in the same building.
  • All contest winners will be announced at the end of conference.

Housekeeping items.

  • Regional cabinet eats last. Wait until every person goes through the line before you get your meal.

If you have any questions or concerns about conference, contact Zac, Paddy, or Dawn.


For each new positional task, refer to the timeline.



5:24pm: Paddy Wallace motions to adjourn the meeting.

Will Bowie seconds this motion.