"X" 2017

The Conference


High school students from the Valley region looking to find out more about themselves and their leadership abilities.


A fun leadership conference that focuses on youth potential and discovery.


April 8th, 2017 9am – April 9th, 2017 10:30am


Annapolis West Education Center (AWEC)





COMPLETED forms and payment of $55 are due March 31st, 2017 There will be no refunds past April 3rd, 2017. (Cheque Only)

This form must be given to your advisor accompanied by your full registration fee. Please make out the checks to your high school. We will not be accepting forms after this deadline, March 31st, 2017.

You will receive a confirmation email along with information about the conference. Any questions? Please email the Regional Co-Premiers: Emma Hogenbom Kayla Jenkin

Delegate Registration Form



COMPLETED forms and payment of $55 are due March 25th, 2017

This application form is for individuals in high school who have previously attended an NSSSA conference and are interested in skillbuilding at conference. This form must be given to your advisor accompanied by the $55 cheque made out to the Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association (NSSSA). There is no charge for the skillbuilding retreat; however skillbuilders are required to pay the $55 conference fee. All applicants will be notified via email of their application status.

All skillbuilders must attend a mandatory retreat on April 2nd (3pm-5pm).

Logistics and Chaperones

This form must be sent to 3-tions by March 27th, 2017


All schools must send an advisor with their students to the event. The advisor must stay at the event at all times. This may be a teacher, parent, or other adult designated by the principal. The ratio is one advisor per every 12 students (1:12) MAXIMUM. Advisors attending the event must sign all delegate forms to indicate they acknowledge which students they are responsible for.

Annapolis West Education Center (AWEC)