NSSSA Minutes From:                                                                                                                                                         

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting


Location: 1 Triton Brook Court, Antigonish                                                                                                                             

Time of Commencement: 6:07pm                                                                                                 

Time of Adjournment: 8:00pm                                                                                                                                                                     

Duration: 1 hour, 53 minutes.


Present Voting Members: Paddy Wallace, Zac Foran, Avery MacDonald, Monica Lumsden, Emma MacDougall, George LeBlanc, Logan Fox, Sara Murrin, Travis Grace, Cameron Muise, Kegan Palmer, Mackenzie Casey, Will Bowie, Maria MacDonald, Kara MacDougall, Donald Jewkes, Sam Silver.                                                                         

Present Non-Voting Members: Peter Woo, Dawn Thompson.                                                                               

Regrets: Alex LeBlanc, Gordon Burns.

No-Shows: Jonas Lawrence, Julia Lawrence, Meagan Kettley, Tiffany MacLennan.




  • Began collecting forms from Regional Cabinet for L.I.F.T. U.P.
  • Have been distributing forms to potential delegates and skillbuilders throughout the past week.

Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Working on the skillbuilding manual for regional conference.
  • Have 2 or 3 sessions close to being finalized.

Public Relations:

  • Held a presentation for Awesome Antigonish, and were picked to win the October grant of $1000.
  • Received 75 mini blizzard coupons for Dairy Queen, 15 pizza coupons for the Wheel, 200 from Celtic ford, $25 from One Stop Pet Shop, $50 from 5 Cents to a Dollar, $150 from AC Macdonald and Murphy, and $200 from down to earth art gallery.
  • Have $1625 total in donations.
  • Decided to start focusing on How-tos now.

Public Relations Promotions:

  • Started the meet your RC contest on Twitter.
  • Began promoting forms on Twitter.
  • Will speak to 101.5 the Hawk to do another interview for L.I.F.T. U.P.


  • Worked on some new cheers for regionals.
  • Found some costumes and still working on getting more.
  • Will begin working on Epic for regionals.

Head School Reps:

  • Told all school reps to book presentations at their school regarding regional conference.
  • Emailed the principals of schools with no school reps (Richmond, Ecole Beau-Port, Inverness) to book presentations there.
  • So far Ecole Beau Port has replied asking that we come this Wednesday (Oct. 26).
  • Emailed all principals sending them registration forms for delegates, skillbuilders, and advisors.

Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Nearly completed a welcoming email for L.I.F.T. U.P.
  • Made more fuzzies.


  • Contacted Steve Smith from First Choice.
  • Got a quote for the Regional Conference t-shirts with the L.I.F.T. U.P. Logo design.


  • Had a meeting with Tareq, our keynote speaker for regional conference. He is very excited about coming to our conference and has expressed some great ideas already.
  • Had a meeting with St.FX representative on Wednesday October 19th. All printing needs to be into StFX by November 4th at the latest (Delegate manual, skillbuilding manual, etc.). Looking into getting a salad bar combined with a pasta bar for lunch at the Bloomfield centre.
  • Were contacted by Diane Racette who asked if she can be put in as a how to for a discussion on changes in education.
  • Will send out regionals itinerary to regional cabinet, which is subject to change until the end of this week.

Regional Advisor:

  • Spoke with guidance counsellor from Richmond Academy and sorted out registration problems from Grade 9 event.

Head Chaperones:

  • Passed in a form to the 3-Tions.
  • Waiting for four more forms from chaperones.

Head Logistics:

  • No update.

New Business:

RC make sure to book off November 13th for skillbuilding retreat.

Registration for LIFT UP

Skillbuilding and delegate forms must be printed separately. 3-tions will take the forms, rip off the skillbuilding applications, then give those to the skillbuilding co-chairs.

Sleeping arrangements

Sleeping arrangements for conference will remain the same as they have been in previous years. If a delegate has an issue with their sleeping arrangement, they can come to Zac, Paddy or our Head Chaperones. There will also be a gender neutral room.

Social media

Facebook- Can’t have groups, will make a Facebook page, creating an event for LIFT UP.

Twitter- RCs can have it

Snapchat- CAN’T use at grade 9 event, CAN use at regionals. Use hashtag for conference in every snapchat picture.

Position Tasks for the Week:

PR Promo-Make the facebook page/event and use the hashtag #LIFTUP16

Head School Reps-look for information on Waycobah and Ecole NDA.

For each new positional task, refer to the timeline.