NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: St. FX Council Chambers

Time of Commencement: 5:05pm

Time of Adjournment: 6:37pm

Duration: 1 hour 32 minutes



Present Voting Members: Rebecca MacKeen, Sam Silver, Will Bowie, Logan Fox, Sara Murrin, Avery LeLievre, Emma Jewkes, Angus Kennedy, Aaron Martell, Aidan Doucet, Margaret Ann Gillis, Kara MacDougall, Sophie Lawrence, Monica Lumsden

Present Non-Voting Members: Selena Landry, Zac Foran, Dawn Thompson, Jonas Lawrence

Regrets: Jack Clapperton, Maria MacDonald, Avery MacDonald, Meagan Kettley, Jules Lawrence, Peter Woo, Tiffany MacLennan

No Shows:






  • Had meeting with St.FX about the contract.
  • There is overnight parking this year at conference.
  • All delegate bag items will be dropped off at the auditorium.
  • Meal price; whoever is Co-premier next year has to tackle it early.
  • Overnight accommodation has been taken care of.
  • Skillbuilding rooms are sorted out.
  • Mental health and first aid rooms will be in computer labs.
  • There was an issue brought up of an advisor not wanting to sleep with advisors of the opposite gender.
  • There are two male advisors, and we are splitting male and female advisors.
  • It was decided that RC will combine all alumni positions into an overnight room instead of separate rooms for all positions (ie. Logistics, First-Aid, Advisors).
  • It was also decided that alumni would be split up into male and female rooms for overnight accommodation.
  • The board room will be the female room.
  • The hospitality room will be the male room.
  • The Hospitality room can then be divided to also act as the quiet room.
  • Advisors and First Aid team must stay overnight.
  • Logistics and Chaps can leave unless they have first aid qualifications but can go home or stay if they want.
  • We do have access to sound system in the auditorium to use, as well as a microphone.
  • Bob Hale will deliver the opening speech and Kevin Wamly will give the closing speech.
  • Will have tables as well for registration.
  • St. FX has an aux cord we can use.
  • We have access to the projectors for how-tos.
  • Finalized the positional itinerary and sent out to RC.
  • Peter Lumsden will DJ the dance.
  • Sara and Avery have their speeches opening and closing ceremonies.
  • Christina Nickerson resigned from her position of Head First Aid, and no first aid team is assembled.
  • Jules Lawrence will act as Head First Aid.
  • Meagan and Jules will combine First Aid teams.
  • Contract not signed, waiting on sponsorship information.
  • Three delegates got refunds.
  • 173 delegates going to conference.
  • 170 paying.




  • Have basically all forms in the database.
  • Made Skillbuilding groups.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:


  • All pre-conference tasks done.
  • Sending email Tuesday.
  • Welcoming activity is fuzzying.
  • Looking for a good speaker to play music.
  • Sara has taken care of this, and has been given use of an aux cord and the sound system for the welcoming activity.
  • Huckle Buckle will be played as a backup welcoming activity if delegates get tired of fuzzying.
  • Advisors will each have 12 fuzzies on a piece of cardboard to give to their students as they arrive.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:


  • Had Skillbuilding Retreat today.
  • Received the Canso forms.
  • Picked Skillbuilders.
  • Sent emails.
  • Picked partners.
  • Still trying to get supplies.
  • Still hunting for plain paper.




  • Made contest post.




  • Edited and sent out the minutes to RC.
  • Posted the minutes on the website.
  • Finalized the t-shirt order, which will be ready for pick up the night before conference.


Head School Reps:


  • Got School Reps to hold a meeting to get ready for conference.




  • Assigned partners to epic games.
  • Updated costume list.
  • Updated database.


Regional Advisor:


  • Had a meeting at school.
  • Advisor list is done.
  • Principal email will be sent soon.


Head Chaps:


  • Sent out packing list on what to bring, and got confirmation from almost all of them.
  • Almost all forms have been sent to 3-tions except one.


Head Logistics:

  • Picked team a few weeks ago.


Head First Aid:


Head Mental Health First Aid:


New Business:



  • Skillbuilding Supplies:


  • Still getting Skillbuilders to bring around five pens, even though the delegates will be getting them in delegate bags.
  • Avery LeLievre’s school is donating chart paper.
  • Need about 2028 big cue cards in total, have 646 right now.
  • Need to buy 17 packs of 100.
  • Need 600 or more sheets of plain paper, Sara and Monica can bring 500 sheets each.
  • Monica needs tape on the floor for Epic.



  • RC Talent Show Dance:


  • Kara and Monica will be creating this.
  • Song options will be voted on in the RC group chat.



  • RC Behaviour at Conference:


  • Don’t be cliquey, avoid eating meals with people on RC.
  • Create a positive atmosphere for all.
  • RC eats last at meals.
  • RC does not have to check in with Dawn at meals, but can if they want.
  • Everyone must make a personal packing list for themselves for what they must bring for all events they are part of or that their position requires so you don’t forget anything.



  • Night Before Conference


  • Meet at Schwartz at 6pm.
  • Certain rooms will be having class, so RC must be very quiet putting up group signs.
  • RC will practice the dance.
  • Going to Sam’s house to sleep.
  • Will put together the Delegate Bags.
  • Early to bed on the night before, RC must be at KMC at 7:15am Saturday morning.



  • Opening Ceremonies at Conference:


  • Sara and Avery will talk.
  • Bob Hale will be doing opening remarks.
  • RC will come up to the stage.
  • The Welcoming Video will be played.
  • Quick whip of RC names and positions.
  • RC Alumni will talk.
  • Go over NSSSA-related terms so all delegates understand them.
  • Skillbuilding Co-chairs will list off the Skillbuilding groups.



  • Closing Ceremonies at Conference:


  • Thank sponsors again.
  • CC and IC chairs will talk.
  • RC that is not Skillbuilding will clean up afterwards.
  • Skillbuilding debrief led by Dawn



  • PR During Conference:


  • PRs will do Snapchat contests on the NSSSA Snapchat.
  • Contest winners will be announced at the Talent Show in between acts.
  • The PRs will be taking the pictures at conference.
  • PRs have photo consent from all conference attendees, however, other delegates or skillbuilders outside of the NSSSA must ask for consent to take pictures at conference.
  • Up to Avery and Sara if they want PRs to take pictures or an outside party (such as Alex Leblanc).
  • Sara will discuss this with Avery but believes that the PRs can do it.


Positional Tasks:




  • Once all forms are entered, send the database to Avery and Sara and have the dietary restrictions sent in a separate document, and anyone who has medical concerns or special requirements must be sent to first aid in separate document.
  • Need advisor list.
  • Send groups to Avery and Sara.
  • Keep working on the database and clean it up.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:


  • Bring fuzzies.
  • Organize fuzzies.
  • Make a playlist for Welcoming Activity.
  • Make a separate playlist, not spotify.
  • Need advisor list.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:


  • Email the Skillbuilders who went to the retreat and give them contact information.
  • Get supplies.
  • Email Skillbuilders and remind them what they need.
  • Tell Skillbuilders to explain the alternate dance option.
  • Skillbuilders choose when skillbuilding meeting will be.




  • Send email to all How-Tos and ask what they need for conference, this works as a reminder as well.
  • Get contest winners and prizes organized.
  • Zac is bringing six t-shirts to give away at conference.
  • There will be bracelets given out for How-Tos.


Head School Reps:


  • Make sure the School Reps have meeting at school.




  • Make sure all supplies are together.
  • Go through costumes again.




  • Sara motions to adjourn the meeting
  • Sophie seconds this motion.