NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location:        1 Harbour View Crt

Time of Commencement:        5:06pm

Time of Adjournment:  6:10pm

Duration:    1 hour 4 minutes


Present Voting Members:        Wamfa Kumdoung, Monica Lumsden, Sam Silver, Kara MacDougall, Emma Jewkes, Angus Kennedy, Ria Juurlink, Noor Mohrez, Jack Clapperton, Payton MacMillan, Aidan Doucet, Matthew MacEachern, Tessa Pelrine, Maddie Ehler, Molly Vokey

Present Non-Voting Members:  Dawn Thompson, Wilfre Bowie

Late:  Margaret Ann Gillis

Regrets: Kinnon Wallace, Paddy Wallace, Logan Fox, Avery LeLièvre, Katelyn Libbus, Zac Foran





  • B.O.P forms were finalized.
  • Almost finished G.R.O.O.V.E forms. Waiting on logistic, chaperone and skillbuilding application questions to be finalized.
  • Finished confirmation email for B.O.P delegates.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • Finished B.O.P skillbuilding manual.
  • Chose questions for the G.R.O.O.V.E skillbuilding application.


Public Relations:

  • Visited 12 businesses and waiting to hear back from them.
  • Received two coupons.
  • Made a social media post.
  • Started email draft for radio stations XFM and The Hawk regarding promotion opportunities.
  • Received confirmation from one business about doing a how-to for regional conference.



  • Have ideas and games decided for B.O.P’s EPIC, and will be finalized soon.
  • Practiced cheers and decided on which to use at G.R.O.O.V.E.
  • Have a creative theme picked for B.O.P’s EPIC surrounding the “Bop It” game to incorporate the name of the event.


Head School Reps:

  • Had rep orientations with all reps.
  • Made the presentation about B.O.P and sent it to all reps.
  • Sent forms to all reps.
  • Sent emails to all principals.
  • Booked presentations at Canso, Dr.JHG, SAERC and  Sherbrooke schools.
  • Had presentation at Dr.JHG for grade nines.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Made more fuzzies .
  • Added more games to the grade nine welcoming event.
  • Reviewed packing list for B.O.P.
  • Worked on the welcoming email for B.O.P.



  • Sent out September 16th meeting’s minutes to cabinet.
  • Posted minutes on website.



  • Booked SAERC as the B.O.P venue for October 13th.
  • Released grade nine forms on September 19th.
  • Sent grade nine forms to Derek (webmaster) to be posted on the website.
  • Contacted Rebecca Mesay about being the potential keynote speaker for regional conference and awaiting reply.
  • Sending regional forms to webmaster by the end of the week.
  • Promoting BOP daily to the grade nine students at Dr.J.


Head Logistics:

  • Made a few changes to the Logistic form for G.R.O.O.V.E.


Head Chaperones:


Head First Aid:

  • First aid training for Saturday September 22 was cancelled.
  • Looking into booking another training session during the school week so training can be received before grade nine event.


Head Mental Health First Aid:

  •  Received certification in Mental Health First Aid.


Regional Advisor:


New Business:


Regional Forms

  • G.R.O.O.V.E forms need to be completely finalized by the end of this week so they will be ready to be posted at the same time that cabinet starts to promote them.


Email etiquette

  • Co-premiers reminded cabinet the importance of email adequate on behalf of provincial cabinet.
  • Emails within and outside of the NSSSA must be replied to within 24 hours.


Promoting grade nine event

  • Cabinet should continue to promote grade nine event throughout the week, as it is the last week for registration. Members were reminded that there will be no school on Friday.
  • Co-premiers told cabinet to be approachable, informative and persistent when promoting. Promotion is an important part of everyone’s job.
  • Forms are not posted on the NSSSA website yet so cabinet/reps have to make sure forms are easily accessible within schools. A tweet will be posted announcing when forms are available online.
  • Cabinet was reminded that although form deadlines are important, exceptions can be made for delegates if requested. If a delegate approaches you with this concern after the deadline, let Sam, Monica and Dawn know.


B.O.P skillbuilding retreat

  • Retreat was confirmed for Friday, October 12th.
  • This will be the B.O.P skillbuilding retreat and EPIC explanation, combined with a meeting. There may be RC bonding before/after.


Meeting Dates

  • Cabinet was reminded that there will be no meeting on Sunday October 7th, as it is thanksgiving weekend.
  • There will also be no meeting the Sunday after B.O.P, October 14th.


B.O.P debrief

  • Debrief will happen on Sunday October 21st.
  • Cabinet will also be filming the video for regional conference and will have a potluck.
  • Members should let co-premiers know if their house is available as a location.


B.O.P skillbuilding materials

  • Skillbuilding co-chairs will notify cabinet about the skillbuilding supplies needed for grade nine event soon.
  • Needed materials that were discussed included paper, writing utensils and M&Ms/Smarties.


G.R.O.O.V.E T-shirts

  • Sam made a mock-up t-shirt design that cabinet decided will be used.
  • Cabinet will vote on a Facebook poll to determine the t-shirt color.


B.O.P how-to fair

  • There will be a photobooth during the how-to fair at B.O.P.
  • Cabinet was reminded that everyone is expected to have something planned for the how-to fair at grade nine event.
  • Everyone should email PR’s about your how-to of choice.

Adjournment: Sam motioned to adjourn the meeting. Noor seconded the motion. Meeting was adjourned.