NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: 50 Fox Lane, Newtown

Time of Commencement: 6:08pm

Time of Adjournment: 7:42pm

Duration: 1 hour 34 minutes



Present Voting Members: Rebecca MacKeen, Kara MacDougall, Logan Fox, Monica Lumsden, Wilfred Bowie, Avery Lelievre, Jack Clapperton, Sophie Lawrence, Margaret Ann Gillis, Sam Silver, Aidan Doucet, Aaron Martell, Madison Harpell, Sara Murrin, Avery MacDonald, Maria MacDonald

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson, Zac Foran, Mullen Boulter

Regrets: Jonas Lawrence, Angus Kennedy, Emma Jewkes, Peter Woo, Selena Landry

No Shows: Meagan Kettley, Christina Nickerson, Tiffany MacLennan






  • Contacted by Cathy Walsh regarding a Youth Rally that was supposed to happen at St. Ninian’s Place on the Saturday of Regional Conference. The Youth Rally was moved to the following weekend, so that students who wish to attend Regional Conference can do both. Everyone is welcome to join at 10 am St. Ninian’s Place on Saturday, December 2nd. A link will be sent to RC for registration, and the registration fee is a donation to the food bank.
  • Waiting for confirmation on St.FX contract from the financial team.
  • Waiting on confirmation on contract from the keynote speaker.
  • Made a mock budget for Regionals.
  • There has been an increase on price for meals, and speaker is double what was paid last year, so having high attendance at conference is needed.
  • RC video is complete.
  • 4 sponsorship applications have been received already.




  • Angus started to add RC to the conference database, handed out forms and encouraged people to hand them back in.
  • Emma prepared to receive registration forms and promoted PLEDGE at Dr. J.
  • Aaron prepared for forms to come in and encouraged everyone at his school to go to Regionals.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:


  • Finished the packing list and the fuzzies.
  • Planning on filming the Welcoming Video this week and still have to write the Welcoming Email.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:


  • Finished the manual and edits are being made to it.
  • Kara sent out pictures to RC and delegates.




  • Collecting lots of donations and confirming people for How Tos.
  • Lots of posts on social media have also been made.




  • Edited and sent out the minutes.
  • Posted the minutes to the NSSSA website.
  • Heard back from First Choice regarding them not having navy bucket hats until March of 2018.
  • Will check in with Ross Screenprint to see if they have a better option.


Head School Reps:


  • Canso had their presentation, and it went well.
  • Had a group call with Jeremy, and talked about how we can better the NSSSA’s relationship with other schools, and about what is working and what isn’t.




  • Finished Epic (Medieval theme) and sent it to Sara, Avery and Dawn.
  • Studying the cheer bible.
  • Added costumes to the database.

Regional Advisor:


Head Chaps:


  • Received one application for a chap and one on the way as of Saturday.
  • The chap team will include themselves plus 3 or 4.
  • A lot of Jonas’ friends at St.FX are interested if there isn’t enough applications.


Head Logistics:


  • Five Logistics forms in already including themselves.


Head First Aid:


Head Mental Health First Aid:


New Business:



  • Promotion:


  • Do everything that you can to get people to go to conference.
  • Tell them to come with a positive attitude and an open mind – if they don’t like it then they know it’s not about their attitude.
  • Try to figure out what the person you’re talking to would be interested in and give them what it is that they need to hear about conference.



  • November 3rd:


  • This is the registration deadline for Regional Conference.
  • We will know number and t-shirt sizes on this day and this will need to be sent to First Choice at 2:30pm.
  • Make sure the School Reps don’t leave the school this day until they have those numbers sent to the Head School Reps.



  • Supplies:


  • A detailed document will be created and shared/edit with all of RC regarding supplies that are needed for conference.



  • Emails and Docs:


  • It is very important to send every single external email to Dawn, Avery, and Sara before they are sent.
  • If you ever second guess yourself on ccing someone, just do it.



  • Regional Conference:


  • Logistics and Chaps will switch right after supper.
  • Logistics will do line of sight to Skillbuilding Session #4 and after this, Chaps take over and will do attendance at this session.
  • Epic will be optional again for Regionals as it was at Grade 9 Event.



  • Financial Aid:


  • If you know about students in Foster Care that are interested in conference, let them know that Community Services can pay for them to go.
  • Get their Social Worker to contact Dawn.


Positional Tasks:




  • Check in with the bucket hat situation.
  • Be prepared for November 3rd.


Head School Reps:


  • Check in with School Reps.
  • Make sure everyone has a meeting and is ready for November 3rd.




  • Update the timeline.
  • Create set list of cheers for Regionals.
  • Make any edits on epic.
  • Create supplies list.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:


  • Organize fuzzies into groups of around 12.




  • Brace yourself for forms.




  • Visit businesses.
  • Send emails to check in with people who want ads in the manual.
  • The printing date for St.FX is November 7th.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:


  • Make edits to the manual.
  • Get ready to go through Skillbuilding Applications.




  • Sara motions to adjourn the meeting.
  • Sophie seconds this motion.


The next meeting will take place at Sam Silver’s house on Sunday November 5th at 4:00pm.