NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location:          204 Cloverville Road

Time of Commencement:   5:05

Time of Adjournment:  6:18

Duration:  1 hour 13 minutes


Present Voting Members:       Payton MacMillan, Monica Lumsden, Sam Silver, Aidan Doucet, Kara MacDougall, Emma Jewkes, Ria Juurlink, Matthew MacEachern, Maddie Ehler, Wamfa Kumduong, Angus Kennedy, Molly Vokey, Noor Mohrez, Jack Clapperton

Present Non-Voting Members: Katelyn Libbus, Dawn Thompson

Late:   Kinnon Wallace

Regrets:  Logan Fox, Margaret Ann Gillis, Avery LeLièvre, Wilfred Bowie, Tessa Pelrine, Zac Foran, Paddy Wallace





  • Finished making forms for grade nine event.
  • Three forms are left to finish for regionals conference.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Worked on Session 2 in skillbuilding manual for grade nine event and are almost finished.
  • Started session 3 for grade nine event.
  • Brainstormed on themes for the sessions for Regionals and almost have them worked out.


Public Relations:

  • Determined individual positions; Angus is responsible for social media, Jack is responsible for the delegate manual and Noor is responsible for how-to’s.
  • Brainstormed more for businesses to contact and how to go about doing so.
  • Collected delegate manual answers from cabinet.
  • Made a social media post.



  • Studied cheer bible.
  • Deciding on which cheers to use for the conferences.
  • Continued to plan for EPIC.

Head School Reps:

  • Began to draft an email to initiate communication with principals of each school in the region and began to update the database of principals.
  • Started to update the database of all principals of each school in the region.
  • Received names of potential reps for schools this year.
  • Brainstormed how to get delegates from schools that have had low attendance at past conferences.
  • Decided that instead of having a retreat with all school reps together, the HSR’s will have individual meetings on Google Hangouts. This choice of meeting is more convenient for the reps given the geographic distance between schools in the region and could make reps more comfortable to ask questions.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Gathered more yarn.
  • Fuzzie count: around 60.
  • Researched activities for Grade 9 Conference.



  • Sent out minutes from the September 2nd meeting.
  • Posted the minutes on the NSSSA website.
  • Emailed Steve from First Choice about the sweater order. Steve responded saying the colour cabinet requested (orchid) is not available.
  • Will call Steve on Monday letting him know the cabinet’s new colour choice, as well has how many bucket hats will be ordered.



  • Met with StFX and got the venue officially booked for November 17th-18th.
  • New terms in contract were also negotiated at the meeting with StFX such as an increase of available space. StFX is willing to make changes.
  • Contacted SAERC to book grade nine event and were referred to the building manager who will get back to them.
  • Started budget .


Head Logistics:


Head Chaperones:


Head First Aid:


Head Mental Health First Aid:

  • Found out that NSSSA will be receiving a Mental Health training grant where new/potential MHFA’s can receive their Mental Health certifications for free.



Regional Advisor:

  • Promoted NSSSA to students.


New Business:

Conference space:

  • StFX is looking into making the dance studio available for sleeping arrangements.


Regionals’ supper location

  • Co-premiers brought up the possibility of eating at meal hall at regionals instead of just breakfast. Having only lunch being catered could save money.
  • Members were concerned about the safety of delegates eating supper at meal hall at the same time as university students. A solution to this concern was to ask StFX to keep the hall open past closing hours so only conference attendees would be eating at that time.
  • Another concern mentioned was the sense of intimacy that can be lost when having meals at meal hall.
  • Discussion was tabled.


New Sweater colour

  • Since First Choice does not have crewnecks available in the colour orchid, cabinet chose a new sweater colour.
  • Cabinet decided the new sweater colour will be indigo blue.



  • Cabinet members should start promoting.
  • Cabinet should start thinking of making posters or find ideas for other methods of promoting.
  • When promoting regional conference, members can explain to potential delegates the option of applying for bursaries to go to conference for free.
  • Co-premiers and HSR’s are going to look into asking schools within the region if the are willing to send international students to the conference for free.



  • Cabinet discussed looking into new dynamics for EPIC.
  • Members agreed that the goal of a “new EPIC” would be to incorporate calmer/less physically demanding elements, while still having the high energy aspect of “usual EPIC”.
  • One example of a new EPIC dynamic discussed was a scavenger hunt concept that would include clues.
  • Wendy’s will try to come up with a potential structure of EPIC for next week.



  • When members complete tasks designated on the RC timeline, they must comment on the task to let the co-premiers know that the task has been completed. This can be done by right clicking on “incomplete”, then insert a comment saying “completed”.
  • Co-premiers reminded cabinet of the importance of completing tasks on time and to have tasks finished before meetings for those that are to be completed on Sundays.


How-to fair

  • As done last year, the PR’s will combine the concept of how-to’s and opportunity fair into a “how-to fair”, AKA “howportunity fair” for grade nine event.



  • Sam motioned to adjourn the meeting. Molly seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.