NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location:   3090 Martha Dr, Antigonish

Time of Commencement:    5:09pm

Time of Adjournment: 5:55pm

Duration: 46 minutes


Present Voting Members:       Wamfa Kumdoung, Mathew MacEachren, Aidan Doucet, Kinnon Wallace, Emma Jewkes, Angus Kennedy, Monica Lumsden, Sam Silver, Maddie Ehler, Margaret Ann Gillis, Payton MacMillan, Ria Juurlink, Tessa Pelrine, Kara MacDougall

Present Non-Voting Members: Katelyn Libbus, Zac Foran, Wilfred Bowie, Paddy Wallace

Late: Logan Fox, Avery LeLièvre, Noor Mohrez

Regrets: Molly Vokey, Jack Clapperton, Dawn Thompson





  • Collected B.O.P forms.
  • Put all B.O.P. delegate forms into the database.
  • Sent out confirmation email to B.O.P delegates.
  • Finalized GROOVE forms.
  • Made skillbuilding groups.
  • Finalized advisors.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Finished Session 3 for regionals.
  • Bought items needed for B.O.P skillbuilding groups.
  • Prepared for B.O.P. skill building retreat.


Public Relations:

  • Visited more businesses and followed up on businesses.
  • Received donations from Snow Queen and A&W.
  • Waiting on more donations.
  • Posted and prepared social media posts.
  • Received monetary donations from Atlantic Superstore, which were used to purchase snacks for B.O.P.



  • Practiced cheers for B.O.P.
  • Gathered costumes.
  • Working on epic for regionals.



Head School Reps:

  • Meetings with grade nines attending B.O.P were held at each school.
  • Started emailing schools about booking presentation dates for regionals presentations.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Made more fuzzies.
  • Sent out welcoming email for B.O.P.
  • Began a draft for G.R.O.O.V.E welcoming email.



  • Sent minutes from September 30th’s meeting to RC.
  • Posted minutes on website.
  • RC apparel was finished by First Choice, shipped and received.
  • Made payment to First Choice for apparel.
  • Emailed Steve from FC about regional shirt colours and logos.



  • Met with Rebecca Mesay on Friday.
  • Sent forms to webmaster Derek.
  • Organized checks with delegates.
  • Booked StFX for October 12th and November 10th for Skillbuilding retreats.
  • Sent out Positional Itinerary.
  • Has check-ins with all of Cabinet.
  • Collected numbers for patch order.
  • Contacted Ernie in hopes of receiving a signed contract for SAERC.
  • Confirmed Dr.J bus pricing for B.O.P.
  • Changed due date for G.R.O.O.V.E forms.
  • Emailed Marry Jessie regarding the potential open house for Strait Regional Cabinet .
  • Delegated tasks as conference approaches.


Head Logistics:


Head Chaperones:


Head First Aid:

  • Certified in first aid.
  • Ordered and received a first aid kit.


Head Mental Health First Aid:

  • Looking into getting incident report forms for G.R.O.O.V.E.
  • Checked in with past HMHFA.


Regional Advisor:


New Business:


Open House

  • StFX offered RC to choose a date that works best for the NSSSA cabinets.
  • Pending date. Looking at early November.
  • Cabinet is highly encouraged to attend the open house.


G.R.O.O.V.E Promoting

  • Forms are released October 13th, cabinet should start promoting immediately.
  • Cabinet will make promotional posters. Everyone should work very hard to promote conference in any way possible.
  • Due date for forms all forms (delegates, alumni positions, skillbuilders) is October 25th.



  • Co-premiers reminded cabinet of roles, responsibilities, and materials needed for B.O.P.
  • Cabinet was reminded to stay positive and to level out throughout the entire event.


Adjournment:   Monica motioned to adjourn the meeting. Wamfa seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.