NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: 1 Harbour View Road, Antigonish County

Time of Commencement: 4:12pm

Time of Adjournment: 5:53pm

Duration: 1 hour 41 minutes



Present Voting Members: Sophie Lawrence, Margaret Ann Gillis, Kara MacDougall, Aaron Martell, Avery MacDonald, Sara Murrin, Madison Harpell, Avery LeLievre, Emma Jewkes, Will Bowie, Sam Silver, Aidan Doucet, Rebecca MacKeen, Monica Lumsden, Maria MacDonald, Angus Kennedy, Jack Clapperton

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson

Regrets: Peter Woo, Selena Landry, Jonas Lawrence, Logan Fox

No Shows: Tiffany MacLennan, Meagan Kettley, Christina Nickerson






  • Budget looks great for Regional Conference.
  • 21% profit margin.
  • Waiting for an email back from St.FX regarding the numbers for conference.
  • Going to schedule a meeting/phone call with St.FX regarding delegate bags and the increase of meal prices.
  • Regular meal price increased by 3% and breakfast increased by 11%.




  • Collected forms from people.
  • Put forms in the database and edited Regional Cabinet’s information in the database.
  • Angus put a lot of forms in the database.
  • Emma started organizing and preparing forms for the database.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:


  • Finished the welcoming email and packing list.
  • Filming the welcoming video tomorrow.
  • Margaret Ann organized her fuzzies.
  • Welcoming activity TBD.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:


  • Finished the manual and have received a few Skillbuilding applications.
  • Need a lot of supplies for the sessions.
  • Need to pick 20 Skillbuilders aside from RC members.




  • Sam confirmed all 11 How-To sessions.
  • Sophie has continued to post and promote on social media.
  • Rebecca has been working on getting the ad page together for the delegate manual.




  • Edited and sent out minutes to RC.
  • Posted the minutes on the website.
  • Contacted Ross Screenprint regarding bucket hats and they have the same sized hats as First Choice, so those hats will be ordered on Monday.
  • Ross is cheaper at $19.50 plus tax ($22.43) whereas Steve is $21.90 plus tax ($25.19).
  • Need to make the t-shirt order, but still waiting on the numbers and sizes.


Head School Reps:




  • Sent an email to the School Reps regarding their tasks leading up to November 3rd.
  • Answered questions
  • Collected t-shirt numbers on November 3rd and sent them to Avery and Sara.




  • All presentations/promotion/booths are complete.
  • Numbers seem great for conference in most schools.
  • School Reps will be notified to host a meeting with all students attending conference in their school before Regional Conference.




  • Sent out the Supplies List to RC.


Regional Advisor:


  • Edited emails and documents.
  • Wrote reference letters.
  • Baked treats.


Head Chaps:


  • Two people applied to be chaps, will recruit more people.


Head Logistics:

  • Eight people to choose from for logistics, and the rest will be passed on to the chaperones.


Head First Aid:


Head Mental Health First Aid:


New Business:



  • 165 Delegates!


  • Expecting 5-10 more, but also expecting 5-10 cancellations.
  • Great job RC for awesome promotion!
  • 10% of high school students in the Strait Region are going to conference.
  • Three weeks until conference.



  • The Night Before Conference


  • Schwartz is booked for 6pm on Friday, November 24th.
  • RC will go to St.FX to set up some Skillbuilding rooms, as well as organize the delegate bags.
  • We will try to get things done as fast as we can.
  • RC can sleep at Sam’s house on this night.
  • Early bedtime.
  • Wake up early Saturday morning, eat, go to KMC for 7:30am.



  • Alternate Activity for Dance


  • There will be a designated board game room in the room beside the dance.
  • RC members are encouraged to bring board games and cards in to be used for this.
  • This room will give delegates the opportunity to still stay up and have fun, rather than just having the option to go to sleep or go to the dance.



  • Alternate Activity for Epic


  • Same games, just quieter.
  • Gives the opportunity for delegates to still enjoy the games of Epic, without the stress of rushing and running around with a group.
  • Will and Kara will run this.



  • Advisors


  • 14-15 advisors will be needed to satisfy the number of delegates.
  • We have enough!



  • November 19th


  • Mandatory meeting at St.FX.
  • 2pm: Skillbuilding Retreat
  • 5pm: Meeting
  • Meagan Kettley will give a 30 minute Mental Health First Aid talk at the Skillbuilding Retreat.


Positional Tasks:






  • Have half the database filled in by November 10th.
  • Have it completely done by November 16th.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:


  • Update the timeline!


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:


  • Once all Skillbuilding forms are received, send out an email saying their application has been received.
  • Pick Skillbuilders.




  • Have delegate bags finished by November 12th




  • Take, edit and post the minutes.
  • Make the bucket hat order.
  • Update the timeline.


Head School Reps:


  • Tell School Reps to hold a meeting at their schools before conference.




  • Complete Epic.
  • Study Cheer Bible.
  • Make sure stuff is ready for the Skillbuilding Retreat.
  • Study Set List.




  • Sara motions to adjourn the meeting.
  • Sophie seconds this motion.


The next meeting will take place at Will Bowie’s house at 4pm on Sunday, November 12th.