NSSSA Minutes From:                                                                                                                                                          

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: 32 Colin Boyd Lane.                                                                                                                             

Time of Commencement: 6:08pm                                                                                               

Time of Adjournment: 7:36pm                                                                                                                                                                  

Duration: 1 hour, 28 minutes.



Present Voting Members: Paddy Wallace, Zac Foran, Avery MacDonald, George LeBlanc, Logan Fox, Sara Murrin, Monica Lumsden, Alex LeBlanc, Will Bowie, Maria MacDonald, Donald Jewkes, Kara MacDougall, Sam Silver, Travis Grace, Cameron Muise, Emma MacDougall.                                                                          

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson.                                                                              

Regrets: Peter Woo, Tiffany MacLennan, Julia Lawrence, Gordon Burns, Jonas Lawrence, Megan Kettley, Mackenzie Casey, Kegan Palmer.






  • Began to receive registration forms for Grade 9 event.
  • Started to put RCs information in database.


Skill Building Co-Chairs:

  • In the midst of creating session 1 for regionals.


Public Relations:

  • Finished what we could on the delegate manual.
  • Contacted Awesome Antigonish for their October grant.
  • Made a spreadsheet of grade 9 how tos.
  • Fixed up the talent show form that Travis sent.
  • Corporate package is complete.



  • Practiced cheers from the Cheer Bible.
  • Have cheers set for grade 9 event.


Head School Reps:

  • All the school reps have the forms and are planning to have all the presentations completed by Friday September 23rd.
  • Sent an email to all of the principals in the Strait Region regarding forms and the registration process for Grade 9 Event.
  • Went to Richmond and Ecole Beau-Port on Tuesday September 20th, for presentations. There were 6 students that showed up at Richmond and they were all very interested and took extra forms for their friends. There were 10 students at Ecole Beau-Port, and they were all interested as well.
  • Held a presentation for the grade 9s at guysborough academy, which was also successful.
  • All school reps held presentations at their school, which means the only school without a grade 9 presentation was Inverness.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:

  • Collected more yarn.
  • Made more fuzzies.
  • Received some puzzles from Alex (left over from last year), for the grade nine event welcoming activity.

Public Relations Promo:

  • Made official smile Facebook page.
  • Promoted smile Facebook page to other social medias.
  • Shared and spread smile official forms.
  • Emailed Kyler Bell to talk about promotions with StFX.


  • Contacted a representative at Ross Screen Print. Did not hear back from them for a while. Called and spoke with a different representative who said the one I had made contact with would be away until Monday September 26th.
  • Sent out minutes to RC.



  • Went to StFX and had a meeting with Susan Grant. Our contract with StFX is pretty much complete. Have to make a decision on the meal option for Regional conference-either at meal hall or bloomfield.
  • We will be assigned an event coordinator soon.
  • Susan said we can put out the Regionals forms as soon as we want, and can also start promoting them as soon as we want. This means we can and will get rid of hard/soft deadline.
  • Went to SAERC for a tour of the school with the principal.
  • Were in contact Stephanie Purcell, Zac Crouse’s manager.
  • Had the school presentation at Dr. J for grade 9s, and passed out forms for grade 9 event.


Head Logistics:

  • Considered people as Logistics for Regional conference.


Head Chaperones:

  • Waiting to receive forms for S.M.I.L.E,
  • Promoting to friends to chaperone at Regional conference.
  • Ready for Regionals forms to come out.


New Business:

We will have a skill building retreat (for grade 9 event), personal check-ins and RC meeting on October 7th, time and location TBD. It is extremely important to attend this meeting. We will have a debrief of the grade 9 event the day after grade 9 event (October 16th). Location has not been decided yet, however it will probably take place at Maria MacDonald’s house. This is the day that we could potentially film the RC video. It will be a bonding type of day to relax after grade 9 event.

We may do a survey for the grade 9s after grade 9 event to ask them about their general likes and dislikes about the event. This will be a great way to get feedback then to make any changes for regionals.

Discussion brought up by the PR’s about how tos: who is presenting each how to, what supplies are needed, and any questions/comments/concerns RC has about how tos.

Discussion about epic activities: suggestions were made.


New Positional Tasks:

For each new positional task, refer to the timeline.