NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: 11 Lorraine Lane, Antigonish County

Time of Commencement: 6:07pm

Time of Adjournment: 7:52pm

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes



Present Voting Members: Maria MacDonald, Sara Murrin, Emma Jewkes, Sophie Lawrence, Sam Silver, Jack Clapperton, Monica Lumsden, Avery LeLievre, Aaron Martell, Kara MacDougall, Logan Fox, Avery MacDonald, Aidan Doucet, Margaret Ann Gillis, Will Bowie, Madison Harpell, Rebecca MacKeen, Angus Kennedy

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson, Zac Foran, Selena Landry, Peter Woo

Regrets: Jonas Lawrence

No Shows: Meagan Kettley, Tiffany MacLennan, Christina Nickerson






  • Managing/looking over Regional Cabinet’s work.
  • Had a check-in with Amy on Friday evening, this went very well.
  • Sara attended the PR check in Sunday morning.
  • Started Positional Check-ins – these will continue throughout this week.
  • Visited Tamarac with Zac to check out the venue. There will be access to six classrooms, the library, music room, and cafetorium. How-Tos will be in the hallway and lobby.
  • Had their Grade 9 Presentation at school.
  • Sorted out the situation with the ¼ zip sweater order.




  • Waiting on the P.E.A.C.E. forms.
  • Aaron has been pushing around school as School Rep for people to go to conference.
  • Angus has promoted the P.E.A.C.E. event among grade 9s and continued to work out how-to with Greg Hadley.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:


  • Almost finished the Welcoming Activity for Grade 9 Event, just waiting for a better idea on numbers to see if they need to make more flags or not.
  • Fuzzy count for Regionals is around 120!


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:


  • Working on the Skillbuilding Manual for Regionals.
  • Have 2 sessions complete.




  • Visited many donation locations and are doing very well with that.
  • The delegate manual is near completion.
  • There have also been many posts on Social Media for Grade 9 Event, getting people excited!
  • How-To Sessions for Grade 9 Event are good to go.




  • Edited and sent out the minutes to RC.
  • Posted the minutes on the NSSSA website.
  • Sent out an email to RC regarding a bucket hat order in the near future.
  • The bucket hat order will be placed after the ¼ zips are ready. This should be within the next week.


Head School Reps:




  • Sent out forms for Grade 9 Event to all School Reps last Sunday evening.
  • The School Rep in Inverness resigned as she felt that she had too much on the go, she gave Madison the name of another student that she felt would do a wonderful job.
  • Avery did the Grade 9 Presentation at the Inverness school and planned to speak with this girl.
  • Posted in the Facebook group for the School Reps reminding them to check their emails, also about the date change on the forms.
  • Contacted Daphnee at Pomquet about her presentation in French. Dawn edited it, Daphnee presented Friday.
  • The School Rep, Sam Young, from East Antigonish messaged Madison letting her know that the Grade 9 Presentation went well at the East.
  • Sent out an email to the School Reps checking in on how presentations and promotion for Grade 9 Event went.




  • Avery had a presentation at Inverness and CBHA. Not sure how the interest is looking for IECA but it’s looking great for the grade 9’s at CBHA.
  • Avery has not received any forms from CBHA or NDA, but both schools have agreed to put a reminder on the morning announcements on Monday.




  • Continued to add games to the Epic document, it is almost complete.
  • Keeping the costume database updated.


Regional Advisor:


  • Edited a lot of stuff.
  • Baked, gardened, and had a birthday!


Head Chaps:


  • Jonas was asked by his work (Credit Union) to do a How-To for Regionals as part of their sponsorship package.


Head Logistics:


  • Logistics at Grade 9 Event will most likely be Tiffany and Jonas, since not many are needed.


Head First Aid:


Head Mental Health First Aid:


New Business:



  • Grade 9 Event Registration Discussion


  • Half way through the registration process.
  • The Regional has 3 Advisor applications in, no delegates yet.
  • Deadline is this Thursday, the 28th.
  • Keep promoting.
  • SAERC presentations went well, they seemed to be interested.
  • Guysborough presentation went very well, with lots of interest.
  • Richmond doesn’t have a lot of interest, 4 people took forms. Having trouble finding an advisor.



  • Supplies for Grade 9 Event


  • Each group needs; 40 pieces of paper, 14 writing utensils, 1 large blanket or beach towel, something to tie all delegates in the group together.
  • Bring extension cords for How-Tos.



  • Skillbuilding Retreat and Meeting


  • Everyone will Skillbuild at Grade 9 Event except for Avery, Sara, Aaron, and Sophie.
  • Sophie will be a delegate assistant.
    • Skillbuilding Retreat for Grade 9 Event will be October 1st, at St.FX Council Chambers at 1pm.
    • There will be an RC meeting following the retreat, at 3pm.


  • This meeting is mandatory for every RC member including alumni.




  • Thanksgiving Weekend


  • There will not be an RC meeting on Thanksgiving weekend.
  • There will be Positional Check-ins instead.



  • Debrief, Meeting, Potluck, and RC Video


  • This will take place at Maria’s house on October 15th at 3pm.
  • Video ideas: Musical, The Office, Auditions for Positions, Documentary, Keeping up with RC
  • RC decided on a rendition of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” – “Keeping up with RC”.
  • Dawn will write the script.
  • Alex will film.
  • Sam will edit.



  • Logo for Pledge Shirts


  • Yellow shirt with pink writing.




  • Sara motions to adjourn the meeting.
  • Will seconds this motion.


The next meeting will take place at the St.FX Council Chambers at 3pm, on Sunday, October 1st.