NSSSA Minutes From:

Strait Regional Cabinet Meeting



Location: 11 Lorraine Lane, Antigonish County

Time of Commencement: 6:07pm

Time of Adjournment: 6:47pm

Duration: 40 minutes



Present Voting Members: Maria MacDonald, Avery MacDonald, Sara Murrin, Kara MacDougall, Monica Lumsden, Will Bowie, Madison Harpell, Emma Jewkes, Margaret-Ann Gillis, Angus Kennedy, Aaron Martell, Sophie Lawrence, Avery LeLievre, Sam Silver, Aidan Doucet, Jack Clapperton, Logan Fox

Present Non-Voting Members: Dawn Thompson, Zac Foran

Regrets: Selena Landry, Peter Woo, Rebecca MacKeen

No Shows: Jonas Lawrence, Meagan Kettley, Christina Nickerson, Tiffany MacLennan






  • Had Positional Check-ins with all of RC – this went very well!
  • Sara sent the declining email to Dave Carroll.
  • Sara made a budget for Grade 9 and Regionals and sent it to the Finance Team but didn’t hear back from them yet.
  • Working on a space for the School Rep Training, possibly at SAERC.




  • The forms for PEACE and PLEDGE have been updated with the new information that was received at last meeting.
  • Fixed some of the formatting on the forms.
  • Angus finished the School Database and added some more things to the template for the Skillbuilder database for the Skillbuilding Co Chairs.
  • Up to date with the positional timeline.


Welcoming Co-Chairs:


  • Decided on a Welcoming Activity for Grade 9 Event and have typed it up.
  • Flag idea: delegates will get a “flag” (popsicle stick and construction paper) and will be asked to get as many people to sign it as possible. Each of the different colours of the flag will end up being the Skillbuilding groups. Whoever in the Skillbuilding group has the highest amount of names on their flag wins something.
  • Have also collected more yarn.
  • Aidan emailed the 5 to a dollar and received 10 balls of yarn.
  • Logan made 25 fuzzies.


Skillbuilding Co-Chairs:


  • Have continued to find games for the manual for the Grade 9 Event.
  • Had their Positional Check-in with Sara and Avery where they discussed dates for both the Grade 9 and Regional Skillbuilding Retreats.
  • October 15th for the date of the Grade 9 Skillbuilding Retreat.
  • November 19th for the Regionals Skillbuilding Retreat.


Public Relations:


  • Have the donation letter fully drafted and have begun to reach out to companies for donations.
  • Also drafted an email to send to RC in regards to the picture of them for the Delegate Manual and will be sending that out hopefully before or after today’s meeting.
  • Have brainstormed ideas for the weekly contest.




  • Edited the minutes from last week’s meeting and sent them out to RC.
  • Posted the minutes on the NSSSA website.
  • Had Positional Check-in with Avery and Sara.
  • Emailed RC regarding sweater sizes for our ¼ zip order.
  • Emailed Ross Screenprint regarding our sweater order and waiting to hear back from them.
  • Created a database with RC member’s names, positions, and sizes to send to Ross Screenprint when they are ready.
  • Puppy Monkey Baby.


Head School Reps:




  • Avery sent an email to all the principals in our region on Thursday and has only heard back from St. Mary’s about potential presentation dates but nothing is confirmed yet.
  • If she does not hear back from any other of the principals by Tuesday or Wednesday, she will be sending out a follow up email just to make sure they have all received her first email.
  • The Powerpoint Presentation has been completed and sent to Dawn, Avery, Sara and Jeremy for approval.




  • Madison emailed all the School Reps, letting them know what’s going on such as: emails are important to check, potential training dates, etc.
  • Made a Facebook group for the School Reps. Both Co-Premiers, Avery Lelievre and Madison are all admins in the group.
  • Updated the School Rep Database with all of our current School Rep’s information.
  • We now have a School Rep for every school besides Ecole Beau Port and Dalbrae Academy.




  • Busy studying the cheer bible.
  • Updated last year’s talent show forms which are now all ready to go.


Regional Advisor:


  • Baked.
  • Went to school.
  • Edited emails and other various documents.




  • Had Check-ins with Co Premiers.
  • Having a call with the Children’s Miracle Network Monday.
  • Had a call with someone from Oman who was involved with the NSSSA.


Head Logistics:


Head Chaps:


Head First Aid:


Head Mental Health First Aid:


New Business:


Work should be booked off every Sunday. We will be having meetings every Sunday excluding Thanksgiving.



  • Fundraising Discussion:


  • Co Premiers received a Fundraising Package from Jeremy.
  • “Whose House” T-shirt fundraiser is really good idea.
  • Bottle drives are good money makers.
  • BBQ or bag groceries at Sobeys, Superstore or Walmart. PRs will be in contact with these places.
  • Have a table at the Farmers Market – sell baked goods.
  • Give ideas to School Reps for fundraising: On an Inservice Day have a group of students make a lunch (spaghetti with caeser salad and garlic bread is a yummy and easy meal) for the teacher’s, charging $10 a plate. Students can cook in the Foods Lab at their school, and bring in baked goods for the dessert. Make 50% profit, this money would be split equally among students involved, and go towards their cost for Regional or Provincial Conference (whichever is more appropriate).



  • How-To Fair at Grade 9 Event


  • Grade 9s like interactive things, rather than sitting and listening.
  • This year, RC will break up and facilitate How-To Sessions.
  • Think of something you can teach/do with the grade 9s and let the PRs know.



  • Discussion about PLEDGE logo


  • Think of ideas and share them with Alex.
  • Discussion tabled.




Logan motions to adjourn the meeting.

Will seconds this motion.

The next meeting will be held at 6pm at Logan Fox’s house on Sunday, September 10th.